Augmented Reality Technology Is Changing Everything

Augmented Reality Technology Is Changing Everything

Today, there is no doubt that we are living in a digital reality. To some, it’s almost as if we live in the science fiction world.

This results from how we interact with pixels, touch holograms, and interact with digital in the realm; all that seems like some fascinating TV show or movie. Whereas it might come across as a dream, the truth is, the Augmented reality technology actions are closer to our lives. In fact, augmented reality is now part of our lives.

With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into augmented reality and its impact on our daily lives. In this article, we shall look at various ways augmented technology continues to change everything – including the gambling industry.

Let’s get started:

What is Augmented Reality?

This is a technological technique of interaction and overlaying digital objects across the real world. The technology is usually implemented through smartphone screens. Perhaps, you are a fan of playing non Gamstop casinos and have even tried playing Pokemon Go with your smartphone – this is an example of an augmented reality experience.

Augmented reality differs significantly from virtual reality because these objects you interact with are not real. They are only augmented digital objects, but you interact with them in the real world. Besides, interactions with smartphone screens are limited. Even so, there are numerous ways augmented reality continues to impact the world and society.

Principles of Augmented Reality in Devices

Augmented reality has three different principle classes. First, enlarged reality 3D watchers enable people to consider life-estimate 3D models with or without utilizing the trackers. In this, trackers refer to the basic image that 3D models are joined in augmented reality.

Secondly, the tech programs to help improve the camera show using logical data. An example is where you point the cell phone camera at work to show you assessed esteem or history.

Lastly, it is experienced in gaming. Augmented reality helps improve gaming experience by providing you with an immersive gaming experience. This is because the gaming world uses a real environment. You can come across zombies that stroll in your room. In games, the most significant use of augmented reality is through Pokemon Go. This game enables you to get virtual Pokemon – and they are covered through present reality.

Augmented Reality Devices

This augmented reality technology is something realized on screens. It is also associated with smart gadgets. In gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, this technology becomes the enchantment window. Therefore, when you use your device, you can control models and see multi-dimensional images.

There are augmented reality apps, and you can access them through Android, iPads, and iPhones. If you look at TV players and associated PCs, augmented reality works through their webcams and is then transferred through the screen. It becomes awkward when controlling a tracker.

When you consider focal points, glasses, and head-mounted, augmented reality will turn into the field of view – and this will give you more life-like encounters.

What’s the Difference Between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality has been defined as an interactive experience of the real world environment. With this type of reality, objects present in the real world are further enhanced by computer generated perceptual information . This, however, remains an enhanced version of a real physical world. This is a straightforward definition, and the thought isn’t something new.

On the other hand, when you tune to surrounding traditional music or instrumental music while closing your eyes, you start to imagine things. Then, that can be referred to as virtual reality, which is an ordeal of the unexisting world. It can be the same when you lose yourself in a film or book. Simply translated, the users are transported into imagined environments.

AR and VR are opposite impressions. Virtual reality is a technology that offers you computerized amusement of specific settings, and while expanding to reality, it conveys virtual components.

How Augmented Reality Changes Everything

Gaming and Gambling Activities

One of the industries that have received tremendous change due to augmented reality technology is gaming and gambling. When talking about augmented reality, you can’t forget about what made this technology popular. It was due to smartphone games like those on casinos outside of the UK. Some of the popular games that made a name after release included Pokemon Go of Niantic Games. The game was released in 2016 and has continued to pull followers.

Pokemon Go mobile app was the first game that used augmented reality. It did it magically, and that was both intuitive and fun. Game players, therefore, could catch the real world through this game. In addition, players can even act as the real-life trainers of Pokemon. The outstanding achievement in the game is earning points walking around and covering distance – GPS monitors this.

You can also go to Pokemon hotspots, where you will have a chance to catch more Pokemon in the real world. Some of the locations in cities and neighborhoods were made Pokemon gyms. These are places where you could battle for mastery of these territories with other participants.

Besides Pokemon Go being introduced as the first game to implement augmented reality, it isn’t the last. More games are being released, and they have used the technology. Another example is the Harry Potter AR app known as Wizards Unite from Niantic Games. In this game, actors can take the role of witches and wizards in the beloved franchise.

The app was introduced after the success of Pokemon Go. However, there is a significant difference because the app uses less of the same technology. But the good thing, something that brings similarities, is that you can interact with the surroundings in the context of this game when playing.

Harry Potter AR app games may not be explosive like Pokemon Go. But something to keep in mind is that augmented reality technology is here to stay.

Automotive Driving Sector

Innovative companies have started to develop new ways of enhancing driving experience in the automotive industry. Some of the augmented reality technologies have been developed for consumer drivers. They use an augmented reality rendering engine to make products that can siphon valuable data.

Other manufacturers have decided to move with this moving train. They have started to develop their proprietary software and give their inventory an edge. These manufacturers, such as Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar, have already begun to develop augmented reality systems. Each of the manufacturers is boasting to cleverly entice the potential buyers.

Education and Research Activities

This technology has a place in the field of education. It shows that augmented technology has emerging features in the industry. The technology is used in the classroom. However, it may not be widespread as proponents wish. But the good thing is, numerous benefits make this technology in the education field a possibility.

The first thing is that this technology can add new and interactive dimensions to learning. When children are learning, they can use some apps such as Augmented Reality Anatomy in learning about the human body. This type of learning is usually not typical or static. In addition, learning is easy to distribute and demonstrate.

Outstandingly, students can easily download and install required apps to get started. The technology also introduces a collaborative concept. Students can be involved in their learning process and help each other succeed.

Healthcare and Treatment Activities

The other industry that has significantly benefited from augmented reality is healthcare. However, this relationship between AR and healthcare isn’t something that came recently. In the early 1960s, physicians used simulators with 3D images when diagnosing and improving surgical skills.

Over time, technology and healthcare have shown progress side by side. Most of these advancements are influenced by each other. That’s why it is no longer a surprise that AR has done the same thing in the healthcare field.

Studies show that augmented reality could become the future of medicine. This is because the improvement of AR has enabled doctors to perform complex procedures such as reconstructive surgeries and the brain. In addition, doctors can now make diagnoses more accurate and fast.

Lastly, several healthcare-related programs are making their way after testing, such as ProjectDR. These will be in doctor’s features soon.

Daily Life Activities

In our daily life, we come across augmented reality in most of the activities we do. One of the apps that have implemented augmented reality is the Dutch-based app Layar. This app allows you to superimpose various layers and graphics on live camera feed used in restaurants. The app could use information from sites such as Wikipedia and Google. It also has GPS capabilities. Users have to hold their cell phones to a restaurant to receive relevant information like menus and reviews.

Layar was released in 2009, and it was a glimpse of what can be described as augmented reality. However, more activities utilizing augmented reality are bringing themselves. For example, makeup retailers are having their augmented reality apps, such as Virtual Artist. This app allows the customers to try various makeup looks and shades. That gives them a chance to choose the products to buy.

Another sector is the traveling field. Some apps in this sector will make your navigation with AR experience intuitive design.


Summing up, the more this AR technology continues to improve; things continue to change. More so, the list of activities implementing this technology continues to lengthen. We can now say great and more fun things are expected in our daily life.



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