After the advance of digital media, many people still prefer the quality of physical DVDs. Well, if you are one such person and you want to playback Blu-ray DVD, So this article might help you. So No specific order, these are the FIVE best DVD players for Windows 10 that are worth checking out. Are you Looking for a free DVD player for Windows 10? Well, in this Content, we have listed some of the Best feature-Rich DVD players for Windows 10.

Best Free DVD Players For Windows 10

You can Easly download and use these free DVD players from the links below.

1. 5K Player
2. VLC Media Player
3. Pot Player
4. BlazeDVD
5. PowerDVD

5K Player

The possibly the most feature-riched DVD Player on this list is 5K Player. Playing physical DVDs 5K player supports many mainstream digital media formats like MP4, M4V, MOV, MP3, AAC, and much more.
This well-known media player has a very well-developed person interface, and it can seamlessly playback videos in Full-HD4K//5K/8K resolutions. 5K player engages both the CPU and GPU resources of your computer to offer a smooth playback experience, and it also reduces the frame drops in the process.
In the end, a 5K player also supports AirPlay service that can turn your computer into an AirPlay Receiver or AirPlay Sender.

VLC Media Player

The next Most Popular DVD player on the list is the good old VLC Media Player. This famous DVD player has stood the test of time, and it runs perfectly even on low-powered PC. You can quickly playback movies from a DVD using VLC Media Player. As well, VLC Media Player also supports Audio CDs, VCDs, and ISO images.
Since VLC Media Player is an open-source App, you won’t note any advertisements. You can also customize the UI of VLC Media Player as per your taste, and it also supports third-party plugins. In the end, VLC Media Player can also be used to convert multimedia files and download videos.
Overall, it’s a reliable media player, and it can easily playback DVDs.

Pot Player

Pot Player is The next free DVD Player on the list. This feature-rich media player used your computer’s hardware to its full of potential, and it relies on CUDA, DXVA, QuickSync to offer a simple playback experience. You can also enjoy 3D Content in using the Pot Player.
Pot Player can also play DVDs, Blu-rays, and other more types of video and audio formats. Moreover, since it supports visible codecs, you can play any video format too. Overall, it’s a local media player, and it can easily playback DVDs.


BlazeDVD is The media player on this list is dedicated to playing DVDs. Other than DVD players on this list, BlazeDVD is available in two versions, namely the professional version and the free version. The free version is ideal for most persons, and it simply gets the work done.
The UI of BlazeDVD is visually splendid, and it’s very easy to navigate as well. Moreover, BlazeDVD supports mainstream video formats like AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMV, DTS, HD, and many more.
The premium version of the BlazeDVD player offers many exciting features like learning mode, subtitles, smart stretch, parental controls, bookmarks, capture images, and much more. Overall, BlazeDVD is a secure DVD Player, and you will enjoy it.


The free DVD player for Windows 8 & 10 on this list is PowerDVD. Well, PowerDVD is a feature-pack DVD player, and Cyberlink develops it.
You can use this PowerDVD to playback DVD, Blu-ray discs, videos, audio, photos, movies, VR 360? content, and many more.
PowerDVD can also be used to download and install videos from content streaming services like Vimeo and Netflix. Lastly, PowerDVD is one of many media players that support 8K video playback.


Final Words :

So these are some of the most popular Free DVD Players for Windows 10. Do you share any of your recommendations in the comments section below?


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