10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

For music fans, it is nearly impossible to live without apps like Shazam. When you hear some music and it sounds catchy enough, Shazam App will instantly recognize that song. The only drawback to this best app is that it does not offer full-length songs.

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

So, it works like a music detector. If you want better options for Shazam Apps Alternatives that also allow you to play full-length songs, you should check out the apps listed below. This distinguishes it from the other Shazam app alternatives on this list.

1). MusicID

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

MusicID is the next app on this list of Shazam alternatives. This app is exactly what it sounds like, and it functions in such a way that it can quickly determine the identity of a song. Gravity Mobile Inc. powers MusicID, which is available for both Android and iOS users.

If you are a regular SoundHound or Shazam user, you may not be aware of this app, but it is quite popular Best Shazam Apps Alternatives.

All you have to do to identify the song playing around is open this app, and it will fetch the music playing and tell you the title of the song as quickly as possible. Because MusicID does not require any kind of subscription, you can use all of the services for free.

I believe that there are numerous apps available right now, such as Shazam and SoundHound, and MusicID stands out as a great alternative. MusicID can also use biographical information about artists, compelling artist pages, similar song suggestions, and so on.

Download the app: Android, iOS

2). MusiXmatch

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

MusiXmatch is another app similar to Shazam that is available for both iOS and Android users. This app is more useful for finding lyrics than for identifying songs, but I believe they are related in some way, and you will see how.

MusiXmatch is the world’s largest lyrics collection app, which not only notifies you when a song’s lyrics are playing nearby but also helps you in translating them. You can easily connect this app to Spotify, Pandora, SoundHound, and YouTube to get the lyrics of any song you want.

When you hear a song playing around you, all you have to do is open this app and easily discover that song through musiXmatch. You also get the lyrics to that song as a bonus.
Isn’t it incredible?

There is also a premium version of this app, which is a paid feature. Other in-app purchases are available in this app as well. However, the basic functions, such as finding lyrics and identifying music, are completely free.

Download the app: Android, iOS

3). Beatfind

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

Beatfind is our next pick in the category of apps like Shazam, but it is only available for Android users. As a result, iOS users will have to be a little disappointed here. However, this app is a step above the others on this list, and I am confident you would enjoy using it.

Beatfind not only finds and recognizes the song that is playing around the user, but it also helps in visualising it. It is capable of producing a flashing strobe light effect in sync with beats, providing users with an ultra-cool experience.

Other features that come with Beatfind include a history list of recognized songs, a preview of the identified songs, syncing with Spotify, Deezer, and other music apps, amazing light effects with beats, and many more that are completely free.

You only need to download this app to get started. To activate the lighting effect, press the lighting button, and it will begin to work.

Android App Download

4). Music Identifier

Music Identifier does exactly what it says on the tin. This is an app for Android users that allows them to find out the title and other information about a song whose lyrics or a piece of music has become stuck in their heads. I believe this will be very big for people who frequently forget the name of a song.

So, this is one of the most useful apps like Shazam, and it works admirably in terms of functionality and features.

According to the company, Music Identifier is a completely ad-free and subscription-free app, which means you can now access its functions not only free but also without any hassle. Music Identifier recognizes not only the name of the song but also its artist.
It also includes a link where you can listen to or download it Best Shazam Apps Alternatives.

Android App Download

5). Soundhound

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

There’s no way you’ve never heard of SoundHound, a fantastic music identification app. This is very similar to Shazam, so I listed it at the top of the list of apps like Shazam. There are many good features and uses of these apps that are similar, and you can learn more about them in this description.

SoundHound is a tool that can identify the current music or song playing around you, but it is much more than that.

SoundHound includes features such as music player, Spotify connectivity, voice-controlled player, personal history, music map, discover new music, background playing, simple navigation, great user interface, song lyrics, and many more Best Shazam Apps Alternatives.

Apps like Shazam and SoundHound should be on your phone if you can’t go a day without listening to the latest music tracks. This app is also free to use, and you can easily customize the options to your liking to make access even easier.

