How to Make Facebook Private: Simple Guide

This article will answer how to make facebook private Or how to modify your Facebook privacy settings to hide your posts, Friends list, profile information, and albums. You can make your Facebook private using these instructions, but you need to use Facebook on your desktop so facebook sign in.

Using Privacy Settings and Tools, How to Modify the Sharing Default

How to make my facebook private setting your default sharing choice to Friends rather than Public is an easy method to lock down everything you post going into the future facebook marketplace. Your posts are only visible to your friends after making this adjustment.

How to access the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools page:

How to make your facebook private?

  1. On any Facebook screen, click the arrow in the upper-right corner.

How to Make Facebook Private

2. From the drop-down box, choose Settings & Privacy.

 How to Make Facebook Private

3. Select Settings.

4. In the left pane, select Privacy.

5. Who can see your upcoming posts is the first thing on the list. Select Edit and then select Friends from the drop-down option if it reads Public.

 How to Make Facebook Private

  1. To save the modification, choose Close facebook app.
  2. On this page, you can also modify the audience for earlier postings. For posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or the public, look for a section with the label Limit the audience. Select Limit Past Posts, then click that option once more facebook messenger.

Please take note that this setting converts all prior postings you made with the Friends of Friends or Public tags to Friends. Anytime you wish, you can override the default privacy setting for a specific post make facebook private.

How to Make Your Friends List on Facebook Private

Facebook by default makes your friends list public, so anyone can see it, how do i make my facebook private whether or not they are your friends. On your profile page or through the Facebook settings, you can modify your preferences.

1. Click Edit next to Who may see your friends list on the Settings and Privacy screen.

2. To keep your friends list private, choose either Friends or Only me.

Note: By selecting Specific Friends or Friends Except, you can further regulate who has access to your friend’s list. Friends Except eliminates certain individuals from your list, while Specific Friends only includes those you specify.

  1. You can also access your Facebook profile page. Select the Friends to tab from your cover image.

Tip: To access your profile page on Facebook, choose your name from any page.

  1. Choose Edit Privacy from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the Friends screen.
  2. Next to Friends List and Following, choose an audience.
  3. To save the changes and close the window, select the X symbol.

How to Check Your Privacy Settings in Your Profile

Your Facebook profile is set to public by default, which means that Google and other search engines may access it and that anyone can view it make facebook private.

You should check the settings for each item on your Facebook page, and advise privacy experts facebook login sign.

  1. To access your profile on Facebook, click your name at the top of any page.
  2. In the left pane of your profile page, click Edit Details. Opens the box labeled Customize Your Intro.

3. The toggle next to the data you want to keep private should be turned off. This includes the check boxes next to your hometown, present city, and education, as well as any other private data you uploaded to Facebook account.

Note: Click the pencil icon to modify an item instead.

How to Hide Your Account from Search Engines

You can prevent search engines from seeing your profile. Here is what to do.

  1. On any Facebook screen, click the arrow in the upper-right corner.

2. From the drop-down box, choose Settings & Privacy.

 How to Make Facebook Private

3. Select Settings.

4. In the left pane, select Privacy.

5. Click Edit and uncheck the box that says Allow search engines to see your Facebook profile next to Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile.

How to Use the Inline Audience Selector on Facebook

For each piece of material you upload to the social network, Facebook offers audience selectors that allow you to specify various sharing options.

The privacy setting you choose to act as the default is seen at the bottom of the screen when you open a status screen to submit something. You might wish to alter this sometimes.

Select a given post’s audience by clicking the button with the privacy setting in the status box. Public, Friends and Only Me are available options, along with Friends except and Specific friends.

Write your post with the new audience selected, then hit Post to send it to the selected group.

Modify the photo albums’ privacy settings

You can modify the privacy settings for your Facebook images when you post them by album or by specific image.

To modify a photo album’s privacy settings:

  1. Click Photos under Your Profile.

2. Choose Edit album from the More menu located next to the album you want to modify.

3. To adjust the privacy setting for the album, use the audience selector.

There are audience selectors on some albums’ individual photos that let you choose a particular audience for each facebook stock image.

 How to Make Facebook Private


How can I keep my Facebook likes private?

Visit your profile on Facebook and choose More > Likes to conceal likes. Select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes from the three-dot menu.

How can I make my Facebook online status private?

Go to Messenger > Settings and turn off Show when you’re active to make your Facebook online status inactive. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Blocking to prevent someone from seeing you at all.

How can I find out what visitors to my Facebook page see?

Go to your profile on Facebook, click the three dots next to your cover photo, and choose View As to see how your profile appears to others. To return, select Exit View As.

How do I send a Facebook private message?

Go to a profile and click Message, or click the New Message button (the speech bubble) at the top of the page, to send a private message on Facebook. Use the Messenger app on a mobile device.

How can I make Facebook comments private?

Go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Public Posts > Public Post Comments > Edit > Choose who can comment to manage who can leave comments on your Facebook posts. Hover your cursor over the comment, click the three dots, and then pick Hide to make your comments on other people’s posts private from the general public.


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