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Gem4me is a service that provides its users with a broad spectrum of capabilities.  In 2016, it began with the functionality of a standard messenger: chats, phone calls, and channels. However, the Gem4me ecosystem already includes various functions, such as a blog platform and its marketplace.

An ecosystem with increased functionality

Currently, Gem4me development may be highlighted into three primary categories: Messenger blog platform commercial platform suggests a social network.

Messenger. Aside from typical message exchange, phone conversations, and video conferences with no time constraints and up to 1000 participants, it is essential to mention the free audio message transcription, reactions to messages, and the ability to alter previously sent messages (WhatsApp, the top popular messenger in the world still does not offer such a capability).

The social network. The developers want to shortly publish a news feed as part of the service. The feed will be compiled from blog entries that a user has subscribed to. Furthermore, profiles with enhanced functionality are now being developed, allowing each user to organize their unique environment. These developments indicate that Gem4me may soon perform some of the functions of a social network.

A platform for the blog. User blogs have their app area with their home page, where the most fascinating and famous public channels are highlighted in useful themed widgets. The smart channel suggestion system accumulates a user’s interests during their first visit to the area and will offer other blogs based on those interests in the future.

A platform for commercial transactions. MarketSpace, the application’s business platform, enables interaction and communication with merchants and consumers worldwide, including via the built-in 17-language translator.

Starting your own company on the platform and creating a business account is as simple as filling out a short form. The platform is versatile and valuable for both small and big internet retailers.

Blogging services. The Gem4me ecosystem’s blogger platform has been growing for more than a year and now provides hundreds of public channels on various themes and trends. Developers pay close attention to the service’s comfort and simplicity of use for bloggers.

It has its editing mode where articles may be generated, draughts saved, graphics added, and text formatted. In other words, a whole newspaper may be generated entirely inside the ecosystem. In addition, in 2022, the ability to post comments to articles was introduced.

Authors may now get input from their readers, or if they do not want to hear feedback, comments can be turned off. A payment system is also available: if a reader finds an article appealing, they may always thank the author by donating through a link in the creator’s profile.

Gem4me does not charge a commission for such transactions. Their channels are broadcasted to the ecosystem’s audience in a specific catalog with a recommendation system arranged similarly to mobile app stores (AppStore, Google Play) to assist newcomers.

The catalog is integrated into the ecosystem, making it easy and quick to identify fascinating subjects without needing third-party services. There are no limitations or constraints. Another significant distinction between Gem4me and other comparable programs is that it has no limits or constraints.

In contrast, almost all messengers nowadays have limitations. Some messengers charge a fee to access additional features, such as Telegram Premium, which enables premium users to enjoy quicker file transfer speeds, larger transfer file size from 2GB to 4GB, and a vast number of channels to subscribe to.

Gem4me does not impose any constraints or restrictions on its development process from the start, and all services are provided to users at no charge. The size and speed of file transfers are unlimited, the number of channels to subscribe to is limited only by individual user preferences and interests, video conferences are not time-limited, and the number of 1000 participants is conditional — it is unusual for someone to need to gather so many people online.

Gem4me intends to charge for its services only if it constantly adds new functions. Furthermore, developers do not charge a commission on donations made to bloggers through the ecosystem. Users may be sure that they will not be charged for using any functionality inside the Gem4me ecosystem.

Future objectives

Currently, the Gem4me ecosystem is striving to improve the functionality of the blog platform and is paying close attention to blogger demands. One of the most critical demands is monetization. The in-house advertising exchange, Gem4me Ads, will be established by the end of 2022.

It enables the promotion of one’s own channels inside the ecosystem and the introduction of users to third-party external services (for example, the promotion of one’s own website). Furthermore, the news above stream is in its last phases of development. Once introduced, the process of increasing Gem4me’s social media-like functionality will be implemented.

At the moment, Gem4me is an entire ecosystem with its own active audience, which directly impacts the products’ ongoing development and improvement. Users may already use the service’s features, which include communication, commerce, creating a blog and making money from it, and much more. Above all, they are all free to use. 


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