The 10 Biggest Research Paper Blunders

The most striking question that comes to the mind of the students is how to write a
research paper without any error or mistake. A low grade due to a poor-quality
a research paper can make you stressed. The present discussion will help in guiding
writing a research paper by highlighting the common mistake that the student ends
up making. Mr. William, an expert at Edumagnate will guide you with 10 common
blunders that student makes while writing a research paper. He is an editor and
proof-reader and loves to help and guide their students to fetch good grades.

It is understandable that students face issues in framing good research papers due
to the lack of knowledge and failure reflecting on the mistakes. Even, some students
are unaware of a blunder made by them in the research paper. The research
process guides the students with the subject, formulating new ideas, constructing the
thesis statement, or speaking of the topic with me or other experts. For writing a
research paper, you sound have knowledge of the domain and the ability to read
various other research articles and journals to collect required evidence.

Here are 10 common research paper blunders that you should avoid while
constructing a good research paper.

The 10 Biggest Research Paper Blunders

1. The mistake in choosing the correct topic: Many of you select a tougher
topic in which you have low knowledge only with the objective to get a good
grade. However, you should note that submitted the wrong assignment can
make you fail. Therefore, you should choose a topic that interest you and the
concern evidence can be easily collected.

2. Framing low-quality thesis statement: Most of you are unaware of the
importance of a thesis statement in a research paper. Let me tell you, a poor

thesis statement can make your research without a structure and aim, thus
forming a low-quality paper. Therefore, your statement should be a reflection
of your research paper, and all the argumenta and supporting evidence must
is aligned to it.

3. Lack of thesis statement: One of the major blunders that students make is
not giving any thesis statement. You should highlight the thesis statement in
the introduction part. Once the thesis statement is framed, the points and
supported sentences should be given in the following part. Such parts are the
subheading of your research reports, hence outline of the research paper
should be made before writing.

4. Not following the guideline: You should not start writing the research
without briefing the guideline. Many students just take an overview of the
guideline that causes failure in meeting all the requirement. The significance is
in the context that if any of the information is not congruent to the framework,
no matter how interesting it is, should not be included in the research paper.
Therefore, the guideline will assist you to include the crucial element of the
research paper making it of good quality.

5. Failure to structure the research paper: In every research paper, the
restriction of a word limit is a crucial consideration. A common mistake that
students make is not structuring the research paper according to the word
limit and end up writing more and more. Therefore, before beginning the
writing, the structuring of the paper as per the distribution of the word should
be done. It also helps you to organize your thoughts.

6. Not collecting sufficient data: The other mistake that student makes while
writing a research paper is not collecting a handful of evidence. In a research
paper, the collection of data to conclude the result is the primary step. Hence,
less information can make the data saturation insufficient, and finding the
outcome will be a tough job. If still, you conclude the result, it will not be
reliable. Always remember, do not let the gathered evidence to organize the
paper as the body of the research paper.

7. Copying the information: It is the major mistake that student ends up doing
while writing the research paper. The crucial reason is a huge write-up and
research. However, you should be aware of the fact that plagiarism can fetch
you zero marks as originality has prime importance.

8. Making poor topic sentences while writing a paragraph: One of the
reasons to get fewer marks in writing a research paper is the lack of efficient
structure of the paragraph. Such a mistake is done most of the students that
make the poor irrelevant. The paragraph section should begin with a sentence
structure explaining the argument. Here are a few tips for you. First, always
insert the topic sentence before explaining the context. Second, explain the
stated topic sentence. Third, gives evidence to the explanation and add
validity and reliability. Fourth, explain the evidence. Fifth, give a concluding

9. Citing the source incorrectly: The reference format in the research paper
holds the major part as it adds reliability to the research finding. However,
most of the students make a blunder in citing the source and referencing it at
the end. The reason hold for this is a lack of knowledge.

10. Error in concluding the research: Another blunder that student makes in
concluding the research is adding new information or writing irrelevant to the
context. The conclusion is the section where a summary of the paper is
presenting, highlighting the key finding and implications. Here are a few tips
for you. Always present the last stated word on the research problem to give
insight to the reader. Summarize the opinions that convey the implication of
the study. Recognize how the gap in the research has been addressed in the
paper Explain the essentiality of the ideas gained. Lastly, introduce scope for
further investigation if any.


The common blunder of a research paper can be avoided if you proofread your
research paper as per the guideline and crucial requirement. In addition, with the
opportunity to buy research papers you have numerous things to consider when
evading common terminology assignment errors. You can practice an example to aid
your design and formulate your subject. A sound written example can also support
you comprehend writing blunders such as grammar and correcting mistakes to



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