10 Nollywood sites to download Nollywood movies offline

Nollywood movies for individuals who wish to watch them on their own time. Nigerian movies have a large and devoted fan base eager to keep up with the latest releases. There are several download sites. Netizens have been eager to locate reputable locations where they may easily access these productions. Sites to download Nollywood movies Nigerian actor Richard Moffe-Damijo.

Nollywood, Nigeria’s second-largest employer, produces approximately 50 movies every week. Because these films are in high demand, Naija moviegoers have been seeking methods to get their hands on them when they become available.


So, where can you find the top best sites to download Nollywood movies?

Best sites to download Nollywood movies. There are many causes why individuals may want to download movies to watch later. They may be going somewhere they won’t be able to access the internet, so they download films to keep themselves occupied.

10 Nollywood sites to download offline movies

Here are some reliable websites where you may get free Nigerian movies:

1. Youtube

Youtube is a favorite streaming website Nollywood Alternatives that offers the latest and old 9ja movies in clear HD formats. Several YouTube channels upload free and clear Nigerian Nollywood movies, whether Nigerian Yoruba movies or Nigerian English movies.

Youtube is the ideal place to search and watch Yoruba movies for free and download Yoruba movies. The only disadvantage of YouTube is the ads that appear when watching movies on YouTube.

2. WapBaze

This Nollywood Alternatives website has many video movies and is one of the greatest sites to download Nigerian and other international movies. You may also watch WWE games, comedy clips, and other content.

3. Ibaka TV

Ibaka TV Download Nollywood Alternatives Sites for Nollywood Movies Nigerian actress, Ini Edo Facebook Blessing Idornigie formed Ibaka TV under the banner of Ibaka entertainment. Ibaka is one of the most famous websites for free Nigerian movie downloads. You may access over 15,000 hours of content on the website at your convenience. Users who want to download movies from IbakaTV can use a mobile app accessible for iOS and Android. The app is also accessible on smart TVs such as Samsung, Roku, Android, and Apple TV, and it has over 100,000 installed applications. On YouTube, Ibaka has over 700,000 subscribers from all around the world.

4. YTS

YIFY is the most popular of these Nollywood Alternatives website. The YIFY site has an extensive movie library, and users may sort the Movies by genre, alphabetical order, or rating. C123 Movies is still another option. This simple site asks you to sign up before accessing its content. MovieWatcher.is, Putlockers.cafe, and Archive Movies are a few more.

5. Codedwap

Codedwap is an online entertainment platform that broadcasts popular Nigerian music, movies, comedy, and other news. Another fantastic option for moviegoers looking to watch Nollywood movies online is Codedwap.com. Users may, however, download the movies for free and watch them offline. The site uploads high-quality and new movie content to keep fans up to speed. Furthermore, it offers a user-friendly layout that allows visitors to explore the pages to discover what they are looking for.

6. IrokoTV

Popularly known as the Netflix of Africa, is a franchise of Iroko Entertainment. This platform was established in 2011 by Jason Njoku. Is one of the movie’s major distributors of Nollywood films. The company’s motto is “Nollywood at your fingertips.” Iroko TV subscribers may free download and watch any Nigerian film. On the other hand, clients who want to watch movies must pay a $20 monthly fee, which they can cancel at any moment. In addition, users may install a mobile application to access their favorite shows after entering their login site. To download Nigerian movies from IrokoTV, go to the Google Play Store and install the app. The app has over 1 million downloads, so users may be confident that it is safe for their devices. The app is also available for Apple TV and iOS users.

7. Naijapals

Naijapals was launched in 2007 and is one of Africa’s largest platforms that blends entertainment and social networking. The website gives users access to the most recent Nollywood movies they can view or download. One distinctive feature of this site is that users may read the newest news and talk or connect with friends. Visitors can also use their social network accounts to log in. Furthermore, all of the content on the platform is free Nollywood Alternatives.

8. NollyLand

NollyLand is another option for moviegoers who want to save Nigerian films to watch later. It also serves as a streaming platform. The site is pleased that it was created by Africans and bills itself as Africa’s first world-class movie platform. The site contains beautifully categorized thumbnails to help you explore the many sections or skip to any scene in a movie. Furthermore, NollyLand mobile apps are available for various platforms, including Google Play, Apple, and Blackberry.

9. 9jaFlaver

The top 9jaFlaver is a pure breed Nigerian movie download website that offers free access to the most recent Naija movies. The Nollywood Alternatives website offers more than simply movies. If you’re seeking Nigerian tunes, 9Jaflaver is an excellent and trustworthy source.

10. DeloniferaTV

DeloniferaTV is an African-owned web portal that offers free and paid global African movies. Not only that, but they offer an app that you can use to view movies clearly at any time of day or night. The DeloniferaTV app is available on iOS and Android devices.

A Brief Overview of Nigerian Nollywood Movie Download Websites

All the websites mentioned above may be used to download Nollywood and other international movies for free. You may use any of them to download your favorite Nigerian movies for free. However, most of these websites are cluttered with ads, but they still serve their function.

Some of these websites show more than just movies; they upload other engaging content and are always up to date, particularly on musical content and news. If you like music or seasonal movies and want to watch them in HD, any of these websites will serve you more than you think at any time of day or night and keep it up to date. 

Nowadays, you may access entertainment platforms conveniently from your device or personal computer. To avoid harm to your device, ensure that the sites you choose to download Nollywood movies are legal. Many lawful websites now include high-quality video content. Fortunately, you may access these shows wherever you use your digital device. So, what are some examples of websites?



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