iPhone error 4013,iPhone stuck

Easy way to fix ios issues such as iPhone error 4013, iPhone stuck on boot loop & apple logo 

Issues like iPhone error 4013, iTunes error 4013, iPhone stuck on apple logo or boot loop are common to happen with apple users who own iPhones. Most of the time they do get frustrated by this, however, we have listed down the easiest ways to fix ios issues at home. We will also suggest software that is easy to use and resolves every issue related to the iPhone. So read the article and we are sure you will find a way out.

The main reason for the iPhone getting stuck at boot loop is the update issue. Wherever there is a bad update the iPhone gets stuck at boot loop. This happens with various iPhones models. In a situation where you are updating your iphone and suddenly the process gets stopped, you may then experience such a problem. On the other hand, if we talk about the iphone getting stuck on apple logo, this problem can occur due to various reasons. Such as update issue, jailbreak issue, hardware damage, restore from iTunes, and restoring in general as well.

How to Fix these issues?

By doing just a few simple things, you can make it possible to fix your ios issues at home without going to the apple store and seeking their assistance. It can incur some cost, whereas fixing the issue at home can be super easy and would also be free of cost. The best method to fix your ios issues such as the iphone stuck on the apple logo and iphone stuck at boot loop can be the use of Dr.Fone IOS repair system software. You have to first visit the Dr.Fone website, and install the software in your Computer.

After that, you will need to connect your iphone to the computer via a USB. Then on the dashboard, you will get the option to system repair. There you will see two options, one is standard and the other one being advanced

mode. You have to choose the standard mode. Next up, your phone’s model information would get detected and you will need to download the right IOS Firmware for your device. As soon as the download is done, you will just need to relax and Dr.Fone IOS repair system will do its work. It is guaranteed that your problem will get fixed.

Other easy ways to fix the issues of iphone stuck on apple logo and boot loop is to force restart your iphone, using iTunes to fix this issue and factory reset. However, there is a high-risk associated with these solutions as they may cause data loss.

Reason for iphone error 4013 & iTunes error 4013:

The issues such as Error 4013, iphone error 4013, and iTunes error 4013 happen due to the one basic reason and that is the connection error. Now connection error can happen to the faulty USB cable, damaged USB, and other related problems. Due to this connection error, there is a communication hurdle formed between the IOS device and iTunes. And ultimately, we witness the error 4013 issue. But as we discussed above that we are going to solve and fix each problem, here we will also suggest some ways through which you can easily fix your IOS issues at your home.

How to Fix these issues?

If you don’t want to lose your data and want to fix the error 4013 issue in the most easiest and convenient way, then you need to utilize the Dr.Fone IOS repair system software. We discussed the whole method in detail in our section above, but we are going to give you an overview of it. You will need to install the Dr.Fone IOS repair system software on your computer and would then need to connect your phone to the computer. After that you will come across two options and out of those two options, you will need to

your phone to the computer. After that you will come across two options and out of those two options, you will need to choose the standard mode option. The device will get detected, you will then download the right IOS firmware and from there inwards your phone will get scanned by the system and it will fix the error 4013 issue. It is the most preferred way as it doesn’t require any apple expert nor it will harm your data or device in any way.

Moreover, if you believe the problem is caused by a USB connector or computer, you may fix those as well and avoid using the damaged  USB port and connector. In addition to this, you can fix the error 4013 issue by an Itunes repairing tool through Dr.Fone IOS repair system. Factory reset, clearing up the iphone, and resetting all the settings are the other alternatives. However, we prefer using only the Dr.Fone method for better results.


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