5 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies in 2022

Do you have dreams of operating a bed and breakfast on a charming farm in the remote countryside as we enter another year of the pandemic? If so, you’ll need to find a cost-affordable way to transport all of your most valued items. But trying to cram your dad’s beloved recliner, your grandmother’s armoire, and the twins’ bunk bed into the back of your Kia Sorento won’t work moving truck rental.

Instead, moving services you might need to rent a moving truck to make packing up your home and your possessions more effective. To help you navigate the more challenges of finding the best company and truck size for all your requirements, we’ve broken down the top moving truck rental companies of 2022 best moving truck rental near me.

Best Moving Truck Rental Companies For July 2022

1. U-Haul

Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

U-Haul, one of the country’s biggest and most well-known moving truck rental companies, outperforms its rivals because of its affordable moving services base rates, massive selection of vehicles and accessories, user-friendly platform, and mobile app cheapest moving truck rental.

U-Haul moving truck delivers one-way rentals and packing and loading help get you on your way fast boxes for moving. They have various vehicles available, from tiny pickup trucks to 26-foot moving trucks. The company’s U-Haul Truck Share technology enables self-service, round-the-clock mobile booking using an intuitive app, further streamlining the process cheap moving truck rental.

Cons & Pros

  • Trucks with EZ-Load ramps and Gentle Ride suspension available around-the-clock for self-service
  • Booking mechanism for truck shares
  • 20,000 or more places
  • Self-storage savings combined with other special offers
  • Reservations marked as “guaranteed” may not necessarily be such.
  • Contracts with U-Haul could include unforeseen add-on expenses

2. Affordable Truck Rental

Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

The value proposition of Budget Truck Rental is evident from the name: affordable-cost moving truck rentals. A tight budget should consider renting a Budget truck because of the rock-bottom rates and several discount schemes one way moving truck rental.

Having merged with Ryder Truck in 2002, Avis Car Rental currently oversees the combined network of over 30,000 moving trucks owned by the two businesses.

Budget makes DIY moving simple by providing incredibly affordable truck rentals, but the user is still responsible for packing, loading, and unloading. Additionally, any extra moving accessories or supplies can add up rapidly in cost best moving truck rental.

Cons & Pros

  • Most affordable for DIY moving truck rental
  • Offer special rates to AAA members, students, and others
  • An intuitive booking website
  • Compared to other truck rental companies, add-ons are more expensive.
  • Offering only three truck sizes

3. Home Depot Truck Rental

Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

The Home Depot makes renting a moving truck simple with rental costs and positive customer feedback. In addition home depot moving boxes to providing pick-up sites for Penske’s regular moving vehicles, the company also offers modern cargo vans, moving boxes home depot, pickups, flat-bed trucks, and box trucks hertz moving truck rental.

The Home Depot probably offers everything you need, whether making a short-distance move quickly or moving across the nation. Additionally, the website precisely delineates the fees by hour, day, or mile for each rental car type. A moving calculator is available on The Home Depot’s website if you’re unsure how to calculate the size of truck you’ll need.

Cons & Pros

  • Online instruction manuals for packing and moving.
  • Offer same-day, “Load N Go” rentals for a discounted programme for 75 minutes.
  • A moving calculator online can estimate the amount of space needed.
  • Reservations for local usage cannot be made in advance.
  • Some Home Depot locations might not provide excellent service and may be understaffed.

4. Penske Truck Rental

Our best-of list is headed by Penske Truck Rental moving truck rental, which offers excellent customer service and one-way truck trucks. Of all the moving truck companies we looked at, it also has some of the most affordable costs budget moving truck rental.

Penske moving truck is one of the few moving truck rental companies with Better Business Bureau accreditation, and it has a high customer satisfaction rate. By working with trucks with speed limits and using emission-controlling technology, Penske is doing its part to protect the environment. The moving supplies company also uses recyclable materials such as moving trucks moving blankets, tv moving box, mattress bag for moving, boxes, and cargo rooms.

Cons & Pros

  • Best moving companies vast nationwide network with round-the-clock roadside assistance
  • Offer the Penske Truck Wizard, a web-based tool for packing
  • Both individual and business rentals are offered.
  • Even for simple local round-trip rentals, there are high security deposits.

5. Rental Enterprise Truck

Although it may not be the cheapest moving truck rental on our list, Rental Enterprise Truck makes up for it in terms of customer service and vehicle choices. Enterprise provides a moving truck for whatever size demand you may have thanks to its 14 various vehicle options (twice as many as U-Haul).

Although Enterprise does not have as many rental sites, it provides free pickup, which greatly simplifies organising your truck rental logistics. Additionally, Enterprise joined the Safer Today Alliance with Clorox to implement improved Covid cleaning procedures and offer disinfectant wipes to tenants moving truck rental companies.

