How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

This article will describe the youtube mini player. Want to watch a YouTube video and round off your work at the same time? Well, in the meantime, you hear the video’s audio when you switch to other Chrome tabs on your PC. But, Chrome comes with an available picture-in-picture mode that can be provided to watch videos in a small gamer while you stay with your work. In this article, let’s see how to watch YouTube videos while browsing other Chrome tabs.

How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

You can learn about youtube mini player. Here are the details:

There are many ways to delight in YouTube videos in a mini player, diminished down to the corner of yopcscreen while you browse different websites. You can both use Chrome’s integrated function, YouTube’s Mini Player, or install extensions for the same, as detailed here.

Detailed Guide to View YouTube in Other Tabs on Chrome.

1. Using Chrome’s Built-in PIP Mode

How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

While watching videos on YouTube, right-click anywhere on the playback screen. This will toggle the YouTube‘s menu. Nevertheless, don’t select anything yet. It would help if you right-clicked once again to raise the Chrome menu, which we are searching for.

As soon as the Chrome menu appears, tap on the “image in photo” option. This will drive the video into a little window to the bottom left corner of your screen. Surprisingly, the window is floatable and can be moved freely across the display. In the meantime, it only provides options to play/pause and go back to the primary gamer.

2. Using Picture in Picture Extension

How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

Alternatively, you can download and now install Google’s Picture-in-picture Extension on your Chrome browser. Once installed, click the extension icon on the top right corner while watching the video or press Alt + P essential mix.

It’ll work the same as the right-click approach, offering you a diminished YouTube window that can be moved easily around the screen. You can not only browse other tabs; however, you can also do any extra work on your computer system; the window will not shut even if you lessen Chrome.

3. Mini Player Mode (Only for Browsing YouTube).

How To A Watch Videos On Youtube Mini Player

Last, in 2018, YouTube rolled out the mini player updates for its desktop users. Nevertheless, it works only on the YouTube site and cannot be used for other tabs. Anyway, you can utilize it to reduce videos while looking for additional material on the platform.

To release the mini player, press the youtube mini player button in the playback screen, provided next to the full screen and theater modes buttons. This will continue the videos to a small window on this bottom right corner, while the main screen will get you back to the browsing pages.

Utilizing the offered controls, you can pause, seek, and play the previous or next videos. That said, the gamer can’t be walked around and will not work in other tabs. Barring these drawbacks, it has a significant edge over others, thanks to the super quick access utilizing the “i” button as the shortcut while viewing a video.


So, these were some fast and simple ways on how you can watch YouTube videos while on other tabs in Chrome. We usually use the Chrome extension and the youtube mini player method based on what we plan to, as they’re quick to toggle. Anyhow, which one do you choose? Do let us know in the remarks below. Likewise, feel free to reach us in case of any doubts or questions.



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