Use Of Skill Assessment Tests In Hiring Process

Use Of Skill Assessment Tests In Hiring Process

Skills assessment tests are commonly used by employers to determine the capabilities and skills of both present employees and job candidates. These tests are designed to determine whether applicants have the required skills to perform several and important aspects of a job. Skills assessment tests are often used during the recruitment process, which provides an insight into a candidate’s personality, aptitude, and expertise level. Companies consider them beneficial for removing candidates before inviting them for a formal job interview.

The entire hiring and selection process can be exhausting for the candidates, but it can be used as an opportunity to stand out from the job competition.

Why do companies use skills assessment tests?

Skills assessment tests are valuable to employers. It helps them to eliminate job applicants who are unqualified for a position, even if their resume says something else. Apart from this, it can also determine employees that may be ideal for another position or a promotion.

Organizations use skills assessment tests for the following reasons-

To Achieve High Level of Performance

The overall performance of the organization improves by using a pre-employment test. Employees who depend on these tests are 24% more likely to excel in their job positions and contribute to the growth of the organization.

Identify a Cultural Fit

It is also essential to recruit candidates who are suitable for the company’s culture. For example,- People with poor communication skills may find it difficult to manage with current employees.

To Avoid Hiring Wrong Candidates

Approx. 75% of the employers or recruitment managers have made relatively one bad hire during the hiring process. They can shift to skills assessment tests to eliminate the same mistakes in the future. Also referred to as Pre-employment tests, Skills assessment tests are also known as ‘Pre-employment tests’ that enable employers to hire the right candidate for their companies to avoid bad hires.

To Handle Large Scale Hiring

Skills assessment tests can prove to be a very effective screening tool when employers plan to make large-scale hiring. Instead of going through all the resumes one by one, candidates can be pre-screened by using different types of ESkill tests.


Determine a Job Fit

There are numerous ways of identifying whether the applicant’s resume meets with the job description or not. Candidates undergo skills assessment tests to showcase their ability to work under all circumstances.

To Save Time

Skills assessment tests also ensure that the most talented and qualified candidates reach the final recruitment stage. As a result, the hiring manager will interview only the “right” applicants, which will save a lot of time.

Skills assessment helps the employers to make well-informed decisions related to the hiring, training, and promotion of their personnel before formal job offers.

Categories of skills assessment tests

Although skills assessment tests are used for numerous reasons, they are primarily conducted before employment. Here are a few types of eSkill assessment tests used during the recruitment process:

Work sample test

Work sample tests are also referred to as “realistic job previews.” They are designed similar to a few assignments that employees are expected to perform in their job position, such as- case study presentations, situational judgment tests, and technical coding tests. The results of these assessments indicate the candidate’s actual job performance.

Personality test

Personality tests determine particular aspects of the applicant’s personality, which are essential steps to recruit someone for a position that requires a specific demeanor. For example, a highly sociable person would be suitable for a position that requires a lot of customer interaction.


Hard skills assessment

These types of tests enable us to determine the candidate’s skills in a specific area, such as typing, software development, etc. The results of hard skill-testing provide valuable insight into the expertise of candidates while performing work activities.

Cognitive ability test

Cognitive ability tests help in evaluating how candidates would perform in more unexpected circumstances, unlike work sample tests that determine the candidate’s performance in expected, daily situations. They do this by gauging a person’s ability to think from scratch when using verbal reasoning and numerical skills.

Combination approach

Several companies choose to combine various assessment tests rather than using only one. This provides more exhaustive results that will remove all the shortcomings of using only one method. However, this assessment does take more time for the candidate.


Skill assessment tests provide organization to recruit deserving and talented candidates to fill vacant positions. Secondly, they also enable employers to manage their current employees and post them to the right positions as per their skills, qualification, and experience. As a result, companies save a substantial amount of time and money by eliminating bad or under-qualified hires. Employers can also utilize skills assessment tests to improve their current employees’ productivity and improve the overall performance of the organization.


















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