Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: The Only Guide You Need To Read

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: The Only Guide You Need To Read

Xbox released their brand new Series X, their newest addition to next-gen gaming. While it might not sound much different from their previous Xbox Series S, they differ significantly in terms of internal performance. Although the price difference is more than ₹10,000, it ultimately depends on what feature it is that YOU are looking for.

Is it the 4K gaming that you want over the 1440p?

Is it the 1TB storage that lets you download more games over the 512Gb that you prefer?

Is it the lower price for you because you want to play games, and the resolution and frames Doesn’t it matter to you that much?


Look no further. We’ve got you covered on all the details you could want before purchasing your preferred Xbox. While some features in both remain the same, like the user interface, controller, media apps, frame rate. Xbox Velocity Architecture features like storage, processor, display, and most importantly, the price has changed significantly in the new Xbox Series X. Let’s look at those in detail. The new Xbox Series X is a little bit chunkier than the Series S, but that can accommodate the physical games you can play on the 4K Blu-ray drive. Go right here to check out simple steps to follow while installing or playing these games on XBox.

It comes in black and is an absolutely powerful beast when it comes to console gaming. It comes with the same wireless gaming console and weighs around 4.45 kgs, standing at 30cm tall. It is bulkier than the Series S, which weighs almost 3 kgs less, at 1.93kgs (but what’s a little extra weight if you get 4K gaming experience, right ?)

The series S looks more like a speaker, with a black round disc shape thing in front (looking at it vertically up) and stands at 27.5cm, looking minimalist and smart. Storage, The Xbox X comes with a 1TB custom SSD internal storage helping you store an average of, upto 16 games. A 1TB storage expansion card plugs into the console via a storage expansion port and provides additional gaming storage at the same gaming experience. Huge. The series S has a storage of 512 GB, which allows you to store upto 5 or 6 games.

However, the Series S also allows an expansive storage option as it also has the same storage expansion port at the Series X, which you can use to expand storage upto 1TB.

Optical Disc Drive

Xbox X comes with a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, capable of playing physical disc games and digital games and movies. The Series S lacks, however, does not allow for physical disc gaming since it’s all digital. That might seem like a letdown, but the Series S allows gaming at 1440p/60fps (changeable upto 120fps), still delivering all the next-gen Microsoft gaming features. The no disc drive option also encourages users to take advantage of the Project xCloud, streaming games from Microsoft’s remote data servers.


With the Xbox X, you get games in true 4K at 60 fps, allowing you to game with a crystal clear experience. Imagine how cool it would be playing Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K!

The Series S, however, limits to 1440p. But it packs a lot of power for such a small design and is capable of 120fps gaming. The CPU is almost identical to that of the series X, but the GPU is less powerful, with 10GB RAM instead of a 16GB one.

The Most Important Factor (for some): Pricing

The Series X starts at a price of ₹49,990 in India and includes the Xbox X Console, the wireless controller, and an Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable.

The series S starts at ₹34,990 in India and includes the Series S Console, Xbox Wireless.

Controller and a High-Speed HDMI cable.

In conclusion, what series you want will ultimately depend on what caters to your needs. Want to enter the next-gen gaming but not ready to spend much? Go for the Series S. Already experienced and want gaming at 4K with high resolution? Opt for Series X.

Microsoft put out two similar gaming consoles with many differences for different users, creating a competition of two devices of their own and giving consumers options to choose from in their brand.

All the best gaming. Let us know if we answered the questions you were looking for! Happy




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