11 of Perth's Best Free Activities

11 of Perth’s Best Free Activities

All love free things. Even the rich love free things. Free experiences are so unbelievably sweet, ironically, we tend to taste them and value them even more than we pay for. And we really are pretty lucky in Perth that we have many of them.

It seems like the best things in life are indeed free – in Perth, at any rate – from touring and exploring our Fair City, to live music and public art, with everything that Perth hurts and hurt.

Here are 15 of Perth’s best free stuff.

11 of Perth’s Best Free Activities

1. Watch Free Bike hire for Fremantle By Bike

You can actually rent bikes in Freo at the low, low price of $0! All the same, because ‘too much to go’ and ‘too hard to park’ you could have been on a free bike, you don’t have everything you wanted in Fremantle. Pick them up from the Visitors Center, the Brewery, or the E-Shed Market in Fremantle. The best way to see the place is serious!

2. In Kings Park have a picnic

Many people are eye-watching when Kings Park is racked into our best, but these people are stupid — it is definitely one of the best things free to do in Perth to hang on to Kings Park. The more you plunge into some of the more hidden pockets or go on some of the unsealed trails during wild flora! Picnics in Kings Park never get old! But why not check out some of our preferred picnic spots if you’re a real stickler (Note: this article also listed Kings Park. Don’t hate us).

3. Waterfall Or Dam, Visit An Orchard.

So there’s the stuff you’ll have heard from people called ‘The Perth Hills,’ or you may even have visited once or twice if you’re super adventurous. We jest, you know how much we like The Hills, and because it is full of vineyards, farms, orchards, dams, and waterfalls and it is a place for people to enjoy. As far as ozone is concerned, you could visit S&R Orchard (sometimes you can even go to fruit picking) or the crazy beautiful Raeburn Orchard in particular in the persimmon season (full discloser, $4 to go in, but let it go here because it wasn’t enough). Try Lesmurdie, Hovea, Serpentine, or Sixty Foot Falls along the waterfalls to enjoy stunning views and a quiet oasis. If you wonder why it’s an astonishing experience, just go to Canning Dam loads and answer your questions (PS. You can walk on the walls of this dam and it’s pretty surreal!)

4. Cool Street Art’s Scour The Streets

We are no Melbourne! We are no Melbourne! ‘I hear you say. I hear you say. But my friends, Perth has no lack of street arts to help us cultivate and keep our wallets in our pockets. What about the mural outside of Luna Leederville, Stormie Mill’s Equilibrium piece on Muray Street (Spain’s Equilibrium piece), and the ‘Lost Giant’ piece at the Prince Lane entrance? If the big pulpit that welcomes you to Fremantle, and the rear alleys of Highgate are not enough in order for you to be convinced? Use this handy interactive map to help you with our list of the best street art in Perth.

5. Defectors Salsa Fridays

Located at the heart of Mount Lawley, on the iconic Flying Scotsman Pub, Defectors Bar is the reclusive alternative to the busy road below and offers a wide range of free stuff. Although night-time offers change throughout the year, they are known every last Friday of the month for things like free comedy on Sunday and free salsa nights. Before going to your Latin tutu, check your website for the latest offers.

6. Visit Western Australia’s Art Gallery

There is nobody who does not love to visit the Perth Cultural Center, secretly or otherwise. While there is plenty of free stuff around the year, it is always possible to enter the Art Gallery (although donations are encouraged). This is free of charge. There is also a whole range of events such as artists’ conversations, which are frequent, if not almost always, so keep on with it!

7. Discover Foreign Markets

Recall when you were a child and was it like Christmas to visit Freo Markets? Well, it’s so different than an adult, we can’t say. Walking through the many stalls in Perth, both pop-up and permanent, is one of the best things to do in Perth that does not cost money (we can’t hold you accountable if you see something you like).

8. Watch the Indian Ocean Sun Set

You knew that it would come, C’mon. On the beauty of our beaches, we’re not sorry for ruminating again, because you can’t say enough. Although all of them are funny for about half a year all day long, even if you are a surfer or walk on the beach, or from Perth throughout the year, the sunsets especially hurt – even though you saw one every day from birth. We also enjoy a bit of fish, chips, or pizza and beer action on the sand, while the sun is still going down (or BYO picnic!), although we’ve enjoyed it best and have no attachments (leave your telephone on the glovebox).

9. Go for a city or a coastal journey

If you like your free activities in Perth, our many urban, brook-and-coastal walks are your new favorite time for your cardiovascular benefit. The Zamia Walkway in Bold Park provides views of the bushes, the town, and the coast and the path to Melon Hill is also picturesque. The walk is easy to follow. But that is just scraping the surface: check out all the best walks in Perth and we know all the more demanding hikes that can be found in the surroundings of Perth if you are not satisfied.

10. Follow the Food & Wine Trail of Swan Valley

We’re back with the bad influences here. Taste all the wine that your tongue can resist, and test the food of your belly, as well as breweries, distilleries, and art galleries, along with Swan Valley Food & Wines Trail. It is a 32 km scenic loop leading you to some of the most beautiful wineries and restaurants in the country. All this comes for free without petrol or some type of chauffeur service! Also, you will buy all of the wine and produce. Whoops! Whoops, whoops!

11. Elizabeth Quay Explore

It’s more than a white Golden Arches version (it’s called Spanda guys), and a fancy bridge, all right? Elizabeth Quay is packed with small pieces, teaching you new things about the legacy of WA. Review the Black Swan Mural and learn the story of Noongar creating a story about our iconic black swans, the Bessie Mabel, a bronze conservation statue, and civil rights activist. Furthermore, Elizabeth Quay hosts many free events that you will not be capable of keeping up during the year, but we suggest 11 of Perth’s Best Free Activities you try to do this.



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