Yo Gotti Net Worth, Biography and Music Career

Yo Gotti has a net worth of $50 million. Yo Gotti is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is one of the top rappers in the industry. Popular tracks include “Rake it up,” “5 Star,” and many more. Yo Gotti has released 11 studio albums, 56 singles, 22 mixtapes, 21 songs with other artists, and 5 promotional tracks.

Three of his eleven studio albums have been certified gold. The rapper has also been nominated for the Soul Train Music Awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards. Yo Gotti also founded Collective Music Group, a musical company that has signed celebrities like Moneybagg Yo, B Lac Youngsta, EST Gee, and 42 Dugg. Gotti still has a large following throughout the globe. He has over 2.98 million YouTube subscribers and over 6.3 million Instagram followers.

Who is Yo Gotti?

Yo Gotti is an American rapper and music producer. He was born in the city of Los Angeles.

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Biography, and Music Career Updates in 2023

Three of them, according to the RIAA, are gold. Gotti has received nominations for various honors, including the BET Hip Hop and Soul Train Music Awards. Gotti is also the CEO and founder of Collective Music Group, a record label he and his brother founded.

Yo Gotti was born on May 19, 1981. Yo Gotti was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Few people are aware that he was born in America. His parents were immigrants. One of his parents immigrated to the United States from Zimbabwe.

One of his parents immigrated to America from South Africa. He grew raised in a brutal household. You won’t comprehend how risky that was. For instance, he has been shot seven times in his life.

Several of his family members spent a significant portion of their life in jail. Yo Gotti claims he would have died or been imprisoned if he hadn’t discovered music. He claims that music saved his life yo gotti net worth 2021.

Yo Gotti has been singing since he was seven years old. When he was 15, he released his debut album, which launched him into the world of hip-hop music. Yo Gotti has released 10 albums to date. Six of these albums have previously been released by another label. Three of these six albums have received the gold stamp of approval.

He had a significant dispute with his record company in 2016. He chose to quit the world of record companies and launch his music label, where he would produce the following four albums. All four of these albums have done very well.

Yo Gotti Salary

Yo Gotti will have a net worth of 16 million US dollars in 2023. He is one of the highest-paid rappers and composers in the United States, and he has composed hit songs.

He had previously earned a lot of money in the music industry by selling records, collecting streams, selling merchandise, and doing live gigs. Yo Gotti concert fees range from $ 50 000 to $ 80,000. With endorsement partnerships with companies like Childsplay, Hood America, PRIVE Restaurant & Bar, and others, the rapper earned over $ 50 000.

How Did Yo Gotti Build His Net Worth?

Yo Gotti is mostly supported by his music profession. He is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. Hit songs like “Rake It Up” and “5 Star” have made him one of the top rappers in the industry.

Yo Gotti has released eleven studio albums, 56 singles, and 22 mixtapes to date. Three of his 10 studio albums have been certified gold. He has also been nominated for the Soul Train Music Awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards. Yo Gotti founded the collaborative Music Group record company and signed rappers like Moneybagg Yo, B Lac Youngsta, EST Gee, and 42 Dugg.

Yo Gotti has legions of followers all around the globe. He has over 2.98 million YouTube subscribers and over 6.3 million Instagram followers.

How Much Money Does Y Gotti Earn From His Music?

YouTube and Instagram?

Finally, Yo Gotti earns money from advertisements and sponsorships on his social media profiles. Yo Gotti also generates money from his YouTube channel, which has 2.98 million followers yo gotti net worth 2022.

With 100k subscribers and two new videos a week, YouTubers can make between $600 and $1,000. Ad revenue ranges from $2,400 to $4,000. Yo Gotti’s YouTube channel has made him at least $4 million, according to the YouTube money calculator.

It indicates he has a large number of followers and may charge more than $10,000 for each post. His Instagram account, @yogotti, may charge between $34.5K and $41.3K for one post and one story, according to an Instagram price calculator. Yo Gotti may thus benefit from advertising and sponsorship on his social media pages.

