Four Pro-tips on How to Prepare for UPSC Examination 

Four Pro-tips on How to Prepare for UPSC Examination 

UPSC civil service is one of the prestigious exams that require a great deal of attention and dedication to clear it. Every year lakhs of students apply for the UPSC examination, but only a few can fulfil their dreams. Therefore, this challenging examination requires a smart strategy because the patterns of the questions are highly unpredictable in most cases. However, with proper tips and study material one can easily clear the exam and fulfil their dream of becoming an IAS officer. The exam demands a great deal of academic and non-academic knowledge. So, students should constantly acquire information from the latest happenings around the world.

The UPSC exam is divided into three parts, including the preliminary, mains, and the personality test. So, this exam requires candidates to develop all-round academic knowledge. However, a majority of students struggle to find out the best study materials for preparing for the examination, which makes them less competitive. Only tips from experts and knowledge from the people who already have cracked the exam can help aspirants to yield the best results. So, let’s take a look at the pro-tips on how to prepare for this prestigious examination. Let’s take a look at the following:

Be Aware of the Syllabus

The UPSC syllabus is quite lengthy. This is the main struggle that students face while preparing for the exam. The website of the UPSC has clearly mentioned their intention for each test. They conduct the exams in a way that tests whether the individual has specialized knowledge on the topics or not. So, students need to have a comprehensive awareness of the culture, geography, history, and functional aspects of India and the world. Aspirants can join UPSC coaching in Indore to get insights from the experts on each subject paper.

Since there’s an availability of E-learning so students can yield the benefits of the process. There’s also an optional subject paper which covers the knowledge of undergraduate level. If students choose subjects including medicine, law, and engineering, they should have a preparation of an undergraduate level to clear the optional paper. Since it covers a wide range of topics, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the extent of this syllabus. Otherwise, aspirants won’t be able to structure the study plan for the exam.


Strategize Your Study Plan

Without having a clear strategy to crack the exam, it would be impossible to yield the best output. Aspirants need to cover a volume of information that requires exhaustive preparation. Students may feel overwhelmed at some phases if there’s no strategized plan. It’s best to structure the plan to cover the basic concept for the preliminary exam. Experts recommend NCERT books for this phase. However, one should take an expert’s advice on a regular basis in order to have the motivation, guidance, and knowledge.

Previously it was a tough part to get experts’ advice as students need to travel to the institute to get assistance. But, now students can yield the benefits of online studies. Some of the topics may require studying from specialized books. In such cases, it’s best to cover multiple materials with online sources. The only secret here is to have a veteran who understands the exam pattern and can help the aspirants to have the necessary guidance.

Give Regular Mock Tests

One of the most crucial tips on preparing for the UPSC exam is to give regular mock tests. It will not only help the aspirant to be aware of the time frame but also the regular practice of reading, writing, analysing the paper will be beneficial in the long run. There are successful candidates who have always stressed the importance of practicing regular tests in order to be habituated with the flow of the exam pattern. This is why reputable institutes conduct frequent mock tests for the aspirants in order to help them prepare for the exam. This can help a student to be geared up for the actual test. There is bulk storage of previous year question papers that one can use in order to start practicing the tests. This will provide deep insight into the exam.

Stock Up Your Knowledge

Well, current affairs play an important role in the UPSC exam. A large segment of the examination both the preliminary and the main covers the topics from general knowledge. Therefore, students must read the daily newspapers to understand the latest happenings around the world. There are some major newspapers that experts always have suggested including the Hindu, the Indian express, regional language newspapers, and other news magazines.

Also, there are sources from the internet that aspirants can use in order to prepare for the current affairs. However, one should cover in-depth information rather than the gist. It’s because the main section of the exam tests the in-depth knowledge of the topics. Therefore, aspirants should prepare themselves wisely. There are educational institutions that help students to prepare for this exam. It’s best to take assistance from professionals to fulfil the dream within a brief time.



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