How To Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 0146?

Summary: This blog’s primary purpose is to let you know what “error code 0146” is and how you can eliminate this error from your computer system. It tells you the primary reasons for this error and how you can recover data from the “error code 0146” affected drive with the best Free data recovery software.

This error code 2000-0146 is mostly compared with Dell laptops and PCs. It means hard disk read/write related issues that significantly affect your system’s normal working and the data stored on the drive. Many system freezes and unexpected system shutdowns are two important effects of the error.

Moreover, it slowdowns the system checks software from responding, leads to a common system crash (blue screen of death) and causes several different Windows-related problems. If not fixed fast, the error can also stop Windows from booting due to file system error or drive corruption. Hence, it’s essential to promptly fix the error code 0146 to avoid a permanent data loss situation.

How To Fix Dell Hard Drive Error Code 0146

Many causes can lead to error code 0146. The part will display some of the common causes of error in 0146 and fix them before a word of caution.

Warning: Before fixing the drive error, you must back up your existing data to avoid potential data loss during the fix. In case you cannot boot or have lost data due to system freezes and unexpected shutdowns, immediately install a data recovery software such as initial recover your data.

Then, now coming back to what all may cause the error 0146 in hard drives; here are the various common offenders:

1. Virus Infection

A virus or malware program can begin disk read/write errors so as error code 0146 in your Dell system. If you can boot Windows, make a secure antivirus and anti-malware program to scan and fix the virus infection. Do the inbuilt Windows Defender program for this. Run a complete PC scan to remove any viruses/malware infections.

2. Corrupt Registry/System Files

Corrupt or lost system or registry files can cause problematic issues in your Dell PC or laptop and the error code 0146 is one of them. But, you can fix the system file corruption by running the System File Checker (SFC) scan.

The SFC is an inbuilt command prompt use in Windows that scans critical system files for corruption. Behind the scan, it fixes the corruption by replacing the corrupt or missing system and registry files.

Watch these methods to run the SFC scan:

  • Press Windows + S moreover type ‘CMD.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run being administrator
  • Then typewrite SFC /scannow also press ‘Enter’ to run the SFC scan.

Next, they scan, your system restart to fix and registry data update. When the SFC scan and repair, if the required files are not found in the cache, your system will prompt Windows installation DVD or media. So keep it handy to fix corrupt and damaged system files.

3. Try Safe Mode and Clean Boot

To boot this system in safe mode followed with a clean startup, you need to remove all attached devices like Printer, Wi-Fi adapter or modem, etc. After disconnecting the devices, follow this method:

  • Turn off this System
  • Press the power button and now start pressing the F8 key continuously until you view the ‘Advanced Boot Options’ screen.
  • Use arrow keys to select Safe mode with Networking and click Enter.
  • Login and next press ‘Windows+R.
  • Type MSConfig. Click ‘Ok.
  • Click the General tab in the System Configuration Utility window and click Selective Startup.
  • Uncheck ‘Load Startup items.
  • Click at the Services tab and check ‘Hide all Microsoft services
  • Click the ‘Disable all’ button and restart the system.

Indeed, this fixes hard drive error code 0146 on your system. If it does, back up your data quickly and check hard drive SMART status for signs of a drive failure.

4. Misconfiguration into BIOS/Firmware

Changes or misconfiguration into BIOS/Firmware settings can and cause error code 0146. You can reset these BIOS settings to default in your Dell system by following these steps:

  • Restart the system and press ‘F2’ continuously when the system boots or as soon as the Dell logo appears. You will see BIOS/Firmware settings.
  • Choose ‘Setup Defaults’ or ‘Reset to Default’ in BIOS Settings or related choice to factory reset BIOS configuration.

Restart the system frequently.

5. Run Data Recovery and Replace Hard Drive Software

few times, over many bad sectors and severe drive corruption, the error code 0146 can’t be fixed. It’s enough to replace the failing hard disk in your Dell system with a new one in such situations. However, primary, securely recover your data from such corrupt drives using data recovery software.

You can use the best data recovery software that supports recovery from severely corrupt, formatted, and lost hard drives partitions among ‘Deep Scan’ action.


The Dell hard drive error code 0146 does preventable. It’s suggested to use data recovery software in such conditions now to avoid further damage to the data on the drive. Data Recovery Software such as helps you recover maximum recoverable data from such drives securely. Furthermore, regular use of disk defragmentation, antivirus/malware protection, and CHKDSK utility keeps the drive optimized and protects the system.



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