SEO for Home Improvement Companies: Why Does it Matter?

SEO for Home Improvement Companies: Why Does it Matter?

As technology continues to progress, so do the ways of marketing your home improvement company. With the global pandemic affecting businesses worldwide, you must continue to stay on top of the game and keep gaining new customers.

However, is it possible to accomplish this when you are already busy with your various projects? With the assistant of SEO, you can turn potential clients into your loyal customers and become more popular. Here is how SEO shows its value to home improvement companies:

Increases Your Business’ Visibility

A website dedicated to your home improvement company can help you promote it to the world. However, it can only get so far without the help of SEO. According to Ahrefs, only 0.78% of people who use Google click on results from the second page. The Internet is brimming with what seems to be an endless number of web pages. You also have to think of the many websites of your competition. Others may find it challenging to locate and visit your page.

Along with the help of the best web design company in Vancouver, SEO helps increase your business‘ visibility and bring it into the spotlight. It cuts through the competition and lets potential customers know that your services are available to them.

Builds Trust and Credibility

When you’re looking for a trusted product or service online, how often do you click for the results on the sixth or seventh page on search engines? There is a chance that you might not reach those pages and only stay on the first few. Potential customers are also likely to trust your company when it shows up among the results on the first page.

Many people trust Google. Whether they’re looking for the “top 10 vegan restaurants in Vancouver” or “plumber Caledon by Plumbing Authority Inc.” they use it daily to find whatever they need. Once your business has a high ranking on search engines, you will build trust and credibility with your target audience. They will become less hesitant in visiting your site and knowing what services you can do for them.

Helpful for Social Media

SEO can help establish your presence on social media. Make sure to go to where your customers are. Being present on those platforms lets customers know that they can contact you should they have any inquiries regarding home improvement. Your business becomes more popular through it, and it can also become another way for you to promote your services.

If your home improvement website has high rankings, it’s also more likely to increase social media engagement. If it’s on the first page of search engine results, people are more likely to share, like, or tweet it.

Affects the Buying Cycle

Let’s say a customer is planning to buy some expensive home improvement products. They may want to conduct online research to see which among the results is right for them. By checking the results in search engines, they’re able to make sure that whatever they’re about to purchase will be worth it. It may take time for them to decide which products to choose, especially if many competing websites also happen to promote their own.

When you apply SEO for home services companies to your website, you can promote your brand further with your products and services and advertise any special deals you may have. Since it increases your visibility, potential customers are more likely to see what you’re offering. Now, there is a higher chance of them purchasing from your business.

Compete With Big Corporations

Your competition may be more popular or may have started their company earlier than you. It can be hard to deal with because some customers might prefer to do business with more well-known companies. Still, this shouldn’t discourage you from promoting the growth of your business. Instead, use SEO to your advantage so you can compete with these big corporations.

Even if small businesses don’t have the same financial resources as the big companies, SEO gives them the chance to compete on a bigger scale. These small businesses can then take advantage of their benefits, such as working in a highly localized fashion and focusing on a niche market. SEO can optimize these to build your company’s reputation and relevance in your region.

Improves User Experience

There is a great emphasis on having maximum visibility and higher search engine rankings. However, another factor you need to achieve with your website is a positive user experience. Many potential customers may check your web page through their smartphones, so it needs to have a mobile-friendly design. Also, observe how long it takes for your page to load. That’s because if your target audience needs to wait ten seconds, they might move on to the next site instead.

Since you’re optimizing your home improvement website for SEO, that also means you’re enhancing the user experience. With a great experience, there’s a higher chance for your target audience to convert into customers. They’re also more likely to trust you and remain loyal to your brand.

Better Return on Investment

If you just started your home improvement company, you must get the word out and let the world know about the products and services you can offer. Of course, you can do so through traditional advertising. Still, this choice can be costly.

SEO is relatively cheap compared to traditional advertising. Lots of companies would want to see their return on investment, and SEO can provide that. As you improve your online presence and optimize your website, you will earn more from it. Unlike traditional advertising, where ads only run for a certain period and run on third-party platforms, your efforts take place on your web page.

Home improvement companies may want to improve their brand and compete against their more established competitors. With the application of quality SEO into their marketing efforts, their marketing efforts can improve. As it’s also cost-effective, business owners no longer need to spend so much money on advertising their company.



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