Frontpoint Home Security Service Review 2022

Frontpoint is the leader of home security companies and has been leading this field for years. They focus on DIY home security, frontpoint security providing different types of equipment at various prices. You can also get monthly monitoring at $34.99 for a month. Frontpoint offers several cameras and intelligent sensors that allow security inside and outside your residence. You can also download the Frontpoint smartphone app frontpoint login to control things easily.


  • All plans include a cellular connection.
  • Excellent client service
  • System customization


  • Monthly costs are high.
  • No warranty for life
  • There is no professional installation service offered.

Frontpoint In a Nutshell


Frontpoint offers three separate solutions, including a security system and smart home components. It features one plan that costs $44.99 per month for professional security monitoring services. This is costly monthly pricing when compared to other prominent home security companies. However, unlike other firms, Frontpoint’s monthly plan includes full access to its mobile app, allowing you to control your system anywhere frontpoint customer service.

Customers can choose from three distinct Frontpoint packages, ranging in price from $392 to $598. (However, Frontpoint frequently offers sales, so check the website for the most up-to-date prices.) Security cameras, smart sensors, light management, smart door locks, and other smart home and security components are included in the packages, which make your home safer frontpoint security reviews.

Frontpoint Home Security offers many add-ons for a cost to clients who want to customize their plans. Customers can also design their security system bundle from the ground up with Frontpoint’s extensive add-ons rather than go for a pre-made package.

The Small Print

A contract is not required for Frontpoint. Its monitoring services are available on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t be locked in if you don’t like them. You can sign a year or three-year contract if you want a long-term guarantee frontpoint security system.

It also offers a risk-free 30-day trial for interested clients to try out the service before committing. If you don’t appreciate the system, you can return it within the trial time for a full refund frontpoint security customer service.

Package Deals

frontpoint security

The Safehouse, The Bunker, and The Fortress are the three home security solutions offered by Frontpoint. Depending on the bundle you choose, prices range from $392 to $598. Remember that these packages only contain equipment. Frontpoint charges $49.99 per month for a monthly monitoring service, which is expensive compared to other companies in the sector.

The Safehouse is the company’s entry-level security package, which includes a Frontpoint hub and keypad, double-door or window sensors, a doorbell camera, a motion sensor, and a home defense kit, among other things (yard sign, window decals, door stickers). This package normally costs $392.40, although the company sometimes runs promotions (The Safehouse is currently $99).

The Bunker package gives you enhanced home security with smart home technology that learns your routine and alerts you if something goes wrong. The Bunker is available for a monthly cost of $15.34 or a one-time payment of $474.44. The Bunker includes the same security features as The Safehouse, plus a door or window sensor, an inside camera, and a smoke and heat sensor frontpoint alarm.

The Fortress adds three more door/window sensors and one motion sensor to the Bunker bundle. The Fortress costs $19.31 per month, but you can pay $598.41 in full at any time.

The Interactive Monitoring plan from Frontpoint costs $44.99 per month. It incorporates video recording and remote control of components via the company’s mobile app. While the price is hefty, you are not required to sign a long-term commitment, so you can opt-out whenever you want frontpoint customer service number.

Upgrades And Add-ons

You can also start from the ground up and create your home security system. Begin by purchasing a Frontpoint hub and keypad for $228.74, or $7.38 per month. You may then upgrade your home security with several add-ons.

Door/Window Sensor$0.80 per month each
Motion Sensor$1.57 per month each
Glass Break Sensor$1.81 per month each
Smoke and Heat Sensor$1.57 per month each
Indoor Camera$2.42 per month each
Premium Indoor Camera$4.84 per month each
Outdoor Camera$4.19 per month each
Doorbell Camera$4.60 per month each
Garage Door Tilt Sensor$1.09 per month each
Carbon Monoxide Detector$2.18 per month each
Flood Sensor$1.09 per month each
Smart Door Lock$4.36 per month each
Frontpoint Smart Thermostat$4.84 per month each
Wireless Light Control$1.21 per month each
Outdoor Smart Plug$0.92 per month each
Frontpoint Touchscreen$3.63 per month each
Extra Keypad$1.33 per month each
Keychain Remote$0.77 per month each
Panic Pendant$0.97per month each

Storage of video

Because you can save the video in two places with Frontpoint, your video restriction can be split into two parts: online and monthly upload.

The Online Storage Limit is the maximum number of clips that can be saved online at any given time. A 1,000-clip online storage limit is included in the basic video bundle. Unless you have a clip designated as protected, after you reach the limit, the older clips will be automatically deleted when you submit a new clip.

The Monthly Upload Limit is the maximum amount of clips you can upload in a given month. The basic video service, like internet storage, has a 1,000-clip monthly upload restriction. When you exceed this limit, your recordings will be suspended until the next month, when the counter will be reset.

On the other hand, Alarm recordings are an exception to the rule. If your monthly upload and online storage limits have been surpassed, recordings triggered by an alarm will continue to upload frontpoint security equipment.

You can also contact customer care to raise your video storage limitations. Increased limitations will entail higher charges. Representatives from Frontpoint can assist you in determining what works best for you.


Some home security businesses require a professional to come to your home and install your system (and charge by the hour). With Frontpoint, this is not the case. Frontpoint does not provide expert installation services and instead encourages users to do it themselves.

You’ll be able to set up your Frontpoint home security package once you’ve ordered it. Frontpoint will send you login details for your online account, default keycodes, and step-by-step instructions for installing your system and connecting it to the company’s mobile app.

The systems are easy to put up, according to reviewers, with simple peel-and-stick components and no need for wiring.

Smart Home Integration and Smartphone Controls

After you’ve installed your Frontpoint Security system across your home, you can manage it remotely using the service smart home app, which you can find in the Android and Apple stores.

The best fact about the app is how simple and intuitive it is to use, with all of the controls in one spot. Most organizations charge extra for this useful tool. However, Frontpoint provides it free of charge to all consumers.

When the babysitter arrives, you can disable the alarm, let the neighbor in when they ring your video doorbell, and even turn the porch lights on and off when you’re away by combining all of your smart home features with Frontpoint’s mobile app. Frontpoint allows you to monitor the security of your house from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frontpoint a decent security system?

Frontpoint delivers a great security system that consumers love, even if it isn’t the most economical option on the market. It also simplifies things by combining smart home and security components and making their controls accessible through a smartphone app.

Is it possible to hack Frontpoint?

Hacking Frontpoint’s hubs and keypads would be tough due to its tamper-proof covers and passcode protection frontpoint com login. Customers should change passwords regularly to make it much more difficult.

Is Frontpoint compatible with Wi-Fi?

Yes, Frontpoint can function without the use of Wi-Fi. The Frontpoint hub connects to all devices via cellular communication, but you may also connect it to Wi-Fi as a backup.

Conclusion: Is Frontpoint the Best Security Company for Your Home?

It’s relatively simple to install a Frontpoint system in your home, and it doesn’t require any drilling or wiring. This makes it a perfect alternative for both DIY beginners and renters. It has a premium monthly fee, but it includes full access to the mobile app to link your home system. Frontpoint is an excellent choice if you’re new to smart home and security integration or a renter.



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