Check out Some Tips About Gowning Room Furniture

A gowning room can be defined as an ante-room. This is a space that is outside of the clean room which is used by the operators to change in and change out of their street clothes. A room like this is divided into a dirty and clean side. Besides, such a room is also optimized to go on with sequential procedures with the help of fewer steps.

An essential room as it is, a gowning room forms an important component for laboratories both small and big. Therefore, one should ensure that gowning supplies are proper and the furniture of the room is up to the mark. The cleanliness of the clean room gowning supplies and furniture are important to make free of any contamination.

What are the requirements of a gowning room and its applications?

The furniture supplies and other amenities of a clean room and gowning room are essential based on the environment at hand. It is crucial that such a room remains clean and sanitized because it offers a staging area for sanitation, hand washing, storage, and wearing apparel of different kinds which are work-specific, like shoe covers, hair nets (bouffant), coats, coveralls, gloves and more.

Gowning rooms where chip fabrication is done and/or circuit boards are assembled, they should have to reduce or rather prevent all the things associated with the humans like dead cells, dandruff, hair, and other micro particles. This is because even the smallest and the most infinitesimal particles that are deposited on a printed circuit can bring up a total loss or other related manufacturing defects. ESD fabrics are often traced to prevent static discharge from damaging sensitive components.

In industries like the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech instruments, gowning rooms stand as a passage that is in between the uncontrolled common areas and the appropriately pressurized clean rooms. Therefore, it is essential that the design of the gowning rooms meet all the criteria for aseptic workflow, sterilization processes, and operator safety defined under USP, CGMP, or FDA mandates. This plays a crucial role in hazardous or sterile processing.

Here’s what you should know about the Gowning Room Furniture

Check out Some Tips About Gowning Room Furniture

A gowning is necessary for every other modern laboratory to ensure that the work goes on as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, workstations and furniture shall be of utmost importance always. Appropriate furnishing along with ergonomic furniture boost the energy of any gowning room and also play a significant role in ensuring that the productivity soars higher than expected. Also, they assure quality work delivered for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, it is also important that the storage lockers, benches, and workstations fit in small spaces, which supports safe movement, clean principles, and reduces any form of risk. The surface, as well as the furniture, differ for unique environments, which depend on the classification of the clean room classification, organizational standards, hazards, sensitivity of the product and more. Thus, it is recommended that you look at every aspect of a cleanroom gowning room, which demands unique surfaces, materials as well as fixtures to use it for long.

When deciding on the furniture you cannot include any and every type of furniture in your gowning. Hence, planning and deciding on what you are going to need is really important before going for the furniture for your gowning room. You can choose your own furniture according to your need but keep in mind these tips because they will save you from messing things up badly:

Base Bench

Check out Some Tips About Gowning Room Furniture

When going for a base bench it is always better to go for a step over the base bench. This is because they will help you sit and lace up your clean room shoes. Also, with some of these benches, you will get a storage space underneath them. So, make it customary to get two of these.

Stainless Steel Basins

Check out Some Tips About Gowning Room Furniture

Basins form a central part of any laboratory and thus, it is important to build them sturdy and of stainless steel. Also, these basins reduce contamination to a great extent.

Boot Dry and Drip Tray

Boots are dirty and thus, they need to be taken care of especially before entering a laboratory. Therefore, it is important to keep your boots clean and dry, and what’s better than if you have a boot drip and dry tray inside the clean room itself.

Yes, these are easily available and they will all help you make your clean room gowning room a safe place to work smoothly in.



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