Before thinking of creating a photo book, you should take quality photos that document your story. When creating a photo book, you might need to design a clean layout. You can look for the best online best photo book creators who meet your needs. These are some of the ideas that might help design a clean layout.

Have Fewer Photos

A single layout will need fewer photos as you would want to give it breathing room. Even if you want to have as many photos as possible in the layout, it is wise to restrict the number of photos. You should consider placing a single photo per page as it allows the photo to take center stage. When creating a whole spread with photos, you consider a photo book’s side; the smaller the photo book, the less the number of photos you will incorporate.

Create a Focal Point

A beautiful photo that you love should be the focal point, and you can achieve this by placing it on its own spread. Please place it in the photobook’s key areas; moreover, you can establish a focal point by having one large photo with other smaller ones on the same spread.

Create Varying Spreads

You can either place one photo or more in a spread depending on the photobook and the events. Although you could vary the spreads so that your viewers do not get bored with the designs, you could incorporate some changes that do not leave the spread looking similar. You can reuse layouts and quickly design the spreads to meet your needs, aiming to entertain the viewers.

Tell a Story

Your photo should tell a story, and you can incorporate texts that tell the story in detail; you can organize the photos chronologically. If the photo book is about your education journey, you can start with the initial school years’ photos up to the recent ones. Your viewers will feel like they are on a journey with you. However, you would need to group photos that make sense together to create an impact. For instance, you could create a mini section of the food you have enjoyed while on a vacation or the trip tours you took while in school.

Prepare the Photos Ahead Of Time

You might just about lose it if you try to go through all the photos at once, and it could be better to choose the best photos before you start creating the photobook. Edit and Photoshop the photos effectively to bring out the best features in each photo. You can do post-processing using your software before uploading the photos to the online creators.

The Bottom Line

Creating a photo book requires effective thought processes to bring out the photo book designs that you love. You can choose photos that tell your story well and make them the focal of the story. To effectively tell a story, you should be putting the best photo at a place where it catches the viewers’ attention. You should choose the photos that are to be incorporated in the photobook ahead of time to prevent the confusion that arises at the last minute.


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