8 Easy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

8 Easy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy life is a conundrum for many people, but it really does not have to be. It just involves following simple steps and well, reaping the rewards. Following are 8 such easy-to-follow hacks that will help you in making healthy lifestyle choices:

Watch what, when and how much you eat

Following good dietary principles for healthy living is the most important lifestyle
amendment most of us need to do, as preached by the best nutritionist in Karachi as well.
There are several different factors with regards to a diet that ought to be followed. Eating
natural foods is best. Also, cut out complex carbohydrates. The momentary pleasure they
give is not worth the plethora of problems they cause. Instead, invest in whole-meal and
whole-grain carbohydrates like bran bread, etc.

Similarly, quit sugar. It causes inflammation and leads to all sorts of problems in life. Instead, use plant-based sweeteners like stevia, etc. Moreover, moderate sodium in-take as well. Too much salt can lead to kidneys getting overwhelmed, and other problems like hypertension.

A common misconception people have is healthy living, especially for weight loss involves
depriving the body of food. This counter-intuitive move is responsible for people binging.
Instead, observe portion control. Eat everything but within a limit.

Also, a regular meal is super important for everyone. Replenishing the body fuel every few
helps to keep the energy levels up as well, and also prevents weight gain. Eating fiber-rich food is also really important!

Get your sleep

Pressing deadlines, work requirements, and other factors make getting good quality sleep
impossible. But if you do not get adequate 7-9 hours of shut-eye, you are not living a healthy life.

Sleep is an important activity for the body and mind. Sleep deprivation has short-term
effects like grogginess lowered reflexes and bad mood increased the chances of the accident but the long-time impact is much more alarming.

Memory issues, diabetes, hypertension, weight gain, focusing problems, lowered libido,
decreased immunity, heart diseases, balance issues are some of the many problems that
sleep deprivation causes.

Hence, put aside the work. Ignore the deadlines. Ask for your family to accommodate you
because your proper sleep is crucial for your health.

Mental health is important

Often people ignore their mental wellbeing, and other times make peace with lack thereof.
But none of these habits will help you live a healthy life. Catering to your mental wellbeing is just as important as anything.

While some surges of stress are expected. But when stress and anxiety are chronic, the
situation is critical.

High-stress levels lead to medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, stomach pain, and ulcers, infertility, lowered immunity, etc. They also cause mental health problems like
depression. Similarly, they also cause behavioral changes as well.

People who suffer from stress may feel lost, frustrated, and isolated. Hence, anyone
experiencing stress needs to take active steps to resolve it.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy, being around good people, reading self-help
books and visiting a therapist are some ways to lower stress levels.

Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking is amongst the leading cause of preventable deaths. From fertility problems to
cancer to heart diseases to baldness, there is no aspect of life that is not tainted by smoking.

Hence, do not defer leaving this horrible habit. Quit now to save yourself from a painful

Similarly, alcohol may seem fun, your body thinks otherwise. From the big problem of
addiction that it can cause, it leads to all sorts of diseases as well. The liver especially is
susceptible to alcohol-backed damage.

Explore other avenues and let go of such destructive addictions!

Caffeine is good

Caffeine is the elixir of life, quite literally. Not only is it fuel to keep the body going, but caffeine also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and certain types of cancers as well.

Moreover, people who consume caffeine are 20-30% less likely to suffer from an early death.

However, do not over-do it. Take around 4 cups at a maximum of coffee.

Like it or not, you have to exercise

Exercise does not have to be a compromise. Considering its many benefits on physical
and mental health, it should be done with much more vigor!

There are several different types of exercises; quiet ones like yoga, fun ones like Zumba, or challenging ones like HIIT. Just pick any sort of physical activity that you can do regularly as even moderate exercise like a lovely stroll is beneficial for you.

Have fun in life Being happy may seem like a no brainer, but seldom do we practice it. So, to be healthy, be selfish about your happiness. Be gentle and kind to yourself, stop exhausting yourself. Get breaks that your body needs.

Have an active social life or not. Curl up with a book. Bottom line; do what makes you happy!

Keep your brain sharp

Just like you need to exercise for physical strength, you also need to exercise your brain as well to keep it sharp. Try learning new skills or a language. There are many applications that help with problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking skills. Invest in them to keep your mind sharp.

Moreover, eat brain foods as well. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are great for the brain. You can also try the supplements but consult the top nutritionist in Islamabad to guide you best.

With these 8 hacks, life surely will get better!



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