You and every other customer of your computer generally have complete access to most of the files as well as folders on your maker. Most of the time, that’s not a trouble, because customers typically have nothing to hide from each other. As a result, they keep their data as well as folders unprotected.
But, some users have a reason in block access to their stuff. Perhaps you’re working in a public place, and also don’t desire anyone to access your data.

Or you’re a parent not wanting your kid to gain access to unacceptable content. Whatever the reason, we’re sure a few of our readers need to keep their files and folders safe.
Luckily, it’s a piece of cake in an environment like Windows 10, since there are many tools for shielding your files and folders, that you’ll have a difficult time making a decision which option is the best.

That’s where we can be found in to reveal your ideal picks of documents and also folder locker devices for Windows 10.

Best File and Folder Locker Windows Tools

Our checklist contains various types of tools, from regular Win32 programs to UWP apps, as well as Windows’s built-in features. So, you’re free to choose whichever device and also technique fits you the most effective.

1. IObit Protected Folder
2. SecretFolder
3. Gilisoft Privacy Protector
4. dCrypt X (UWP)
5. 7 ZIP

IObit Protected Folder

IObit is frequently enhancing its item palette by the demands of the customers, and Protected Folder is a device that confirms it. This folder storage locker enables you to protect your crucial data with a password quickly.
The tool not just provides you defense from spying eyes that are attempting to access your essential data yet additionally keeps it risk-free against destructive attacks.

It has a locking engine enhanced to secure maintain secured your documents and folders also when your COMPUTER is the topic of a virus or spyware attack.
The device is user-friendly and also permits you to establish such options like refute read, reject write or hide. You will find out what extra functions does it has when it pertains to locking files or folders by downloading and install and install it.


We presented you with the very best paid option, so it’s time to speak about probably the most effective complementary software for securing your data in Windows 10. In our opinion, the most effective complimentary ‘encrypter’ you can discover is SecretFolder.
Of course, this program has fewer features than its paid equivalents, yet still finishes the job effectively.

Some users might locate the simplicity of SecretFolder’s interface not so appealing, yet it makes this device rather easy to use, which is substantial and also, on the other side.
To lock up a folder with this tool, you require to include it to the listing, and that’s that. Really simple, secure, and also straightforward.

But among the very best functions of SecretFolder is the supposed “Protected Uninstall.” This function needs you to go into a password before uninstalling SecretFolder. In this way, your files stay safe even if someone attempts to uninstall SecretFolder, which is a charming touch.
So, if you require a necessary tool to secure a few folders, without carrying out intricate actions, you can’t fail with SecretFolder.

Gilisoft Privacy Protector

Safety and security and also privacy are sensitive problems that many people like to not speak about. Nevertheless, procedures need to be taken to make sure every little thing you do continues to be private. Gilisoft Privacy Protector will give you just that, as it is a full personal privacy suite.
It firmly shreds all deleted data to ensure that they can not be recuperated any longer; it removes your browsing and Windows background, clears any traces of third-party programs, and more.

Besides, GiliSoft Privacy Guard effectively stops most prohibited procedures done by hackers or malicious software applications such as viruses, trojans, as well as spyware.
It is so good that it will certainly secure your privacy even if you are sharing the very same PC with somebody else. It does this by efficiently hiding documents, videos, pictures, as well as it also password secures them as an added procedure.

dCrypt X (UWP)

We can not speak about the best Windows 10 applications of any kind without at the very least one UWP app. However, the choice of security apps in the Microsoft Shop is not so rich, with only a few alternatives available. And also, among those applications, dCrypt X develops as the very best option.
However, dCrypt X is not a free application, as it comes at the cost of $7.99, which is quite high for a UWP application. However, if you want to spend on this app, you can’t locate a much better option in the shop now. Decrypt X can password protect any file on your computer.

It uses the SnowFrost Engine cryptography to encrypt and secure users’ privacy and also categorized information. Additionally, you can select which users can access encrypted data, which is something you can’t discover in every encrypting tool.

7, ZIP

This is a freeware data archiver, and, now, you might ask: what does it involve file or folder locking feature? Well, this Archiver permits you to lock your files or folders with a password after archiving.
It is not a full-dedicated locking tool, but it can do the job for small files and also papers.

7 ZIP offers a secure AES-256 little bit encryption, which is called the best approach to secure documents as well as folders. More than that, it provides ZipCrypto file encryption as well as 7zip security methods, so your files, as well as folders, will undoubtedly be tough to unlock.

Final Words :

Windows 10’s very own security devices conclude our listing of the most useful file/folder storage lockers for the system. If you had any predicament regarding choosing the very best, and the safest alternative for your computer system, we wish this post aided you to comprise your mind.

If you have any type of advice, so please do not hesitate to let us know in the comment area below.


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