Difference between Science and Technology

Difference Between Science and Technology

The terms science and technology are often pronounced at the same time and used
synonymously because they are closely intertwined and their difference is often
ignored. Science consists of acquiring knowledge of the natural phenomenon along
with the reasons for the said phenomenon, such as Why is the sky blue? Why are the
leaves green? Because it rains? What are the colors of the rainbow? How do plants
make their food? Etc. When this knowledge is put into practice, to solve human
needs or problems, it is called technology.

science vs technology

Definition of science

The word science is explained as a system for obtaining knowledge, through
experimentation and observation, to elucidate natural phenomena. It is a methodical
and rational approach to explore, what are objects present in the universe? How
do they work? etc. It is a discipline that has several branches such as physics,
chemistry, biology, geology, botany, psychology, etc.

In simple terms, science is the set of knowledge acquired by analyzing all the things
that exist around us. Knowledge is based on facts and evidence, related to the topic,
rather than opinions and personal choices. And so, the claims and laws generated
by science cannot be questioned, as they are well observed and proven.
Science can be used to develop the latest technology, cure diseases, and solve
many other problems. Research is constantly being conducted, to broaden our
scientific knowledge, which leaves room for doubt for further study.

Definition of technology

Technology is a combination of technology, skills, processes, design, products, etc.,
that is specifically for creating instruments or tools or completing scientific research.
It is a set of knowledge that is applied practically in creating, designing, and applying
products for business, commercial, or everyday use.

We are surrounded by objects created with the help of specialized technology, that
is, if we work, communicate, travel, do, protect data, do business, and almost
everywhere. Most people use technology to simplify their work and also to expand
their capabilities. It also ensures that various scientific problems are solved.

Key differences between science and technology

The following points explain the basic differences between science and technology:

Science can be defined as an organized way of gathering knowledge about a topic,
through various observations and experiments. Technology is the practical
application of the laws of science for a variety of purposes. Science is just a process of studying new knowledge, but technology is applying scientific knowledge.

Science is very helpful in experiencing natural wonders and their causes. On the
other hand, technology can be useful or harmful, that is, technology is both a
blessing and a nightmare, so if used in the right way, it can help people solve a
number of problems; however, if practices are misused, it can destroy everyone.
Science remains immobile; it is just an extension of greater knowledge. On the other
hand, technology is changing at a rapid pace, in the sense that the development of
the old technology is constantly occurring.

Science emphasizes discovery, like facts and the laws of nature. Unlike technology,
it will focus on innovations, such as the development of the latest method, to make
peoples work easier.

Science is the study of the nature and character of the world and the physical world,
creating space. Instead, technology has to do with putting those buildings into

Science deals with the analysis, removal, and development of theories. On the other
hand, the technology is based on analysis and design.
Science is used to predict, while technology simplifies work and meets human needs.


In short, we can say that science is aware, but technology is. When it comes to
problem-solving, all drugs work together. Science has enabled us to gain an
understanding of the universe and to contemplate the future. Technology, on the
other hand, has helped us simplify our work by providing us with a variety of
products that help us get better rewards in less time. However, it also has some
disadvantages, so it should always be used in a positive way.



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