Sandboxie Alternatives In 2020

Sandboxie is one of the programs that have loved by programmers all across the planet. Sandboxie has both options: free and premium, you’ll use it to see plans and see if it’s all working just like the way it should do. The audience of Sandboxie is programmers who want to see if their software or application is functioning correctly. You’ll also call it an isolation program that tests that the new software is safe to be used on systems.

Programmers who use Sandboxie are trying to find the ways during which a replacement software may cause harm to the system or other files on a network. It’ll allow you to see if the program or new software has the credibility to be employed by many of us. During this post, we’ve reviewed 20 different Sandboxie alternatives that we’ve tried and tested personally.

Top 20 Best Sandboxie Alternatives In 2020

1. Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is what you would like for the analysis of suspicious websites and suspicious files. It can even perform advanced memory analysis of the infected virtual network. It works on all OS, like Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows. It tracks all the corrupt files which may cause damage.

. One among the leaders in malware sandbox framework
. Open source to let anyone modify and upgrade it
. Availability of support from many users


. Updates tend to be slow with a little team and a high usage.
. Pull requests resolved too slowly by the developers.

2. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is that the easy to use privacy and security protection tool that works on laptops and PCs for less than Windows OS. It ensures that you get to browse the web safely by protecting the history of the visited sites. To top it off, Shadow Defender doesn’t have too high maintenance charges to urge you worried.

. Protects the physical system from all permanent infections
. The seamless interface makes it easy for you to master
. Lifetime license and unlimited installs


. Slow development thanks to a little team
. Lack of customer support from the team

3. VMware ThinApp

You can speed up app migration and deployment with VMware ThinApp. It’s an agentless app visualization solution. It’s one of the best Sandboxie alternatives for arranging documents, whitepapers, and other essential papers. This app includes an indication of technical documents and installation of it. You get in multiple languages like German and French.

. Easy interface taking the presumption out of creating new packages
. New features and updates are seamless.
. Resource friendly support on offer from Windows Vista to Windows NT


. One among the pricier options on this list
. Customer support service is often better.

4. BufferZone

You will love BufferZone if you’re keen on surfing the web. You get to download anything on the PC using this tool, be it your favorite game or a movie. You’ll even catch abreast of some online shopping while you’re on the location. It protects your details and the IP address from the surface sources and hackers.

. Effectively prevents overwriting by malicious sites
. Protects your details and IP address
. Integration with the prevailing management stack to save lots of money


. Not too many options for personalization
. Needs better customer support service from the team of developers

5. Comodo Internet Security

The best thing about Comodo is that proprietary technology that holds every new file as a threat scans it, then decides whether or not it’s malicious for your system. Besides, you get constant protection from viruses and threats, which suggests you’ll not have much need for the other antivirus software.

. Works for all the newest versions of Windows and Mac
. The silent malware detection mode called the sport mode.
. Regular updates on virus definition within the background


. Not suitable for business use
. The massive setup files take too long to download

6. Cameyo

Cameyo may be a software program that turns software into portable apps. You’ll create portable apps from many of the windows software programs using Cameyo. It even allows you to run programs from the removable storage devices or browsers. You get to hitch it free of charge and still have access to its entire library.

. Excellent customer support service offered
. Ability to access your desktop apps from anywhere you would like
. You’ll use programs without having local installation


. You’ll only add programs than are but 50 MB
. Speed tends to be a problem sometimes.

7. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze can run on multiple computers and refresh each of their settings with scheduled reboots. The interface of the update of the latest permissions isn’t hard to navigate. The most straightforward part is that it’s nearly as good for residential or educational settings because it is for businesses.

. The feature of scheduling routine reboots
. Easy for an end-user to implement and learn
. Ok for managing multiple computers


. The existence of a window of misbehavior despite the choice of reboots
. Difficult to use and maintain if not updated daily

8. Apache Mesos

You can program it against the info center even as one pool of your resources. When it involves abstracting storage, memory, CPU, and other resources faraway from machines, Apache Mesos may be a good option. It even helps you enable a fault resistant and smooth distribution system to be run and built quickly.

. Excellent customer support service offered
. Ability to access your desktop apps from anywhere you would like
. You’ll use programs without having local installation


. Difficult to use and maintain if not updated daily
. Not too many options for personalization

9. Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox may be a viable alternative for Sandboxie because it merely offers because of the alternative solution for the visualization of programs. If you’re just a beginner trying to find something easy to use with not an excessive amount of hassle of configuration, then this is often it. Besides, Shade Sandbox comes for free of charge.

. Simple to use program for isolating a couple of apps for testing
. No complicated configurations to bother you
. Enough features available for a liberal to use software


. Needs more options for configuration like Sandboxie
. Need for restarting the system for cleaning the info

10. BitBox

BitBox was made to bring together maximum security and minimalist design. If you’re looking solely for a hardware wallet that stores all of your cryptocurrencies and keeps them safe, then this is often the one you ought to choose. It even offers free mobile apps.

