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Run are the times we used to rely on cable TV to watch our favorite channels or sports matches. The coming of the internet has extended several options, and there are hundreds of online streaming sites providing users to stream and download their wanted content. Some websites that don’t give streaming links still allow you real-time information about your beloved sports with comfort.

You can search such sites like LShunters does the same, yet still, some users need more extra. That’s why we have made this exciting topic about another Live steam sport platform; Rojadirecta owns a million followers on Facebook. It is amongst the most popular sites and top in the list of sports index sites; see our full article to know about it. This article has discussed Rojadirecta give users exclusive features about this platform. Also, let’s have a look.

What is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta is one of the best sports index platforms dominating the internet and serving millions of users worldwide. Using this platform, you can access information about your favorite sports, including the ongoing and upcoming games. The best thing is it offers minute details about the upcoming fixtures to keep users updated about all the happenings.

It may not include well-organized categories like other prominent indexing sites and still serve as the best platform for delivering sports updates. You can easily explore the ongoing and upcoming matches courtesy of the search bar right above the list of attachments. Using the search bar, you can search for a query, and it will provide you results related to that connection within seconds.

Why should you stream on Rojadirecta?

In this part, you can get all the information about this site, and if you want to learn about the connections and information related to your desired sports, you must visit It provides minor and significant details about the sports event, and you might find streaming features and valid links via their forum, which is remarkable. With this site, you can gather information without facing any hardships created by ads and enjoy a stable experience.

Real-time updates

As discussed above, this site has taken millions of users because you can get real-time updates within no time. It would help if you don’t search for anything on Google to know about it; visit Rojadirecta, and you’ll find fixtures with accurate timing. It is an intelligent platform that tracks time based upon your location and provides you information accordingly. This site doesn’t the past or future matches in the leading directory towards the left. Last but not least, it offers users to download full matches, which we will discuss in the sections given here.

Supports downloading full matches

The most excellent feature of this site, it allows users to download full matches to watch offline. Don’t worry; if you have missed your favorite games, you can download them later on this platform. If you are a creator looking to gather clips for a YouTube or DailyMotion video, you can take full enjoyment of Rojadirecta. If you missed all the spoilers about a particular installation, you could still watch the complete match a day later with the same passion and power.

How to access Rojadirecta?

You can access this site using different ways, type the site’s name in the search engine or type the link in your web browser. We suggest using some VPN app before visiting this site to guarantee security and prevent data from hackers.

High-quality Video highlights

If you don’t need to watch a match, you stream video highlights to enjoy matches in several minutes. You can’t find the sporting event on YouTube, but you can find all the highlights on this platform, and they also upload such stuff on YouTube. It delivers highlights in the best video quality, and we are sure you will love attending this part.

Active Forum

There are hundreds of users active on its forum, and you can find quality links to live streams. But, they don’t provide newcomers to join the discussion anymore, but you can still witness a definite number of posts on each thread. This forum includes threads regarding recent events and links to highlight videos that make it easy.


The downside of this site is its straightforward design, but it still manages to be the top website. Its logo is Pierluigi Collina holding a red card, and we are sure you will laugh while watching this weird design strategy. Also most critical is the website’s name on the right, which feels like the developers forgot to update it since its birth.


This site gives a vast library of content and offers all kinds of sports to its users. You can get information linked to sports such as ”Football,” Tennis,” Badminton,” Table Tennis,” Basketball,” MotoGP,” ”American Football,” eSports,” Handball,” Volleyball, “American Hockey,” MMA, also.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Our specialists visited this site on laptops and smartphones; shockingly, this site goes best on all devices. You can see the highlights and use other features, this site may lag at times, but you can still read Rojadirecta a try.

Hero Section

They have divided the hero section into two sections which are a bit unusual but helpful. The left-sided section includes all the ongoing and upcoming fixture lists based upon your location. You can even find outlets for lesser-known tournaments such as HBL Pakistan Super League T20 and many others. Some others data available on this site are Futsal, eSports, Tennis, and Table Tennis-related accessories. There are two menus on the right like ‘Download last full matches’ and ‘Last video highlights.’

Plans I have for Rojadirecta.

I ask the developers to improve the layout because it looks like the ridiculous issue you’d see. We need them to change the logo and update this site’s design; it is an excellent site.

Final words.

Rojadirecta is a unique website for you if you’re a sports enthusiast and keeps you up-to-date about various sporting events. You can access streaming links via its forum and get full highlight reels on the homepage. Don’t neglect to send us your opinions and feedback.



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