Hot Trends in Home Technology

If your house is more than a few years old, it may not be up to snuff when it comes to
today’s “smart” standards. When you’re ready to make some upgrades, look to today’s
home technology innovations for ideas on where to begin. Here are three of the biggest
trends that you should be jumping on to bring your house up to date.

Ditch Your Landline

Gone are the days when everyone had a wired telephone connection from “Ma Bell” at
home. In recent years, traditional landlines have become expensive to install and
maintain, while the cost, reliability, and quality of alternative options have all improved.
By switching to a wireless VoIP phone service provider, you can reduce your monthly
phone bill and gain access to cool perks, such as video chatting with friends and being
able to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere.

Smarten Up Your Appliances

Almost every appliance in your home can be more high-tech if you buy the latest
models. Smart washing machines are designed to adjust water temperature, spin
speed, and detergent usage based on the type of clothes you’ve loaded in.

Dishwashers offer similar technology to operate at maximum efficiency, and some can
even be controlled by your voice. Refrigerators are now equipped with cameras so
you’re able to see what you’re running short on while standing in the middle of the
grocery store, and ovens can be turned on or adjusted just by using a mobile app. While
technology can’t eliminate housework altogether, it can certainly make it easier.

Improve Your Security

Home security is another area in which technology is delivering several must-have
devices. Digital door locks can be installed that will permit you to control access to your
home remotely. Video doorbells let you communicate with anyone who comes to your
door even if you’re not at home, and security cameras can be set up to send an
immediate alert to your cell phone if any unexpected activity is detected. With the help
of technology, it’s becoming easy to keep an eye on your house whether you’re safely
ensconced inside or halfway around the world.

Jumping on these technology trends can lower both the cost of running your home and
the amount of time you spend on housework, while also going a long way toward
boosting your family’s sense of safety and security. When it comes to updating your
home, investing in today’s technology is a great place to start.



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