Progressive Web Apps Aren’t' Going Anywhere Soon

A great user experience is crucial to the success of a business. However, getting there may be an obstacle, especially when it comes down to developing not just one but two applications that reach out to customers on the two platforms of iOS and Android. What happens? Many companies revert to a mobile-friendly web application or a responsive website. It may be able to do the job; but may not compete significantly with the experience provided a native app.

However, there is an alternative. PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps, take the best from both worlds; an app and a website, providing all the benefits of mobile apps but with a similar performance to native applications. In addition, they have the benefits of being always accessible through search engines, cost-effective development, and easy maintenance.

Here are 9 reasons why PWAs are the future of mobile experiences.

They Give a Great User Experience

One of the top goals of any business is to deliver an experience that is great for its users. Many strategies can be used to achieve this goal, including responsive web design, mobile-friendly site versions, or even taking a step toward developing an application for iOS or Android. However, Progressive Web Apps, PWAs still offers another alternative: its app is designed using progressive web standards. The result? A top-notch user experience.

2. PWAs Are Optimized For Search Engines

If you want to reach out to more customers, one of the best ways is through search engines. This isn’t only because they have a large audience but also because they can attract potential clients with their keywords, which means that if you invest in SEO, your mobile website will be able to keep up with the competition. However, a PWA is even better than a responsive website in this regard. This is because it is still considered a website and not an application, which means that search engines like Google can index its content easily.

3. They are Cost-Effective

One of the main advantages of a progressive web app is that it is more cost-effective to develop than a native application. You don’t need to develop two separate applications, one for iOS and one for Android. In addition, you can save on maintenance costs as you would only need to update a single application.

4. PWAs Are Easy To Update and Maintain

As mentioned above, you don’t need to develop two separate apps for both platforms when it comes to PWAs. This means that the software development process is simpler and easier than native applications. In addition, this method allows you to easily update your content without going through an app store.

5. They Offer an Engaging User Experience

A progressive web app can offer an immersive and engaging user experience by taking advantage of the latest web technologies. This includes push notifications, which allow you to keep your users updated on the latest news and events. In addition, you can use service workers to create an offline mode, so your users can still access your content even if they don’t have an internet connection.

6. You Can Design A PWA Based On Your Needs

One of the key benefits of using PWAs is that they can be created to meet the needs of your business and its customers. You can add features such as geolocation, mobile payments, and push notifications, which will allow you to engage with your clients in a way that would be impossible with a traditional website.

7. Businesses Can Use Existing Tools and Frameworks

When you want to create an app, one of the first things you need to do is choose a development framework and learn how to use it. This can be pretty time-consuming. However, when it comes to PWAs, you don’t need any special tools; as long as your website meets progressive web standards, you have everything you need to convert it into an app.

8. They Can Be Installed On the Home Screen

One of the great things about PWAs is that they can be “installed” on the home screen of a user’s device, which gives them quick and easy access to your content. In addition, they can also work offline, which means that users can still use your app even if they don’t have an internet connection.

9. PWAs Can Be Updated Using a Web Browser

Another great benefit of using Progressive Web Applications is that they can be easily and quickly updated from any web browser without going through an app store. This means that you can quickly add new features or fix bugs as soon as they are discovered.

Bottom Line

PWAs are becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to create mobile applications that engage with their customers and offer an interactive user experience. So if you are considering investing in mobile app development, don’t discount the potential of PWAs! If you have any questions concerning PWAs, Progressive Web Apps many online resources can help you. In addition, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced app developer for guidance and advice on how to move forward with your project.



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