Download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

Download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

Subtitles are a great advantage if you are trying to learn a new language. Thankfully, a lot of content you view on platforms like YouTube comes with English and other subtitles. For example, if you are choosing up English pronunciation and accent, you want subtitles.

The difficulty is that you may not ever have a good internet connection with you. Moreover, you would become to download YouTube videos to be accessed offline. The difficulty is that not every YouTube downloader provides you to download videos with subtitles. This is, in most cases, you may end up with a video without subtitles.

However, how do you get the YouTube videos with subtitles? Don’t worry, and we have found several options.

The Thing by YouTube Premium

In case you did not remember, YouTube Premium is the official way to download YouTube videos for offline requirements. But, you will have to subscribe to this paid service for the best experience. Further importantly, the offline download feature works on Android and iOS only. This is, if you need to enjoy these videos on the desktop, you want something more.

Getting to the appearance of subtitles, YouTube Premium automatically downloads the subtitles. You don’t have to do anything more here. Download the video in the quality you want, and the available subtitles would also be downloaded. While playing the offline video, you can make the right option from the Menu => Captions. Auto-generated English subtitles may not work in this mode, though.

 The difficulty is that you cannot move these downloaded files or the subtitles as such. If you are happy with the YouTube player interface, this could be a possible alternative. If not, though, you should ask others listed here.

These techniques are used to download subtitles from YouTube videos on the desktop with comfort. You can also try them when you don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription.

Way 1. One Dedicated Software like YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

This is the most efficient way to download subtitles from YouTube videos with comfort. That means you can download a standalone program that supports you download subtitles through a dedicated interface in the finish. If compared to an Online YouTube Subtitle Downloader, you get some additional features too.

For instance, you will choose the format of the subtitle.TXT gives you easy-to-copy subtitles without timestamps.SRT gives you text by subtitles as well. Additionally, you may be capable of downloading multiple subtitles in batch, add timing information or download the subtitles for a specific significance of time.

You should also note that you can take the subtitles’ language before you hit the download button. That comes in handy if you don’t need to hoard all the subtitles files you don’t need. Such an active program saves you a lot of time as well.

YouTube subtitle downloader software is a great option if you use downloaded subtitles for a diversity of requirements. As an example, you could opt for .TXT subtitles if you need to copy and paste content with ease. That will help you when you are downloading online learning videos, where the captions help a lot.

 Exactly what if you want to get rid of installation and everything?

Way 2. Online YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

If you need the benefit of portability and a go-to interface, you should look for online YouTube downloaders with subtitle options. That means you don’t have to download or install any application to get the downloads for offline access. Rather, just as you would do with a video, you have to paste the YouTube video URL.

Today, there are so many online subtitle downloader websites out there. You can also select websites that offer a shortened URL for easy access. These come in handy if you need to get a subtitle downloaded — without going through all the fuss. As it turns out, there are extra benefits as well.

One of them is that you can often use the same online platform to download subtitles from other streaming services, such as Vimeo, Facebook, TED, etc. So, the next time you download a TED talk video from the official website, you can download the subtitle as well.

This downside is that you may miss out on some features like bulk features. You will have to paste the URLs one by one if you want to download subtitles for many videos out there. But, when connected to the significant aspect of compatibility and control, this can be ignored.

Lengthy story short, an online YouTube Subtitle Downloader is your best shot when you are on the run. Plus, did we mention that you don’t have to spend a single penny here? There are so many free alternatives. And, we should also think that there are so many YouTube video downloaders out there. Then, you can be relaxed.

Final Words

So, these are your top choices when you need to download subtitles of a YouTube video without fuss. As it appears, we have also included a way that you can use to download subtitles from other services such as Facebook, etc. Hope it helps every learner out there.



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