Each job role comes with a challenge. It depends on the size of the organization where you work. Even a human resource manager has their own set of challenges while recruiting and onboarding a candidate. When it comes to the recruitment of experienced candidates, the challenges are tripled. Every recruiter must possess the skill and talent to overcome them smoothly.

Any IT recruiter is aware of the recruitment process and the challenges they face every day. Whether it is convincing the candidate or counseling of any new candidate; every step has a challenge involved. Here are top 5 challenges that every recruiters face while hiring and retaining any candidate or employee.

Engaging With Job Professionals:

Persuading active and passive candidates with good experience is a tough job. Since those experienced candidates are contacted by several recruiters at a time, it is difficult for your mail or conversation to stand out. You need extra effort to pull passive candidates to the organization.  You need to offer them the best package in the industry to attract your organization.

It is advised to know about their present organization, what they offer and what makes them happy for the job. Such information will help the recruiter to frame their email and conversation for passive candidates. The probability of hiring professionals increases simultaneously.

Data-Driven Recruitment:

Data gives an informed decision. Data-driven recruitment means checking and auditing the data available for recruitment. But managing them in a spreadsheet is hectic and prone to human error.

Especially, an IT recruiter in any company has to play with a large volume of data. In such a case, automation is required for the department to manage data easily. It constantly helps in managing the recruitment process.

Immediate Hiring:

There are various reasons why a team needs immediate hiring. It might be the rising cost and delay in the operations. Such a situation creates immense pressure on the recruiter. In such a case, the hiring process becomes too long due to a shortage of qualified candidates. The hiring team and the recruitment team must discuss in a meeting how to manage such a situation.

It is the recruitment database that helps in such conditions. It has the candidates’ detail and other recruitment metrics that need proper analysis.  Both the teams have to set up a realistic timeline to achieve their goals.

Efficient Recruitment Process:

Sometimes organizations fail to set up a proper recruitment process. Such a situation usually occurs in a small or mid-size company with a higher attrition rate. Proper communication, strategic planning, and coordination with the team regularly are a few of the solutions to it.

Candidates for Night Shift:

Most of the candidates are unwilling to join or reject a night shift job even after offering a good package. Especially, an IT recruiter looking for technical candidates has to struggle for a resource that can be ready for night shift jobs.

Such challenges in the recruitment process are common and faced by every recruiter. Setting up a streamlined hiring process is the ultimate solution to these challenges.


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