. Only need a micro SD card for backing up and recovering the wallet
. One among the most cost-effective hardware wallets available within the market
. Simple to use and found out with heavy emphasis on security


. Doesn’t support a good range of tokens and coins
. Doesn’t provide a screen

11. OpenVZ

OpenVZ is that the container-based virtualization solution that lets the location administrations in deploying multiple and independent instances of the operating systems on the webserver. This one includes the demonstration of technical documents and installation of it, which is fantastic. It’s a highly popular and mature alternative available within the marketplace for container-related virtualizations.

. Running containers using shared kernels offers more memory.
. Let’s share resources entirely on the server.
. The server costs but many other market options


. Is in a position to host only the Linus OS
. Not useful for resource-intensive apps

12. Microsoft Application Virtualization

Microsoft Application Virtualization is the application visualization and streaming software made by Microsoft. It comes with a straightforward aim: to let applications be live-streamed to clients employing a particular virtual app server. You’ll not need to install applications locally in your computer or mobile devices, which suggests much less hassle.

. Runs on systems that sometimes don’t allow local installments
. Links back to a central system with all the stored data
. Administrators get to define or restrict access.


. Stringent policies for licensing
. Not suitable for machines with installed device drivers

13. rkt

The rkt is that the secure and light-weight container system that’s made by CoreOS and is an excellent alternative to Sandboxie. It’s made supported by the open container standard called the app container. It offers portability across many of the various container systems like JetPack, Kurma, and so on, which makes it easy to use.

. Lightweight design useful for app packaging
. Portable image format offering scalability
. Pluggable features supplying you with more choices from various sources.


. Higher chances for a bug with more significant programs
. The set of features to always be but open alternatives

14. StorageOS

StorageOS allows you to deploy the database workloads inside the containers and utilize local node storages without the concerns of slow disks and therefore the fear of missing data. The interface of the update of the latest permissions isn’t hard to navigate. The best part of it’s that it’s near as suitable for residential and businesses.

. It’s easy to deploy due to NATS server embedment
. Great mesh networks between the nodes by combining embedded servers with auto-discovery
. Clean implementations and straightforward to dispatch payloads


. Lack of reliable authentication
. Context integration needs more work.

15. Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger comes with over ten years of experience within the industry, which makes it a force to reckon with. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and powerful. It comes with the unique and highly effective IntelliGuard cloud technology for quick detection of unknown threats. The corporate also offers a money-back guarantee.

. Reliable and effective protection of all kinds of loggers
. IntelliGuard cloud technology for quick detection of unknown threats
. Easy to put in and an excellent interface on offer


. Lack of compatibility with some antivirus applications
. The trial version is often used only for about fortnight.

16. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is that the advanced system protection system supported virtualization and sandboxing. You get constant protection from viruses and threats, which suggests you’ll not have much need for the other antivirus software. It can protect you from all types of activities, be it online activities or anything happening offline.

. No need for the other antivirus software
. Offers protection for both online and offline activities
. Making registry and app files consolidated in one executable file


. Not too many options for personalization
. Needs better customer support service from the team of developers

17. Spoon

Spoon is that the program used for testing out applications and software without having any of it installed on computers. Its procedure of operations may be a bit different from the standard visualization and sandboxing technologies. It also allows you to test new software and applications without system installations. Its versions do Spoon Browser Sandbox, Spoon Selenium Sandbox, and Spoon SQL Sandbox.

. Unlimited automatic testing altogether web browsers
. Test applications and software without installation
. Three versions to settle on from consistent with your need


. Some users have complained of glitches in processing.
. Needs for options for integration and customization

18. Mbox

This is supported by an equivalent technology as Sandboxie to an excellent extent and is especially used for configurations or for catching the activities within the system that appear dubious. Just in case you need configurations or need help in troubleshooting and wish to urge back the system to its initial change, you’ll discard all the new changes.

. The protection tool that protects your systems from added adjustments
. Makes rebooting super easy and your system seems like fresh
the choice of saving files permanently on the mapped drive


. Expensive compared to few other options mentioned here

19. GeSWall

GeSWall allows you to select between damaging and recommended. it’s how to form sure that the web environment is secure and safe for you. It doesn’t just keep your system safe once you are surfing the web. It also protects online sharing, chatting, and almost all aspects of your online existence.

. Protects online sharing, chatting, surfing the web, and more
. Very thorough with checking your system for viruses
. The thanks to the web environment secure and safe for you


. More suited to non-public usage than commercial use
. The integrations on offer aren’t advanced.

20. Evalaze

Evalaze is predicated on virtualization, and it lets the users install all types of latest programs. The software is well-suited to the developers who got to affect different sorts of programs. It’ll even provide you with a virtual assistant to assist you to put in using the virtual account.

. A simple to use, all-in-one solution for the developers
an excellent option once you got to affect different sorts of programs
. A virtual assistant to guide you alongside visualization and installation


. It’ll take you a short time to urge the hang of it as a first-time user


All the 20 Sandboxie Alternatives discussed above are tested and that they are safe to be used. You’ll plough ahead and check your new program or software. There are tons of functions that each one of these programs almost like Sandboxie has, a number of them are securing the browser from threats, ensuring there are not any threats, checking if the info is protected.



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