Cons & Pros

  • Free delivery
  • the most options for trucks and van vehicles
  • Continual roadside assistance
  • Offer no one-way rentals
  • quite minimal discounts in comparison to rivals
  • Limited storage options and few locations

How to Choose moving companies 6 Best Moving Truck Rental Company for You 

The most suitable choice for you will trust on your particular requirements, even though all five moving truck rental companies we researched offer reliable options for any move. Some businesses are better suited for people on a tight budget, while others may be suitable due to their large selection of car sizes rental trucks.

Estimate the truck size required for your move and calculate the projected mileage before determining which top moving truck rental company is best for you.

You may use this information to make your decision when requesting prices from several moving truck rental companies. Many vehicle and truck rental companies may offer inexpensive prices but tack on the costs to make a profit, so beware of hidden extras.

Price and Extras

According to the size of the truck you select moving companies, moving truck rental companies often charge a fixed price plus a specific per-mile fee. The least expensive movers, like U-Haul and Budget, moving trucks charge around $20 per day with $0.50 to $1.00 per mile when falling off at the same place.

Although Penske is substantially more expensive at $99.99 per day, it offers unlimited miles, which will make up for the higher day rate, especially for long-distance travel. These businesses offer extras like furniture cushions or blankets, cartons, dollies, and even storage space at your pick-up or drop-off locations moving company.

While some rental companies make add-ons a cheap addition to your rental, others, like Budget, may initially save you money then charge you more for the add-ons. Many of the things you may learn from avoiding rental-car counter rip-offs can be used here. Think “dolly charge” rather than “car seat fee.”

Required Truck Size

The moving truck rental truck’s size is an important way to determine when choosing the best moving truck rental company. You may select the size that great suits your needs from a broad range of options moving van rental whereas some companies only offer a few sizes. For more information moving truck on how to accurately determine the truck size needed to move your home, see our moving calculator.

In-Town or One-Way Rentals

While some moving truck rental companies provide fantastic short-term or local rental offers, others are geared up to offer better costs for long-distance and even one-way rentals. For in-town, same-location drop off, Penske, for instance, charges a hefty price but provides unlimited miles for longer journeys. The Home Depot can be your best pick if you’re seeking the most affordable alternative for local rentals.

Do I Need a Big Truck?

It might be similar to playing a challenging, lengthy game of tetris to figure out the size of truck you’ll need to move your apartment, house, or industrial enterprise. Fortunately, many moving truck rental companies make this simple by providing online moving calculators to find you in determining the appropriate size truck, organising your heavy things, and determining the best configuration to fit them into the cargo space.

A good regulation of thumb is to add six to ten feet to the length of the moving truck for each additional room in your apartment or home. Generally, a 10 to 16-foot truck can fit a one-room apartment, whereas a two-room one requires a 12 to 22-foot truck.

It would help if you thought a 16 to 22-foot truck for three-bedroom homes. A 26-foot truck or longer is required for larger homes with five bedrooms or more. Moving truck rental companies won’t rent out vehicles longer than 26 feet since those need to be driven by commercial drivers with a CDL (commercial driver’s licence).

Things to think about before renting a moving truck’

It’s crucial to know these moving advice while finding the best moving truck rental company. Be aware of all the items you will need to move. Also take into account how far you intend to move, how much you planned for the move, and whether or not you feel safe planning a big moving truck in traffic or on the highway. It would help if you considered these important elements while making your decision rent moving truck.

How much more must you move?

To assist you choose the best size truck for your move based on how much you are hauling, the majority of moving truck rental companies use online calculators.

Some of these calculators are simple, showing you which of the firms’ trucks is best for your home’s size. Others let you see how much room a couch, table, or bed frame may take up in the truck thanks to their highly dynamic Tetris design.

Do you feel at ease operating a big moving truck?

If you have never operated an experience larger than a car or small SUV, you can find operating a huge box truck challenging and unpleasant. In traffic and on freeways, where other drivers might not be understanding of your inexperience, a larger box truck will be more difficult to control.

If you’re not confident in your driving abilities, don’t rent a truck larger than you would make comfortable operating, or think about hiring a moving truck service rather than renting the truck yourself. Trucks lack the acceleration, turning, and visibility capabilities of your smaller automobile or even larger pickup.

You’re moving how far?

Depending on where you’re going, you can have trouble finding the best moving company for a rental truck.

Is it a local move or a very long-distance move?

As a one-way truck rental may be more expensive than returning to the original pick-up site, this will affect the cost and availability of trucks.

What budgetary limits do you have?

Said, the price will rise the larger the truck. It’s important to compare prices from several moving truck rental companies to find the best suits your budget. It can be less affordable to rent a smaller truck and make several journeys rather than one long truck if you’re making a local move. 



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