How to Install Pandora on Firestick

How to Install Pandora on Firestick

Pandora is the best online music streaming service to listen to your favorite tracks. You can listen to live radio stations with Pandora. This is available only in the Australia, US, and New Zealand. It is available for free with short commercials. Also, you can subscribe to Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium for the first features. Pandora Plus prices $4.99 per month with premium features but playlist creation and sharing. Pandora Premium costs $9.99 per month with all the premium features. We can quickly install Pandora on Firestick from the Amazon Store.

Here are unique cool features of Pandora Music:

Why you require a VPN

While use Streaming online, your IP will be displayed quickly. Here ISPs (Internet Service Providers), government agencies, app developers, and hackers can track your online activities efficiently. You may find some legal complications if you have streamed any copyrighted content. To bypass these obstacles, we advise you use a (Virtual Private Network) VPN. A trustworthy VPN provides you to hide your real identity by switching your IP to various locations.

On the opposite hand, VPN is also effective in accessing geo-restricted media. Some apps/services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more are geo-restricted in some countries. To bypass those restrictions, you want to install a VPN on your device.

  • This has a vast library collection of songs and podcasts available for free.
  • The interface is user-friendly to search and get your chosen tracks quickly.
  • You can utilize an alarm clock for tracking Pandora stations.
  • You can share the songs on social media.
  • You will receive 30 days free trial on Pandora Plus and 60 days free test on Pandora Premium to try out the features.

Methods to Install Pandora on Firestick

1. Move to the home screen on your Firestick and click on the Search icon.

2. Type and search for the Pandora app using the on-screen keyboard.

How to Install Pandora on Firestick

3. Next, choose the app from the search results.

4. Click on Get or Download to install Pandora on Firestick.

5. Once the app is installed next, click on Open to launch the app.

6. Sign in with your Pandora account.

7. Choose and play the song title that you need to play.

How to Install Pandora on Firestick

Other Method to Install Pandora on Firestick

1. Continue to your Firestick home screen

2. Click the Settings menu on the first panel.

How to Install Pandora on Firestick

3. Following settings, picked Device and select the Developer options.

How to Install Pandora on Firestick

4. Choose Apps from unknown sources and then turn on the feature to install private sources.

5. Go back to the Firestick home screen and search for the Downloader app.

6. Prefer the app from the recommendation list and install it on your Firestick.

7. If the installation is over, click on Open. 

8. Click on Allow to access the local media and files on your device.

9. Now, type the Pandora app URL in the required section.

10. Click on GO, and the Pandora app file will download on your Firestick.

11. Once the download is done, click on install and wait for the installation to finish.

12. Tick on Done after installing the app.

13. Next, move back to the home screen and then launch the Pandora app to stream the music content you need.

Pandora Not Working on Firestick

If you had errors while reaching the Pandora app on Firestick, try these easy answers to fix them.

  • Cleared cache for the Pandora app.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Pandora app from the app store.
  • Restart your Firestick and next stream the music on Pandora.
  • Reset your Firestick and verify whether the issue is settled or not.

Pandora is comparable to Spotify and YouTube Music. Here you can create your playlists, and you can play various formats of audio. Hope this tutorial assists you in installing Pandora on Firestick without any errors. If you had any errors, discuss them in the following comments section.



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