Good Air Conditioner Is Beneficial

8 Ways A Good Air Conditioner Is Beneficial In Your Life

A healthy life starts with fresh and cleaner air. Having a good installment like air conditioning Sydney provides you with many good benefits that makes your AC worthwhile.
It’s a hot sunny day with 76 degrees in late February while writing down these lines and it feels a bit pleasant. But this temperature promises that this summer will be bringing much hotter days as the year proceeds.
And it shouldn’t come as any surprise given the latest report by National Climatic Data
Centre declaring 2015 the hottest year recorded with 2014 coming in on the second. In fact, out of the top 15 hottest years reported by National Climatic Data Centre, 14 have been the part of the 221 st century only.
The rate at which heat is accelerating brings major consequences to human life and health
which makes the usage of eco-friendly air conditioning very important. The benefits of such an air conditioning system make it useful and worth the money product to purchase. There are amazing benefits of having a Good Air Conditioning:

8 Ways A Good Air Conditioner Is Beneficial In Your Life

They are absolute life-saver

A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency that measures the heat-related
deaths found that more than 11000 Americans died from the heatstroke between the years
1981 and 2015, a figure which does not even capture the magnitude of the problem we are dealing with completely.
There are even more deaths recorded due to heat but not as a complete main cause but
more as in playing a contributing factor. Keeping yourself and your surroundings cool in
serious heat up weathers with an air conditioner is the best way of preventing heat-related
deaths and illness, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Improved Air Quality

Nowadays, there are advanced air conditioners available in the market which have air filters pre-installed in it. These air conditioners circulate and filter air, removes pollutants, and mold from the air.
This is a very handy feature, especially for people who are suffering from allergies and
asthma, as it minimizes the irritants that play as a trigger in initiating such attacks.
A good option will be ducted air conditioning Sydney, however, all this only holds if you’re
keeping your system clean, changes the filter occasionally, and timely services. If not done,
the AC can contribute to increasing the indoor air pollution.

Less number of insects and parasites

The filters installed in such Air Conditioners also helps in keeping out the insects and are far
more effective than any screen on the open window. Insects and parasites are not just
annoying but they can also contribute to increasing allergies and various diseases.

The advantage of a good air conditioning is that its system it also clears the indoor from pet’s flea and tick found all over the house.

Improved focus and efficiency

The stress and mental sluggishness can be seen these days very regularly and at some
the point, of time we all must have experienced this during a hot day in summers.
While we want to and are focusing on our work to carry out an important task, our body is
fighting another fight by putting energy in which the body expends to cool down the body.
This energy is taking away our ability to think. A well air-conditioned workspace, be it at
home or office enables people to work better and make precise decisions.

Anger Check

It is not just that our brain only suffers from heat when the mercury rises it makes our temper
go higher as well. According to an article on Summer Days, which says that while our brain
is slowing down, our body works opposite by speeding up with increased heart rates and
higher blood pressure. All this sums up and results in more aggressive behavior.

Goodnight Sleep

Earlier we talked about the physical changes our body go through like increased heart rate, blood pressure, anger management issues due to increased heat, all these effects are sleeping pattern as well. It is impossible to get a goodnight’s sleep when the temperature is unbearable.
If your room temperature is too hot (or too cold) it will interfere with natural temperature regulation management our body needs, which according to the experts functions best at 63-76 degrees.

Furniture Health

Extreme heat along with the accompanied humid can wreak havoc in your home furniture of all kinds. Wood tends to gain or losing moisture according to the air around it, which if not managed properly can lead to warping.

Prevents Overheating

Remember the case where we talked about increased temperature and its scary effects on the human body? Well, it is somewhat the same in the case of all those high-tech electronic devices present at home.
They can be damaged and the phone or computers we rely upon for performing and
managing our daily tasks can suffer a serious meltdown when the temperature rises
alarmingly; leading to loss of data and a shorter lifespan.



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