Microsoft’s latest advanced tool is the Power BI which has the potential to offer robust data visualization tools. Power Bi works on several data types such as Excel, Google Analytics, Access and CSV files, Sales force, and so on alike that offers cloud and desktop services.

The powerful features of Power BI can be utilized in the transformation, management, and manipulation of data to create visuals that brings effective transformation in a business.

In the article, we will be talking about the latest course on Microsoft Power BI Certification.

Zeolearn Academy, an immersive learning platform for learning enthusiasts brings to you the latest Power BI Course which aims towards providing up to date training in Power BI so that you become master of the tools and techniques that are essential for delivery of strong business performance. This will be a comprehensively designed course which provides both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject by helping you learn through hands-on experience from the active exercises, examples, and real world project simulations that will be conducted throughout the course of this training program.


The Microsoft Power BI certification training will be a beginner friendly 16-hour instructor led interactive program in which the participants get an in-depth hands-on learning experience to work with Power BI dashboard, DAX functionality, Modelling, Visualizations, and how to effectively deal with the data and its source and information.

Most importantly, training will aim towards getting you equipped with the fundamental concepts of working on Power Bi and creating of custom style reports and custom data visualization so that to present a lucid data representation. The mentors of the course are industry experts themselves who have designed the course and also offer the training to facilitate students to learn to implement technology in building future projects.


Data visualization is sine qua non to derive helpful insights when you look from a business perspective. While, there are numerous of popular tools used in visualization of data, but Power BI has been increasingly gaining popularity across the globe because of its ability to offer the right cutting edge tools and techniques that can easily transform data of an enterprise into useful rich visuals.

Power BI when used correctly, has the potential to provide a panoramic view of the business to the target users which helps them to closely gauge the updates in real-time. Also, the Power BI dashboard can be used in running on through multiple devices simultaneously to organize data into transformative visuals.

Considering the increasingly gaining popularity and benefits of using a Power BI set up, Zeolearn Academy is offering to you a extensive Microsoft Power Bi certification training workshop.

The training workshop is the perfect opportunity for the individuals who are looking forwards for that right source which they can use to put forth their foot in the world of BI. The training will give you a perfect introductory session of the Power BI in which you will learn the fundamental concepts such as the Power BI dashboard, and ways to connect to data using the Bi desktop.

The expert trainers will coach you with the rich components that are useful in driving the Power BI tool like the data visualization, modeling, and exploring data with Power BU dashboard, working on Excel, sharing and publishing data and DAX.

So, you should enroll with the course if you want to master the useful components of BI by learning through the expert trainers on Zeolearn platform.


Zeolearn Academy works as the main source for the learning enthusiasts where they get the opportunity to learn from the mentor-driven comprehensive courses and get certified as a skilled professional. The course will be provides you with both the theoretical and hands-on learning expertise to work with real world projects. The very fact that the training provided on Zeolearn is mentor-driven personalized experience, it give them an edge over other competitors training institute. You learn from the best who are accredited experts in training the students with extensive years of experience in the field. The past history of zeolearn clearly states the utmost trust of the learners in them that from getting trained by the experts of Zeolearn, they have successful got lucrative job roles. So, you could be next too, so no need to wait further, if you want to strengthen your skills, enrolls with the Microsoft Power BI course.


Upon the completion of the course, you will get learn a range of things, but to name the essential benefits, below outlined is some of the essential benefits of the course:

  1. You learn about the fundamentals concerning Power BI and its dashboard that will help in the transformation of business and its data
  2. Gain the requisite knowledge of managing and utilizing the data of Power BI desktop
  3. Create data visualization and style reports for data representation
  4. The effective ways to share and collaborate with Power BI and data
  5. You master the key idea of dealing with data, it source and information to bring in productive results.
  6. Master visualization of data modeling
  7. Learn the interaction of Microsoft Power BI and Excel to publish and share data
  8. Learn the functionality of DAX and usage of its expressions


The Power BI certification course is designed mainly keeping in mind the individuals who work with data such as web developers, project managers, Business analysts, and other IT professionals.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, the individuals who demonstrates their skills and understanding in Power BI functioning get the Power BI certification which validates the knowledge of the certified participants that they have extensive idea of working with data and how to actively contribute in the business building of an enterprise.

So, enroll today with the course on Zeolearn and make use of this golden opportunity to leverage the Power BI significance in the success of your project and future career.


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