Best Features Of Foreign Exchange Programs

Best Features Of Foreign Exchange Programs

Most children in today’s times have become responsible for being able to stand on their two feet on their own. This has become largely possible with the availability of international education options that are able to shape careers from a young age. An international education program will help a child learn from an international environment, along with students of other countries.

A suitable exchange program is available at several reputed universities and schools around the world. Any student on a new land gets to adapt to a new culture and is also able to get a visa or accommodation on his or her own. Of course, for this to happen successfully, parents have to find foreign exchange student programs.

It is difficult but necessary

Any parent is likely to find it difficult to send his or her child to a different country to study, considering the care and worries. However, it is important to realize that this is important for the child to be able to feel independent and handle the career. It is natural to be overwhelmed with emotion at such a time, but in the long run, it will certainly be beneficial.

Also, there are a large number of students in the world who are keen to study abroad but find it difficult to afford. What about the education of such students? Not just these, but several meritorious students can make it into the best schools abroad with the help of Study Abroad Scholarships.

More about scholarships

Meritorious students often receive special grants to be used for education purposes. These are in the form of Study Abroad Scholarships, through which the academic and the accommodation fees are taken care of. It is necessary for students to meet one or all of the criteria mentioned below:

  • Age– Students should qualify within a specific age bracket to be eligible for the scholarships
  • Citizenship- It is mandatory for the students to be citizens of a specific country, which is part of the scholarship eligibility criteria
  • Individual grants- Certain individuals may be in a position to get grants according to criteria, the details of which are not often revealed 
  • Good academic grades- School grades need to be consistently good over the years. Of course, CGPAs would be different from one school or location to another.
  • Proof of being financially weak- Any bright students who face hardships by virtue of belonging to the financially weak section of society must have proof of the current financial condition
  • Community service- All deserving children must have spent a number of hours doing community service, according to the guidelines stated by certain colleges

How to apply for a scholarship

Keep these points in mind while filling in an application for a student scholarship:

  • Apply at the correct time– Make detailed notes about the scholarship and submit the application at the right time. It may help to bookmark the URLs of the most suitable colleges.
  • Many schools– Apply to a number of suitable schools to be able to get through the best ones. An early application may even be helpful to get a preferred school.
  • Things to include in the application- It would be best to put in an updated CV. However, this generally differs from one school to another.
  • Write the best essay-Ensure that all the guidelines given in the application are followed for the essay. Revise the work and be sure to put the best foot forward. This letter shows how keen a student is, in terms of his or her own education.  
  • Find a recommendation letter- The best proof for a meritorious student is the report card of his or her previous performances, which shows the student’s seriousness
  • Make the application stand out– Find a way to make the application stand out from others. It could either be the unique perspective, or even something like a YouTube presentation.

Top advantages of high school exchange programs

Take a closer look at the numerous advantages of being part of a coveted summer exchange program:

  • Developing initial leadership traits
  • Getting to know how to adapt to a new culture
  • Being able to appreciate one’s own country and culture more than earlier
  • Finding a greater sense of purpose in life
  • Taking baby steps towards financial independence
  • Being able to gain from each person as a result of interacting and mixing with people from various nationalities
  • Being able to make friends who last forever
  • Developing the inclination to learn a new language

Types of expenses

The following are the heads under which expenses can be categorized, for summer exchange programs:

  1. To-and-fro airfare
  2. All kinds of travel documents, which include passports and visas
  3. Funds for emergencies
  4. Travel insurance, covering accident, illness, and medical coverage as per host country requirements
  5. Optional tours and ancillary travel




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