PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed within the early 90s by Adobe to standardize document formats across independent software and hardware. Whether you are using it to send memos, invoice clients, or maintain customer records, this digital file format may be a fantastic thanks to sharing information. That sounds great, but the matter is that there are not many free PDF editors nowadays.

Most of the free software can assist you with viewing PDF documents. However, when it involves editing, most of them miserably failed. This collective failure arises because Adobe, the first developer of the PDF format – still has patents on many technologies related to the setup. Adobe charges PDF software manufacturers a typical license fee, which makes it hard for manufacturers to supply the editing tools for free of charge.

Arguably, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the best editor on the market thanks to its ability to merge documents. I conversion tools, and it is cloud storage. However, it is not free—that is a big problem. There are more PDF editors on the market that promise to try to work, but most of them have a tag. And when it involves the freebies, it is challenging to seek out the proper one to use.

Best Free PDF Editors in 2020

This way, we have compiled an inventory of the most straightforward free PDF editors on which you will rely.

1. iLovePDF
2. PDF Architect 7
3. PDF-XChange Editor
4. Foxit Reader
5. Sejda
6. Smallpdf
7. PDFescape
8. FormSwift



iLovePDF is one among the free PDF editors, more precisely a one-stop solution where you view your PDF documents, edit them, then export them call at the first widespread formats. You would like to check in on the location to urge access to all or any of the available tools.

Then, you add files either directly from your computer or import them from your cloud services like rotate, Dropbox or rotate, then using the free tools; the platform allows you to try to to a spread of things, like split, merge, compress, organize, protect, and more.

iLovePDF has two security options. The 1st option helps you create password-protected PDF files to share them with others safely. The second option allows you to open secure data. Additionally, it enables users to repair corrupt PDF files. It recovers them either entirely or partially, counting on how corrupted the info it.

Supported Platforms: Web.
Pros: Fixes corrupt PDF files; Supports twenty-five languages across their platforms.
Cons: OCR available only premium version.

PDF Architect Seven

s PDF Architect pertains to a German company called PDFforge. It is a modular program that comes with a single purchasing option. It is available as a free download with the required capabilities. However, if you are curious about the premium version, it is three separate option Standard Pro and Pro+OCR with each release, including an additional module that changes its editing power. Here easily select the number of editing tools you would like without breaking the penny bank.

The free version of PDF Architect seven has many features. View, rotate, delete, and merge multiple documents into one. Additionally, you also rearrange pages and make PDFs from 300+ file formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The program features a simple design and provides a user-friendly experience for both beginner and pro user. It is quite a versatile tool to streamline your works as you convert and review your PDF documents. However, it is only available for Windows.

Supported Platforms: Windows.
Pros: Merge documents; Modular structure; Only buy what you would like.
Cons: Limited Functionalities of the three versions.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is an overhauled version to PDF-XChange Viewer as it was much cleaner and easier to use. It features a robust set of editing tools that permits you to pick, highlight, and strikeout text. Apart from that, it allows you to split and convert your PDF documents, and you then easily edit paragraphs, add image and annotation, and encrypt them. It is commenting function and selection of unique stamps add up to its editing capabilities and assist you in tracking changes. Additionally also allows you to extract substantial PDF files or fix images. Delete blank pages.

The conversion tools allow you to switch between Word formats and PDF. Even features OCT (optical character recognition) to form your scanned documents editable. Aside from that, it also made its plugin available for Firefox, so you use it editing tools for the PDFs open in your browser.

PDF-XChange Editor, even without premium features, maybe a robust software. You also make use of the premium features as long as you are okay with watermarked documents. It’s alone is enough to form your default PDF editor.

Supported Platforms:  Windows
Pros: Text editing Document conversion with OCT Comment and annotation.
Cons: Documents get watermarked unless you employ a tool premium.

Foxit Reader

With powerful features and incredible rendering speedy, Foxit Reader is arguably the foremost versatile free PDF editor on our list. It allows you to read, create, and tool. PDF convert files on the go. Apart from that, you sign PDFs and add annotations. When it involves editing, its premium version may be a much stronger player, although the free one has most the bases covered.

With an in-depth range of editing tools and options, the interface of Foxit Reader might feel a touch overwhelming. Initially, sight, the UI of this application might appear very almost like Microsoft Office, but more complicated. However, you’ll minimize the tool ribbon to simplify its interface.