2023 Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Biography, and Music Career Updates Yo Gotti’s Business Successes

Gotti is the CEO of CMG. He has a keen eye for talent and has curated a roster of performers with exceptional breadth and skill. As a result, Gotti has significantly impacted 42 Dugg, EST Gee, and Moneybagg Yo, whose careers took off after signing with CMG.

Gotti, like Jay Z and Drake, who used to be rappers but are now wealthy businessmen, has purchased a share in a professional sports franchise. Gotti purchased 1% of the DC United soccer club for $730 million in September 2021, making him the first rapper to own a Major League Soccer franchise.

Yo Gotti’s Career and Success Stories

Yo Gotti rose to prominence when his debut big-label studio album, Life From the Kitchen, was released on January 10, 2012. The record performed well, peaking at 79 on the Hot 100, 19 on the R&B chart, and 11 on the Rap chart.

Gotti’s second album, “Women Lie, Men Lie,” was released in 2017 and included a collaboration featuring Lil Wayne. The song also charted at 81 on the Hot 100, 22 on the R&B chart, and 12 on the Rap chart in the United States.

Yo Gotti’s sixth album, Live From the Kitchen, was one of his most successful. It sold 16,000 copies in its first week. He has also collaborated with well-known rappers including Young Jeezy, YG, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, and others. In 2013, Gotti’s record label secured a distribution agreement with L.A. Reid’s Epic Records. Gotti declared in 2021 that he had become a co-owner of D.C. United soccer club.

Yo Gotti Music Career

Gotti’s debut project, a mixtape titled “Youngsta’s on the Rise,” was released in 1996. It was released by the indie label Crime Lord’s Records. Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Biography, and Music Career Updates in 2023, as well as Several Projects.

Lil Yo sold the mixtape on consignment at local record shops and out of the trunk of his vehicle. Two years later, he collaborated with DJ Sound to create another piece of music that was so successful that a local distributor called Select-O-Hits gave him a contract that allowed him to get twice as many admirers.

In the years that followed, he signed with the TVT label and released many albums, including “Da Rap Game” and “Self-Explanatory.” In 2001, Yo Gotti appeared on the cover of a well-known magazine.

Career Breakthrough

Gotti took up more and more projects as time passed. He expanded on the popularity of his earlier efforts. Gotti began the new century with two albums: From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game (2000) and Self Explanatory (2001). These recordings helped him gain notoriety outside of Memphis. Gotti signed with TVT, a record company that specialized in indie rock but was expanding into hip-hop in the 2000s.

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Biography, and Music Career Updates

Gotti’s reputation grew with TVT, and Lil Jon appeared on his debut studio album, Life, released in 2003. Back 2 Da Basics emerged in 2006, a turning point in Gotti’s career. That aided in his rise to prominence. Gotti’s song “Full Time” was on the soundtrack of Terrence Howard’s movie Hustle & Flow, which was about a rising Memphis rapper.

Is Yo Gotti a Jay-Z artist?

The proprietors of Collective Music Group and Jay-music Z’s company, Roc Nation, agreed to form a new label together. Before becoming recognized, he spent most of his career as an underground artist. Another thing that makes fans appreciate the rich yet humble rapper, even more, is his recent charitable gesture, which aims to make Mississippi prisons better places to live. Steve Harvey was another wealthy individual. B briefly.co.za discussed. Harvey is a famous show presenter, actor, writer, producer, and comedian, but he wasn’t always this way.

How Much Does Yo Gotti Charge for a Performance?

Yo Gotti performance fees range from $50,000 to $80,000. He also makes a lot of money from endorsing brands. The rapper earned around 50 000 dollars through endorsement agreements with famous firms like Childsplay, Hood America, PRIVE Restaurant & Bar, and many more.

Yo Gotti Parents and Siblings

Gotti was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 19, 1981. His mother was a South African Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Bio, and Music Career Updates in 2023 B, and his father was a Zimbabwean gym teacher.

He did a lot of bad things when he was younger. His family members were imprisoned and sentenced to 15 years in jail. But he subsequently opted to concentrate on his job. He started rapping and releasing songs with Lil Yo when he was 14 years old.

