Best 230 Popcat Game Alternatives in 2023

In this post, we will speak about the Popcat Game and show how to play it.

What is Popcat?

Popcat clicker game that you may play on the internet. To score, all you have to do is click. You may play the game by visiting the Popcat website. It only contains one page with a cat picture. The click on the cat’s mouth is recorded and converted into a score.

The catch is that you need to play for yourself in this game. Instead, you play your country. A list of the top players from around the world may be found at the bottom of the page. The country’s score rises with each click in the game, and the score is updated in real-time. You may view your position on the leaderboard.

When you click on the score, it will show information such as the number of clicks, also known as PPS (Pops Per Second), and the points and places of various nations on the Popcat leaderboard.

Popcat Game

Popcat is a simple drag-and-drop game that quickly swept the Internet. People from all around the world compete in a friendly competition. They combine LMB, which makes the famous meme cat’s mouth open amusingly.

The system determines where each click originated. Then it sums up all the numbers and displays the total for everyone to see. A group of meme aficionados studying Computer Science at a university in the United Kingdom fell in love with the Popcat meme.

They later changed their minds. Their obsession with the original meme inspired a bizarre game called Catlympics, which blew across the internet. Because this Popcat game is so popular, Oatmeal has become the talk of the world once more. Not only does Oatmeal’s official Instagram account have a more significant following, but there is also an official Oatmeal shop.

The most remarkable things are T-shirts, stickers, masks, and posters. This event also resulted in the formation of POPDOG. The enthusiasm is similar to that of the Popcat and does not appear to fade anytime soon. What you want to know right now about the most famous dogs.

Popcat, how do you play?

You only need to browse the website and start clicking!

Popcat is a PC game that may also be played on a phone or through a web browser. You’ll gain a point if you tap the screen on your phone. At the same time, any clicks on your computer’s mouse or keyboard.

Who is at best on the leaderboard?

Hong Kong currently has the most clicks of any place in the world. There are currently over 1 trillion clicks in the country. Thailand and Taiwan, which have previously won the championship, are close behind in second and third place.

India is now ranked 79th on the list. At the moment, the game has received over five trillion clicks from people all around the world. Go to the official site and start clicking if you want to assist your country in raising its rankings.

Is there a faster method to acquire points than to spam the keys on the keyboard?

There isn’t a regulation against the usage of auto-clickers on the site. Therefore you can use one. By allowing an auto-clicker to run for a few seconds on Popcat, I earned almost 9,000 points. The website took a long time to process since it had to play the “popping” sound effect several times before it could show the points that had been gathered.

Malaysia may have to do something extreme like this to catch up to Taiwan and seize the top place. On the other hand, Thailand may seize the throne shortly since they presently receive 183k pops every second.

Who knows?

A new Catlympic champion might emerge out of nowhere. This is all the information players need about the Popcat game and how to play it. More gaming information may be found in Games Adda’s Esports section.

Top 220 Popcat Games Alternatives

Magic Tiles 3
Marble Puzzle
Toy Bomb
Fruit Blast
Bubble Shooter Genies
Jewel Crush
Sand Balls
Bubble Shooter Viking Pop
Bubble Shooter 2
Match Animal
Mario Kart
Farm Bubbles
Block Puzzle
Puzzle Wings
Candy Charming
Jewel Castle
Fruits Mania
Ink Inc.
Sonic Cat
Onet 3D
Bubble Pop!
Brain Out
Jewel Hunter: Lost Temple
Balls Breaker HD
Wood Block Puzzle
Cookie Cats Pop
Block Puzzle
Onet Classic: Connect Animals
Pet Connect
Fruit Fancy
Frozen Adv
Pocket World 3D
Bubble Pop Origin!
Gummy Paradise
Game Of Songs
Jewels Classic
Block Puzzle Jewel
Bubble Shooter
Jewels Legend