It also comes with Microsoft Office plugins and makes it easier to convert just about any file that you simply can open on your device. To steal the show from the different alternatives, it’s a couple of tricks up its sleeve, starting with a security toolbox. The toolbox prevents the unauthorized script from transmitting data and helps you securely download a PDF file, regardless of its source. Besides, it can create editable files from scanned documents. However, the OCR feature isn’t available within the free version.

Supported Platforms: Web, macOS, iOS, Android.
Pros: PDF converting editing features Built-in security tools; Plugins Microsoft Office.
Cons: No OCR within the free version.


Sejda has a web and a desktop edition, both of which you try free-of-charge. However, Sejda PDF Desktop is liberal to use with daily limits, like three tasks per day and file size limitations.

It is a free version that comes with a workable set of the tool through which you edit text, create forms, add images, and delete blank pages. However, we found that it is a text editing tool that may be a bit dodgy. Although it allows you to edit text, it renders font incompatibility. In most cases, it becomes useless because it makes the changes visible.

As you expect, the free version comes with certain limitations. It does not support documents with quite 200 pages or quite 50MB in size. It limits you to 3 work sessions per day and does not allow you to work on quite one file directly. Its online editions have cloud storage integration, while on the desktop edition, data do not leave your computer.

When it involves its interface, it is a clean, user-friendly design. You find all the featured tools and options smartly grouped to form them more accessible to users. The program is superb for basic editing tasks. But if you are trying to find some work, either switch to an alternate free PDF editor or buy it is the Premium version.

Supported Platforms: Web, Windows, macOS, Web.
Pros: Online and desktop version available Cloud storage Advanced editing tools.
Cons: Spotty text editing tool online free sessions have timing caps.


Smallpdf is a web PDF editor that comes with a 14-day free trial, enough time to see if it’s worth your money. But this will not put you off, because the free trial and paid version are only valid for its desktop client. The web tool is liberal to use.

Smallpdf is legendary for its conversion tools. However, the editing functionalities within the software are quite limited compared to the opposite PDF editors on this listing. In fact, besides the edited mode, the program is restricted to only adding text pictures and shapes to PDF.

Also, the program does not feature any text editing. The closest get to that is drawing a text box over the prevailing text, which, in most cases, is useless. Unfortunately, if you would like advanced editing tools, you’ll need to move to a different PDF free editor.
Translates to the very fact that you simply can access your files from any supported devices through it is a site as positive programming has cloud-based storage.

Supported Platforms: Web.
Pros: Extensive range of tool Cloud-based storage Advanced conversion options.
Cons: Limited free trial Unrefined interface Limited editing text tool.


PDFescape may be a handy free online editing tool if you don’t mind being tethered to your browser when editing your PDFs. For zero money, you’ll write, annotate, fill out and make standard PDF forms, and luxuriate in password-protected PDFs.

The interface of the program looks quite almost like Microsoft Office. If you’re conversant in Office, it’d quicken your learning curve and provide you with instant usability. The free version of the programing has ads, but they’re not obtrusive to your workflow. Also, the free version puts a limitation on the dimensions of your PDFs that you can merely with work.

It looks sort of a good option, but it’s a reasonably primary interface, and it’ll force you to figure using an online connection.
If you favor desktop editing tools, that’s offered only with a premium subscription. This paid version adds merging, converting to other formats, printing to PDF, and compression, among others, to the choices the free version offers.

Supported Platforms : Web, Windows.
Pros: Easy document merging 10MB file size limited.
Cons: Desktop editor paid only.


FormSwift is an in-browsing tool for editing PDF documents. And it’s completely freed from costs (it doesn’t have a premium version), unlike a number of the different tools mentioned during this list.
Apart from importing directly from your computer, it’s a choice to upload your documents through its Snap URL. This feature allows your mobile camera to snaps your documents then import them to the editing interface.

It also offers the choice to pick a template from a library of 500+ documents, then fills out a step-by-step questionnaire and export the finished paper in Word or PDF.
The program has plenty of tools to edit text, add images, checkmarks, and e-signatures. The most straightforward part is that it all comes for free of charge. There’s no paywall, or a “Start a free trial” banner, or “Upgrade now” prompts. If you would like a hassle-free experience for basic PDF editing, this is often the most straightforward free PDF editor to travel.
Supported Platforms: Web.
Pros: Edits picture and text in PDFs Scans documents using mobile cameras.
Cons: Can’t split/merge documents.

Final Words :

In this article, we have outlined our eight best free PDF editors in 2020. just in case you’ve got other favorite PDF editors that not featured during this article, please share them during a comment below. Also, allow us to know what makes them your ideal options.


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