Download the app: Android, iOS

6). What’s That Song

What’s That Song, as the name suggests, could be the answer to all of your music recognition questions. Unfortunately, this, like the majority of the apps mentioned in this list of apps like Shazam, is only available for Android users.

It may not be as popular as the other apps on this list, but it will undoubtedly be of big assistance to you if you are looking for some efficient music identification apps.

However, What’s That Song’s app does not allow you to fully play that song.
You are only shown a brief preview of the identified song. And if you want to play it, you have the option of doing so via YouTube or another available source Best Shazam Apps Alternative.

What’s That Song works faster, allowing you to get the song out of your head by simply murmuring a few lines of it. This is simple to use, free, and most importantly, quick.

Android App Download

7). RadioScout

10 Best Shazam Apps Alternatives

RadioScout is the final app on this list that is similar to Shazam. You may not have even heard of its name or the reason for it because it is a standard app that can be used for music identification. The reason for including this app is that it is so simple to use.

RadioScout is a free app with a simple interface that provides great utilities to its users all over the world.

Although the chances are that you will dislike this app, if you want an app that is specifically for music identification, you should consider RadioScout. It tracks music in a matter of seconds and can also provide you with a lengthy list of music tracks.

Aside from that, you get advantages such as online radio stations, different genres, music discovery over 30,000 AM/FM stations, and so on. The only disadvantage of this app is that it is only available for Android users and not for iOS users. It could be an excellent choice for Shazam like apps.

Android App Download

8). QuickLyric

You might be wondering what a lyrics finder app is and how it can help you find the name of a song playing in the background. Readers, you don’t have to worry about that because QuickLyric is a music identification app that also works as a lyrics finder.

This is why it was included in the category of apps similar to Shazam. This app is very simple to use, and I am confident you will become addicted to it very quickly.

All you have to do is place your microphone close to the source of the music. This app will now not only tell you the name of the song, but it will also tell you the lyrics. This is equivalent to receiving two benefits from the same app.

QuickLyric provides you with all of these services for free. However, to unlock additional features, you must make some in-app purchases.

Android App Download

9). Reos Music

Reos Music is a music recognition app that is much more than that. It has a variety of functions that can be very useful to you as a user. You won’t believe it, but Reos Music can be the ideal solution for all of your music needs.

This is an excellent addition to the category of apps like Shazam, and it is available for both iOS and Android users.

So, when it comes to the features of this app, you get a variety of advantages from it.
Online radio, music identification, trending music videos in 15 languages, news, music search engine, fun gesture control, customization, playlist creations, and so on are some of the features of Reos Music apps.

I found Reos Music to be more intelligent than the other Shazam app alternatives on this list, and I believe it is worth a try if you are tired of using Shazam. This is one of the few apps that not only has audio capabilities but also video and radio.

Download the app: Android, iOS

10). What The Song?

So, the list is coming to an end, but not the tools for identifying the song playing around you. What the Song is the next app in this line of apps like Shazam. This is an iOS app, but it is not available for Android users. However, Shazam Apps Alternatives the apps mentioned above are for Android users, so they will not be disappointed here.

There is no denying that there are very few apps that can match the quality and standards set by Shazam, but you should give this app called What The Song a try.

This app, however, is not free, and you must pay $1.99 to purchase it.
In many ways, it will resemble Shazam. What The Song instantly recognizes the song playing in the background and notifies the user.

On this platform, you can also listen to a 30-second song preview, which will tell you everything you need to know about the song. The app is simple to use, and you can discover 90 seconds of a preview on it as well. You can also use it to share songs on Facebook.

IOS App Download


I believe that every music fan, or should I say music freak, should have apps like Shazam on their smartphone. They are completely free to use for basic needs, and upgrades are available.

You have thousands of songs released every week in various genres, so you mustn’t miss even a single track worth listening to. These apps will assist you in precisely detecting the song playing in your neighborhood if it is audible enough. So, put down your phone and start using these apps right away.


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