Best 10 Boutonnières Trends in 2021

Are you looking best Boutonnières Trends?

In a couple, both partners are equal, which means that nothing would be strange if they both shared things, even if they are entirely feminine or masculine.

Similarly, the flowers do not only belong to the bride’s side; the groom’s side may also have a portion of them.

To complete the look, they could be added as boutonnières to the groom and groomsmen squad’s attire on the wedding day. However, the game of boutonnières would be leveled up in the coming year by incorporating different trends.

Best 10 Boutonnières Trends in 2021

The following are the top best ten Boutonnières trends that could be present.

More Florals and Foliage – Boutonnières Trends

The use of foliage and bleached greeneries would be greatly increased in 2021.
In recent years, couples have opted for the masculine boutonnière by omitting the greenery, thistle, and florals. In contrast, the mid of the bunny tail grass has seen an increase, along with the bleached Italian Ruscus and the foliage in dry copper that appears to be Autumn eucalyptuses.

Color Scheme Coordination – Boutonnières Trends

Much more colour would be introduced in the florals, which would be freshly picked to match the bride’s bouquet so that there would be consistency not only at the event but also in the colors.

Several Layers

Instead of just a small, simple flower, the trend may include much lusher boutonnières.
The down-sized stories of the wedding bouquet have been the eye-catching piece for the couples, which has much less volume but still has the wow factor.

Those days of being fine and subtle are long gone, as there will be much more blooming layered textures to it now.

Mix and match

Just because the groom is wearing a boutonnière does not imply that the groomsmen will as well.

Instead, the groom’s squad would create their unique designs with the flowers mixed and matched somehow, and the colours would be coordinated.

Various Textures

This concept would include pairing the foliage, herbs, and small blooms with each other to pay homage to the bride’s bouquet.

Berry Accents

How could anyone miss a cherry in such lovely surroundings?
To achieve that fruitful appearance, the boutonnières would be arranged with berries and natural foliage.

Aside from berries, other small fruits could also work out according to the weather, which would add a nice touch.

Design Expansion

Rather than hanging it on the lapel with the guidance of the pin attached to it, this trend would have the boutonnières filled in the pocket square. They would, however, be much wider than usual.

Wrapping with Ribbon

Ribbon wrapping for boutonnières would be very important in 2021, covering up the unfinished look created by the tape.

Floral Fabric

Nothing beats the floral pocket square when it comes to having something memorable from the wedding day.

It gives the impression that both of them have intertwined and produced that little pocket square boutonnières to it, which is unique and adorable at the end of the day.

Elements in Conjunction

Finally, because there are so many floral options for boutonnières, most couples show off their creative side here.

Couples would have mixed mediums like twisted metals instead of dried sea urchin on the beach celebrations in 2021, along with other trends.



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