Yo Gotti Wife and Children

Yo Gotti wed Lakeisha Mims in 1989. Afterward, they decided to separate. Suddenly he saw Jammie Moses behind her back. Unfortunately, they are no longer together. His status is unclear since he never discusses his personal life.

Yo Gotti has 6 kids from two different relationships, and he loves them all very much. He has three children with Lakeisha Mims: Kayla Mims, Mariah Mims, and an unnamed boy. His ex-girlfriend Jammie Moses has three children. Nobody is aware of them.

YouTuber Dearra Taylor claimed to be Yo Gotti offspring. Others claim he altered his name to make her seem more attractive on YouTube. Yo Gotti has not responded to this revelation, and Dearra has not spoken publicly about his biological father until now.

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Complete Biography, and Music Career Updates in 2023 Yo Gotti’s Vehicle Collection

Yo Gotti has a net worth of 16 million dollars. So he has numerous costly automobiles; let’s start the party. The No. 1 Rolls Royce Cullinan, which costs $330,000, is the most expensive SUV in the world. It is one of the most costly SUVs in the world. The Lamborghini Urus, the world’s fastest SUV, is ranked second and costs about $200,000.

The third vehicle, the Mercedes Maybach S6 50, costs $ 198,000. The fourth vehicle is a Ferrari F8, which is now valued at $ 328,000 on the market. The fifth option is “the 2020 Corvette Stingray.” The automobile is worth $60,000 when you acquire it.

Yo Gotti Property

Gotti allegedly works in the real estate industry. He said that he began his profession by purchasing properties, repairing them, and selling them again. Yo Gotti spent $7.6 million on a pretty foolish house in Westlake Village, California, in June 2021.

The 10,000-square-foot property is situated on three acres and has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court, and a stunning infinity pool overlooking a golf course.

Yo Gotti also gave Lehla Samia a Pink Lamborghini Urus worth $300,000 as a gift. Samia signed with CMG Records, according to the rapper. She was the record label’s first female signing. On May 3, he also posted a video of the automobile on Instagram. “Everyone, welcome @lehlasamia to #CMG!” he said in the post’s description. Our first R&B artist!

Gotti remarked at the time, “I’m thrilled to have Lehla join the CMG family. She is incredibly creative, has a wonderful voice, and has been working hard to become the next major R&B star. “I’ve always emphasized that CMG is more than simply a hip-hop label,” he said. Our ambition is to become the most powerful and diversified force in the music industry.” The most recent manifestation of this objective was the signing of Lehla.

Samia was also thrilled to be joining the label. “I’ve been working hard for this opportunity for a long time, and I’m looking forward to this next step in my career,” she added. I can’t wait to share my tale with the world and offer my old and new followers that true R&B sound.”

Yo Gotti Social Media Profile

Yo Gotti’s Instagram handle is @yogotti, and he has 6.3 million followers as of 2023. Gotti’s Twitter handle is likewise @YoGotti, and he has over 2 million followers.

Yo Gotti Physical Appearance

This talented guitarist hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and has an oval face and a strong frame.

Famous Quotes by Yo Gotti

“To be a street hustler, you have to be smarter than everyone else. You must be wiser than the cops, smarter than your competitors, and smarter than everyone else.”


Yo Gotti is a famous and rich rapper in the United States. He began his career more than 20 years ago, and since then, he has released several gold-certified songs, albums, and mixtapes.

Now that he has reached the pinnacle of his career, he continues to add to his legacy by composing music for himself and other musicians. “I survive and succeed through hustling. If you lose your drive, I believe you lose everything.” “Some folks choose to go their path.

I’m not saying it’s bad, but I want to hustle with someone who does the same thing. I believe that two, three, or four powerful hustlers constitute a more potent force.” “The most essential thing in your life is your independence. You’re constantly taking a risk when you’re living on the streets. If you don’t know that, I believe you are just foolish.” “You’re only as good as the people around you, so if your team is strong, you’re in a better position.” 


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