How Much Should You Spend on Restaurant Chairs?

Setting up a new restaurant, or refurbishing an existing one can be very expensive. Restaurateurs have to carefully manage their budget and every detail of it, including restaurant furniture. When juggling your restaurant budget there are some items you can save on, and others that are unavoidable expenses. But good chairs are one of the things you should invest in because they are hopefully going to last a long time and keep your customers comfortable. The more comfortable they are, the longer they will sit, the more food they will order, and your profits will increase.

Restaurant chairs play a major role in the customer’s experience. Restaurant seating is the first impression customers get of your restaurant. They initially judge a restaurant by its appearance before they even decide to sit down or taste the food.

Good quality dining chairs for sale reflect the standard of your establishment. So, invest in your restaurant seating and it will save you money in the long run. Don’t sacrifice chair quality for the sake of saving pennies.

How to Save Money on Restaurant Furniture, but Not Compromise on Quality

Restaurant furniture varies in price depending on the materials, style, size, and quality. A restaurant owner can save money by finding chairs for sale at reputable suppliers. If you want to save money on restaurant chairs, buy from a supplier specializing in commercial furniture. Restaurant furniture suppliers build chairs for heavy commercial use and they’re made to last. Buying second-hand chairs or from a disreputable supplier will cost you more in the long run.

With a reputable supplier, you’ll be able to consult with experts and get your restaurant seating customized. Restaurant furniture manufacturers manage to keep prices down and offer chairs for sale because they are mass-produced. You’ll also be saving money on shipping, delivery, and assembly when you buy from an established restaurant furniture company. These added services are often included for free. Invest in your restaurant furniture today, and save money in the future with fewer repairs. Look for restaurant furniture suppliers having sales, and get chairs for sale at super low prices.

Why is Restaurant Furniture More Expensive Than Regular Domestic Furniture?

  • Commercial-grade furniture costs more because it is designed to be durable.
  • It is stronger than domestic furniture because more expensive materials are used.
  • Long-lasting construction techniques are used such as strongly reinforced brackets.
  • Commercial-standard restaurant furniture is strength tested and approved by BIFMA (Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association).

Don’t Buy Second-Hand Restaurant Furniture

Don’t settle for second-hand chairs, as you’ll be opening yourself up to a range of problems. Second-hand chairs may not be built to commercial standards and they could be made from low-quality materials. If you do discover faults in them, you won’t be able to take them back to the seller. If second-hand chairs look like they’ll need repairs and cleaning, you’ll end up paying as much as new chairs. Restaurant chairs on sale from a reputable supplier can cost as little as second-hand restaurant furniture. Reputable commercial-grade restaurant furniture suppliers have chairs for sale to fit your budget and come with the professional service and support you might need.

Things You Should Consider When Budgeting for Restaurant Chairs

  • Commercial furniture is more expensive than domestic furniture for a reason. It is made to last. Don’t be tempted to pay less and get domestic furniture that will fall to pieces when it is in constant use in a high-traffic restaurant.
  • Opt for metal or wood restaurant chairs for durability, a sophisticated look, and easy maintenance. These chairs are usually at a mid-price range, and even cheaper when there are chairs for sale.
  •  When buying from a recognized restaurant furniture manufacturer, you get an extended warranty.
  • Choose a supplier where you can order online with a range of payment options.
  • Wooden restaurant chairs come in a range of prices depending on the type of wood and complexity of the design. There is usually a wooden chair to suit every budget especially if there are chairs on sale.
  • Although fabric seating is impressive and luxurious, it is usually more expensive, and it also has a shorter life span. If you buy fabric seating, you need to budget for future cleaning expenses and repairs.
  • You can save a little by mixing your seating. Get a few expensive, sophisticated chair designs as well as benches, bar stools, or stackable chairs. So long as the colors and styles are compatible mixing chairs can add character to an eatery.

Budgeting for Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant chairs are a big investment and will take up a large portion of your budget. When you see a low price restaurant chair for sale, multiply that price by the number of chairs you need, add the cost of any customization, shipping, assembly, and tax (depending on where you’re buying). When you consider that you’re paying for an item that will be in constant heavy use for years, it is worth paying for quality. Right now there are restaurant chairs for sale to suit your budget.


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