How to Unlock the Lost ReBirth, AfterBirth, AfterBirth Plus

In The Binding of Isaac, unlocking the lost is one of the most difficult difficulties you will face. Many people have trouble unlocking it every time. Lost dies after a single hit due to his poor stats and little health. However, if you unlock it, you will undoubtedly get several rewards, the most notable of which being the last accomplishment required to complete the game. Another thing to keep in mind is how you proceed in How to Unlock the Lost, and how his traits alter in terms of rebirth, afterbirth/afterbirth, and bonus. With that in mind, this article will explain How to unlock the lost game in all three games.

What is lost, and what are its characteristics?

In the video game The Binding of Isaac, you may unlock The Lost, one of 6 mystery characters. This specific has extremely advantageous properties since it obtains black market things and the devil for free. The lost may also unlock True platinum god achievements.

How to Unlock the Lost in Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Afterbirth, Plus

Now, depending on Rebirth, Afterbirth/Afterbirth, and the game you’re playing, there’s a specific area with all the tips and tricks for unlocking the lost. The only thing to bear in mind is that if you are killed by someone else, you must start again.

How to Unlock the Lost in Rebirth?

If you’re reborn, you’ll need to know How to Unlock the Lost and die in certain ways and order with specific characters. The death sequence must be followed exactly, and you must not die in the middle. If you die between certain dates, you must restart from the beginning.

Important Thing to Read

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you may stop and restart a run without losing any progress.
Make sure not to choose goods such as Lazarus’ Rags, Judas’ Shadow, or the Ankh, since they will resuscitate you as a new character and your progress will be lost. Close the game and restart the run in case you unintentionally pick up any of the objects.
You may also utilize seeds, but make sure to avoid using them during the Azazel section.

How to Unlock the Lost Guide

1. Choose to play as Isaac and die to mulliboom in the basement or cellar.

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • SEED: GPE3 2T1H

2. As Magdalene, die to your own bomb in the tunnels or catacombs.

  • Difficulty: Normal

3. This time, choose to play as Judas and die to any of the Mom assaults in the depths of Necropolis.

If you die due to someone else’s assault or anything other than Mom, you must start anew. It must be a mom attack that kills you.

Polyphemus may also be encountered in the first treasure chamber; make sure not to accept any devil deals.

To make sure that the Angel chamber emerges, keep the Book of Belial as your active item. Mom’s coin purse will be dropped by the first boss in Duke of Flies. It will include a few pills. The orange tablet contains health, whereas the white pill provides complete health. Just make sure you don’t consume blue tablets.

  • Difficulty: Normal

4. Select to play as Azazel and die to any Satanic assaults in Sheol.

Make sure you are not killed by any Fallen or Kamikaze leeches. If you did buy any of them, you must start anew. If you want to know, only Satan’s assault will be considered legitimate.


How to Unlock the Lost in Afterbirth and Afterbirth Plus.

The procedure is somewhat different in the case when you are playing Afterbirth of the Afterbirth plus.

Important Thing to Read

Before you proceed to your end, you must do a few things.

Make sure to unlock ‘it lives.’

  • You must defeat the mom’s heart 11 times in order to unlock “it lives.” Once completed, the next time you see this boss, you will battle ‘it lives at the end of Chapter 4 rather than Mom’s heart.
  • Once you’ve vanquished ‘it lives,’ descend the steps and close or up beam light into the cathedral.

‘The Darkroom’ must be unlocked.

  • You must defeat Satan five times in shield in order to unlock ‘The Darkroom.
  • This will generate a negative each time you defeat the mom in Chapter 3.
  • Now, pull the negative head down into the womb, and defeat it at the end of the second level.
  • Head down the stairs, fight Satan, then leap into the chest while holding the negative to enter ‘The Dark Room.’

Unlock ‘the missing poster.’

  • You must defeat The Lamb in The Dark Room to get your hands on “The Missing Poster.”
  • After you’ve unlocked the missing poster, the following stage is to find it. It is simple to buy the mom package from the store. Now, keep using the mom box until you find the missing poster.
  • Another option is to use fortune machines; keep inserting money into them, and it will eventually spit out the missing poster.
  • Finally, you may get your hands on the missing poster by defeating every boss with each character.

How to Unlock the Lost

You must die on the Spikes while holding the missing poster item in the sacrifice chamber to know How to Unlock the Lost.

Also, make sure you die eight times before hitting the spikes. This is because when you hit the spike on the eighth time, it spawns troll bombs, and on the ninth die, you will face Aerial. On the eleventh time, you will face Gabriel.

Make sure you don’t die from any of the troll bombs, including Aerial and Gabriel. If you die, you will fail to get How to Unlock the Lost.

And if you survive the troll bombs, Aerial, and Gabriel and hit the spikes for the 12th time, you may be transferred to the Darkroom.

Things to bear in mind here are that you may play as any of the characters.


You should now know all there is to know about How to Unlock the Lost. Obviously, the technique is quite complicated, but if you follow the steps carefully, you will eventually know How to Unlock the Lost.

I hope you like my How to Unlock the Lost tutorial from here. If you want to read more about games and game-related topics like How to Unlock the Lost, then follow us. Thank you.



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