10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Fitness Business

The fitness industry is deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But every industry has found a way of coping, and the fitness industry is no exception. The game has changed because of the emerging trends. More people are staying away from the gym and going online to help them in achieving their fitness goals.

In the fitness business, you’ll find many time tested staples, such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), functional fitness, yoga, spinning, or pilates. Your fitness business requires a good marketing strategy in order to properly market all those offers.

Now that everyone is advertising online, it’s about time you go along with that trend. In today’s age of competition, it’s evident that advertising plays a huge part. And so, here are ten ways how advertisements on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, play an important role in your fitness business.

Build Attention And Awareness

For people to know that your business exists, you need to create a platform where they can follow you. This is where social media platforms come in. On these platforms, you will have the opportunity to boost your business and reach a broader market. Every type of business is now creating a buzz on all available platforms. Having your business brand recognition spread, using these platforms, will help you grow and stay relevant in the industry.

Brand’s Recognition

Every business needs brand recognition. With the help of social media, your brand will quickly spread across the globe and be recognized by followers and prospects.

Make sure to have a strong brand that radiates a certain sentiment, a personality even. This will make you stand out amongst your competitors. The last thing you want is to be another face in the crowd.

Promote Fitness Content

With the current pandemic going on, some people probably need a breather from being in front of computer screens all day. People might be toying around with the idea of starting a fitness journey and all they need is a slight nudge in the right direction to make them take action on it. Your advertisement could provide that nudge. What works well in ads, are fitness related quotes that spark people’s motivation. There are plenty of inspirational fitness quotes to be found on the web, in case you don’t have the time to come up with them yourself.

Generate Web Traffic

Posts and ads on social media can generate traffic to your website. Some older posts can sometimes continue to do really well, even weeks or months later. The more engagement you’ll get, the higher the odds are your other posts will get more engagement, too. This is how social media platforms’ algorithms work.

Use your posts to motivate people and to exhibit your expertise. You can use hashtags to draw in users who just so happen to have clicked on that hashtag from someone else’s post.

Establish Authority

Social media marketing is a great way to increase authority for your brand, with regards to your competitors. Position yourself as a business leader in the market, by demonstrating your expertise. People will respond well to it. Whenever people share your content and posts, it strengthens your brand authority even more. Followers, prospects and existing clients alike are going to enjoy being hooked on your content.

Follower Engagement

With various social media platforms at your disposal, you will have the opportunity to interact with your followers, of which you’ll want to turn as many as you can into paying customers. But don’t just market to them. Engage with them like you would with a friend. It builds trust and keeps people coming back for more.

You will be able to understand their personal situations, motivations and goals. Help them out on a personal level, and they will be eternally grateful. A loyal customer is a repeating customer.

Keep Your Followers Up To Date

Now that everyone has resorted to living online, you better believe that your prospects can also be found on the internet. Every social media platform out there is essentially a megaphone that you can use to send your message into the world.

You’ll want to get as many followers to your social media pages, which you can then keep up to date on the latest developments. They will appreciate not having to go through the hassle of calling your organization or having to go to your physical locations.

Build Trust

Followers can all see each others’ comments, and yours. If they see you genuinely helping out and getting positive replies to said help, there’s a good chance they’ll consider you to be a reliable business. They’ll share, for sure. This, in turn, gets you more views and more trust.

Cut Costs

Your target audience is probably spending a lot more of their time on social media than they are reading newspapers. Generating social media leads is much more affordable these days, than promoting your business through billboards and newspapers. If you must go the offline advertising route, it’s best to print some flyers and have them delivered to people’s mail boxes. But overall, online ads are most likely to give you the best ROI.

Generate Revenue

It’ll take time to turn an ad campaign profitable. You will likely have to hire an expert to help you out with it, because figuring it all out on your own can take time. Time wasted equals opportunities wasted. Better to buy someone else’s expertise in order to optimize your ad campaign quickly, so that it can start generating revenue for you. The generated revenue can be (partially) reinvested in the ad campaign in order to reach scale.


Running advertisements on social media platforms is a promotion strategy that is here to stay. In an ever changing world, you’ll have to learn this skill and make it part of your business’s strategy to grow and stay afloat. The best time to start is right now!



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