Jewel Crush
Sand Balls

Cubes Empire Champion
Jewel Legend
Bubble Shooter Jelly
Farm Heroes Saga
Bubble Shooter Balls
Cube Rush Adventure
Toy Blast
Onet Animal
Falcon Squad
Draw Car 3D
Blossom Blast Saga
Onet Connect Animal
Bubble Pop Mania – Color Match
Tile Connect Master
Block Puzzle Gem Classic 1010
Bubble Poke
Bubble Shooter Viking Pop
Blocksss 2
Relax Puzzles
Bricks Balls Action
Mario Kart
Block Puzzle
Traffic Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jewel Castle
Ink Inc
Block Puzzle
Block Jigsaw Puzzle
Jewels Empire
Jewels Legend – Match 3 Puzzle
Dragondodo – Jewel Blast
Bubble shooter – Free bubble
Bubble Shooter Legend
Jewel Town – 10,000+ Match 3
Fruits Crush – Link Puzzle Game
Fruits Bomb
Bubble shooter
Farm Heroes Super Saga
Jewels Jungle Treasure: Match 3
Fruit Farm Harvest Time
Jewel Pop Mania: Match 3 Puzzle
Puzzle Wings: match 3 games
Sweet Fruit POP: Match 3 Puzzle
Mahjong Blossom Solitaire
Jewel & Gem Blast – Match 3
Bubble Fish
Draw Car 3D
Pull the Pin
Wood Block Puzzle
Bricks Ball Crusher
Block Puzzle Gem Classic 1010
Block Puzzle
Magic Tiles 3
Puzzle King
Onet 3D
Royal Match
Brain Out
Jewel Hunter: Lost Temple
Puzzle Game
Koala Crush
Mahjong King
Fishing Diary
Block Crush™ – Cute Kitty
Pop Cubes – Toy Match 3 & Blast
Cookie Cats Pop
Lollipop Rush Match 3
Egypt Pharaoh Jewels
Fruit Bunny Mania
Gems or jewels ?
Butterfly Flower Free Match
Block Puzzle Blossom
Bubble Shooter – Bear Pop
Link Animal
Brain Games
Block! Hexa
Block Puzzle
Pocket World 3D
Game Of Songs
Breaker Fun
Block Puzzle Jewel
Unblock Ball – Block Puzzle
2048 Charm
Sweet Fruit Candy
Seven Dots
Chain Cube
Jungle Marble Blast
Water Sort Puzzle
X2 Blocks
Ball Sort
Bubble Shooter
Aplasta Palabras
Merge Number Puzzle
Color Sort
Ice Scream 1
Tile Fun
Jewel Blast
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter Legend
Sweet Fruit Candy
Fruit Diary
Jungle Marble Blast
LINE Bubble2
Onet Classic
Ocean Match Puzzle
Block! Triangle Puzzle
Cubes Empire Champion
Water Pipes
Cube Rush Adventure
Drag n Merge
Toy Blast
Block Puzzle Guardian
Merge Mania
Toys Crush Match 2
Bubble Cat
Toy Match Saga
Bunny Pop Shooter
Toy Crush Blocks Smash
Pop Cubes – Toy Match 3 & Blast
Fruity Cat Pop – bubble shooter
Fruit Pop Party – Match 3 game
Difference Find King
Block Puzzle – Pet World
Jewels Fantasy Legend
Tiledom – Matching Games
Jungle Gem Blast: Match 3 Jewel
Block Puzzle – Jewels World
Jewels Jungle: Match 3 Puzzle
Jewel Castle – Match 3 Puzzle
Chuzzle 2
PopStar Funny 2020
Funny Link Puzzle – Spookiz

Why are people addicted to it?

It is a terrific method to pass the time at home and an excellent reason to stay inside during the COVID-19 epidemic. Popcat is a game that people of all ages find challenging to put down. People may observe them interacting with one another on social media like Popcat and competing healthily. This is especially true in these turbulent and socially isolating times.

Do We Win a Gold Medal?

No, it does not.

You receive nothing in exchange for your efforts. Why do Malaysians worry so much about a “gold medal,” yet we never win anything?

In a nutshell, you may brag about it.

Hong Kong led the list with 121 billion clicks at the time of writing, followed by Taiwan with 115 billion clicks. Taiwan, on the other hand, is in the top three. It has 109 billion clicks, which is a lot, and 89,800 clicks a second, which is also a lot.

Even though there is no actual award for topping the scoreboard, a local burger joint called myBurgerLab aims to rally Malaysians to work together and bring honor to the country.

Why is Hong Kong at the top of the Popcat Online Gaming Craze?

• It’s not as foolish as it appears; players with over 121 billion clicks think the city’s top position makes them feel like they belong.

  • Undergrads at Sheffield created a game for fun that has traveled around the world and sparked fierce rivalry. Hong Kongers may have been late to the online game craze Popcat Click, but they have raced to the top of the world and show no signs of slowing down.

Even the most devoted players acknowledge that this game requires little talent or effort.

  • Click on a cat image.
  • When you do this, the cat’s mouth opens into a big “O” and makes a “pop” sound.

There are no prizes for the players themselves, but each click earns a point for the player’s city or country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning The Popcat Game

What is the function of a Popcat?

Popcat clicker game that you may play on the internet. To score, all you have to do is click. You may play the game by visiting the Popcat website. It only contains one page with a cat picture. The click on the cat’s mouth is recorded and converted into a score.

What is a Popcat game?

Popcat is based on a meme. Click is a primary competitive clicker game available on the internet. Popcat features a picture of an adorable cat with its mouth open. In an ‘O‘ form. When you click on it, it makes a “popping” sound.

Who created the Popcat click?

The website was created by three computer scientists from Joshua Rainbow, Edward Halls, the University of Sheffield, and Freddy Heppell. The project began in December 2020 and became widely known in April 2021. Millions of people are returning to the page this week, giving it a fresh lift.

Popcat, how do you win?

Click on a cat image. When you do this, the cat’s mouth opens into a big “O” and makes a “pop” sound. There are no prizes for the players themselves, but each click earns a point for the player’s city or country.

Is it true that pop cats exist?

Popcat is an Internet joke that began in the year 2020. The original video of “Oatmeal” chirping at an insect was released on Twitter by the cat’s owner, XavierBFB. Popcat is an online clicker game based on this concept.

Can cats get pink eyes?

Cats and kittens can have conjunctivitis, which is an eye infection. This illness is commonly referred to as “pink eye,” and various factors can cause it. Cats commonly acquire viruses as their initial infection, but they can also have bacterial infections that must be treated.

Popcat is what kind of animal?

Popcat is the name of a video series in which two pictures of a cat named Oatmeal are used, one with its mouth closed and the other with its mouth open in the shape of an O. The pictures, like the Baby Eats Camera memes, have been used to create films in which the cat lip-syncs to various tunes. 

What is the meaning of Popcat?

Popcat is simple to grasp. All you have to do is keep clicking on the cat’s mouth repeatedly. The cat’s mouth will open and close with each click, making a “popping” sound. More points are awarded if your country has a larger population.

What causes your eyes to become red when you see a Popcat?

If the text is red, you send out excessive requests (more than 800 every 30 seconds). NOTE: When activated, this extension also turns off red-eye mode, but don’t click too quickly, or your clicks may not be tallied.



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