Types of Insurance your Small Business Should Consider

Illinois has a booming economy. Unsurprisingly, it is considered a rich state and an excellent place to live. Agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, and manufacturing are some top industries of Illinois. There are nearly 1,001,185 small businesses in Illinois, and If you own a small business there, one of the main things you need to do is to protect your assets with Illinois business insurance schemes.

One should consider business insurance to guard against uncertain events related to your business property, daily operations, and employees. Fortunately, there are several business insurance policies to choose from, and you can customize a particular policy according to your individual needs.

 Types of Insurance for Small Business

General Liability Insurance

It protects employers and businesses from third-party claims involving damage to property, injury, or bodily harm to another person. This policy helps pay for replacement or repair costs for property and medical bills as ordered by the courts up to your coverage amount.

Cleaning and construction companies in Illinois have the option to protect essential business hardware with tools and equipment insurance. This insurance coverage helps compensate you for lost, stolen, or damaged hardware.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is a must-have if your business involves providing advice or service. It protects small business owners from liability which occurs when a piece of advice or service causes customers to suffer a loss either financially or reputationally.

This insurance applies to many businesses, including engineers, consultants, real estate agents, etc. Holding PI insurance to provide your services in several professions is compulsory.

Commercial Auto Insurance

It covers damages to your trailers and vehicles and property damage or injuries related to their use. This coverage is essential because your personal auto insurance does not cover vehicles or your private car while they are being used for business purposes. It is crucial for all commercial vehicles in Illinois to insure with this form of business insurance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Small businesses in Illinois need to have a worker’s compensation policy if they have more than one employee because the government has imposed harsh penalties against those who differ. It helps cover lost wages and medical costs for injured workers on the job while working. So whether a business in Illinois employs many or fewer people working full-time or part-time, there must be worker’s compensation insurance. While there are some exceptions, it is essential to know that exceptions are rare, and one must have complete knowledge to avoid penalties. Therefore, you need to hire the best Illinois business insurance company so that they can appropriately guide you. For instance, if pain or hurt is causing an employee to not work for more than three days, the owner needs to file a report with Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC).

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber insurance protects businesses against cyber threats like data breaches. This is compulsory for companies that manage or store data of different clients, like home addresses and credit card details. It covers data recovery, investigative services, and legal expenses in the case of a cyber-attack.

The owner must save private and sensitive information about his customers and employees. In addition, this insurance also applies in case of an accidental loss of a computer or laptop.

Business Interruption Insurance

It covers the costs of starting a business again after it has been temporarily interrupted by natural disasters, terrorism, malicious destruction, fire, and employee strikes. This coverage helps a small business owner get back on his feet in a catastrophe.

The policy is crucial for businesses that need a physical location to earn money, like retail shops.

Product Liability Insurance

A company that tries to make its products or services safe and practices rigorous quality control measures may find itself in court for damages caused by its effects. So, Product Liability Insurance is vital for businesses that manufacture their products and sell them to customers. This insurance policy offers financial assistance to cover settlements, punitive damages, and compensatory damages.



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