How to Use Pinterest Business Growth

Anyone looking for ideas, inspirations, recipes, procedures, and tutorials, must know
and use Pinterest to quench their thirst. It is a magical app full of inspirations and ideas.
It is basically a social media mobile app where users come to see inspiring project ideas,
business inspirations, and whatnot. What makes it more interesting is its feature to
search both visually and by using keywords.

If you own a business, Pinterest can definitely help you create awareness about your business among users and market your products. If you want to use this platform in your favor, you can create a strategy of using Pinterest for your business growth, and here you go.

Create a Business Profile :

First of all, you need to create a business profile on Pinterest. Similar to other social
platforms, it’s free to use. Most of all, it’s a favorite of creatives, so you can use it to
grow your online business. Creating a business profile on Pinterest will help you track
analytics and measure how your posts are performing. A business account also enables
you to link your post directly to your website. Moreover, a business profile will make
your profile look more professional as compared to a user profile. You can also evaluate
and understand your audience and their preferences on Pinterest.

Use Keywords:

Searchability is a major feature of this social platform. The search bar enables users to
look for their favorite ideas and posts. Pinterest is full of extensive ideas and inspiration,
and users can reach them through the search bar. So, they use keywords to find the
relevant content for them. You, as a business, need to understand that the use of the
right keywords is important to be able to come under users’ search results on Pinterest.

To attract the relevant audience, your Pinterest account needs to be keyword
Also, Pinterest is a social platform that works both as a search engine of ideas and a
social platform for current trends and ideas. The structure of this platform makes it
important for a business to saturate keywords abundantly in their posts. Use the most

important keywords in the profile description and account title. Other than this, use
different relevant keywords in boards, pin titles, and pin descriptions. You can use as
many keywords as possible as you can.

Selection of keywords:

Be careful about selecting keywords according to the way your audience thinks and
speaks. It largely depends on what products you sell and promote and what keywords
people use to name those products. The basic idea is to think of what keywords and
phrases you had used if you were in place of them. You can also perform simple
research and ask your audience what keywords and phrases do they use to find certain
products on their favorite social platforms. Other than this, keyword research tools like
AHref and Semrush can be used.

Set up a profile to attract a relevant audience

For a user, Pinterest is a platform where they can save and pin whatever they like and
they can make their Pinterest app completely bespoke as per their likes and
preferences. However, in the case of a business profile, it’s not about you but your
audience. It doesn’t matter what you like and pin, but what your audience likes. So, be
mindful while setting up a business profile on Pinterest. Think about your customers
what they would prefer to pin and post.

For instance, if you are promoting a tech or software business on Pinterest, you should
add pins on how technology can improve users’ lifestyles.

A mobile app development company can share different mobile apps that may bring improvement in everyday life.
Try to make your Pinterest profile appealing to your audience. If they like your post,
they can visit your website. Dont forget to use relevant keywords for titles and

Use Rich Pins

Use rich pins to help your audience learn more. Rich pins are available for business
accounts, so setting up a business account is important. Users come to visit Pinterest to
get some additional information through this platform. Your audience not only uses

Pinterest to take inspiration but to buy their favorite products from where they take

Pin Consistently

To make the most of your business account on Pinterest, you should be posting
consistently. Dont disappoint your audience by giving irregular gaps between your pins.
Make sure whenever they search for a relevant keyword, they find a new post from your
account. You can also pin relevant posts from other accounts, including your audiences.
There is no hard and fast rule to either pin on a daily or weekly basis. You can set your
schedule as per the requirement of your business. You can pin as many times as you
wish but ensure you do it well.

If this overwhelms you and you are the only marketer of your small business, you can
use social media scheduling apps to do your work efficiently and save time. Social media
management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind can help you in this regard.



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