How to Watch Disney Channel in the US In 2021

How to Watch Disney Channel in the US In 2021

No concern if you need to cherish your kids or if you require to relive your childhood memories, you already know where to turn to – and yes, that would be Disney Channel. But, this TV channel’s position has become incredibly difficult due to Disney’s transition to media streaming services. Still, let’s not scare you – as this article will explain to you how to watch Disney Channel in the US in 2021.

Where Is Disney Channel Available? 

Disney Channel is usually available in countries where Disney+ isn’t an option, though. Disney allows another streaming service on top of its TV channel for those paying for cable and satellite TV (we expect the transition to Disney+ to be complete this year).

While speaking about watching Disney Channel In the US, we are discussing accessing a streaming service announced DisneyNOW, which is available in the United States. You want to be within the country’s borders to access it. Also, you require to log in using your TV provider’s credentials.

Furthermore, know that DisneyNOW presents content from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. It doesn’t try to play with Disney+ yet still manages to give a sizeable library of on-demand and live content.

How to Watch Disney Channel in the US In 2021

Therefore, here are the 5 ways to watch Disney Channel US In 2021

Start 1. See the Working Best VPN for Unblocking Disney Channel

To unblock and watch Disney Channel, you want a VPN able to bypass this geo-block. Based on our hands-on experiments (and we’ve tested more than 60 VPNs), your best choice would be ExpressVPN, which works with Disney Channel every single time, with no interest in what country you might currently reside in.


ExpressVPN, 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries, 5 Simultaneous connections, Secure and fast connection, No activity logs or connection logs, None bandwidth limits, Strong encryption, 24/7 live chat support, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

This is one of the best VPNs overall, letting you access a complete range of services, such as Netflix, Hulu, CNN Go, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and even live TV services like fuboTV and Sling TV. But, you also have other options. Then, if you’d like to check what else is on the proposal, How to Watch Disney Channel in the US here’s our guide to the best VPNs for media streaming.

Step 2. Get Your VPN Subscription

Before you go any more, you want to get a VPN subscription (in this case, you should subscribe to ExpressVPN). Then, once you get to ExpressVPN’s website, choose ‘Get ExpressVPN.’ Next, choose a subscription plan. Keep in mind that long-term goals come with important savings.

Give your email address as well, and then pick a payment plan. Once you’re done signing up, expect to view an email from ExpressVPN’s team reach your inbox. That’s if you can move to the next step, setting up the VPN.

Step 3. Download and Install the VPN on Your Device(s)

To read how to download and install ExpressVPN, make sure to use the given link. You’ll be taken to our central guide, covering over 60 devices supported by this VPN natively. Assure to install this VPN on each device you’ll use to watch Disney Plus in the US.

Plus, don’t neglect to complete the first setup by launching the VPN once you install it. Log in to your account (hither’s how to get your ExpressVPN activation code, should you require one) and watch the prompts you’ll notice on your screen.

Step 4. Connect VPN Server in the US

It’s time to unblock digital services available in the US, which is done by connecting to a VPN server in that country. Do that by clicking on the button just below the ON/OFF switch found on ExpressVPN’s home screen. The latest window will appear, showing you a list of ExpressVPN servers.

Use the top-placed search bar to look up ‘United States,’ and then double-click on any server found in that country. ExpressVPN’s interface will turn green moments after, intimating that you now have an active VPN session. Now, let’s proceed to unblock Disney Channel.

Step 5. Unblock and Access Disney Channel From Anyplace

Use your Web browser to access DisneyNOW (which gives you access to Disney Channel). As you’ll see, you’ll have full access to this streaming service, as if you were in the United States. To watch on-demand content, select ‘Shows’ at the top.

Short-form videos come free of charge, so you can stream those without logging in. However, to unblock everything that Disney Channel offers, you’ll need to supply your cable TV, satellite TV, or OTT service credentials. Of course, this goes for those who already have such a subscription, so it comes in handy for those traveling in the US.

If you’re wondering how to sign up for Disney Channel in the US, we have a separate section just for that. 

Step 6. Get Disney Plus on Other Devices (Optional)

You can also download DisneyNOW on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. Keep in mind that DisneyNOW is available in the US version of the iOS/Play Store. You can avoid that restriction by signing up for a new Google account or a new Apple ID. Use a VPN while signing up to ensure that you have an American IP address.

Make sure to pick ‘The United States’ when (and if) claimed about your country. And if you’re questioned about an address, use this random US address generator. Once completed, don’t neglect to log out of your old Apple/Google account on your smartphone or tablet, and then log in using your new account.

That’s how you’ll get to access the US version of iOS/Play Store, so you can proceed to download and install the app. Once over, don’t overlook that you require ExpressVPN active in the background to unblock How to Watch Disney Channel in the US In 2021.

How to Sign Up for Disney Channel in the US

As you previously know, DisneyNOW wants TV provider credentials to give you access to its content library. But, you can make that also happen if you’re not in the US, utilizing a VPN to sign up for a live TV streaming service. These are your most excellent choices right now.


Watch Your Favorite Shows, Movies, and Sports on any Device. Anytime Everywhere. Watch and DVR the channels you love. No contracts, no responsibility.

Next, another choice you have is fuboTV. This OTT service gives Disney Channel across many of its plans while also including it in the ‘Starter’ plan ($64.99/month). Here’s the complete channel list for fuboTV, and here are its packages and costs. And finally, here’s how to subscribe and watch fuboTV in the US.

YouTube TV

85+ top channels of entertainment, news, live sports, and much more. Recording without storage limits and six accounts included. No cable box, contracts, or hidden fees.

And finally, YouTube TV is your last option, which allows you to watch Disney Channel alongside 85+ additional TV channels, valued at $64.99/month. If you need to subscribe and watch YouTube TV in the US, you’ll require to use a Google gift card. 

Sling TV

Sling is the live TV you love for less. Customize your channel lineup and watch TV online with no setup, hidden fees, or long-term contracts.

Sling TV gives Disney Channel via its ‘Orange’ and ‘Orange & Blue’ subscription plans. This is also the most affordable method to get started, as the ‘Orange’ plan comes rated at $35/month. With that said, here’s how to subscribe and watch Sling TV in the US.



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