5 Social Media Platforms With Their Character And Word Count Limits

5 Social Media Platforms With Their Character And Word Count Limits

Social media is one of the clear evidence of modern technology. It is a place that allows
people to share their interests, information, ideas, and other forms of communication
through virtual communities. These platforms could be an internet-based or mobile and
are created uniquely from each other.
These platforms are mostly being used to promote a business, as gaining brand popularity through them is easy. However, just like any other technology, too much of something is
bad enough. One of the best examples is a post’s word count. Expressing your ideas is
good, but wordy posts could bore your audience. That being said, here are some social
media platforms, and their ideal word count limits.

5 Social Media Platforms With Their Character And Word Count Limits


Facebook is a networking platform where people connect with friends and families online.
This platform was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It was primarily created for
college students but eventually grew more prominent and became available for everyone
13 years old and up, making it today’s one of the most popular networking sites.
For business owners, posting on Facebook is a competition with each other. You want to
make sure that you get your customer’s attention straight by using the most accurate
words. A study shows that an ideal Facebook update length is 40-80 character count, Ad
descriptions are up to 18 words, and a headline of up to 5 words.


Twitter is one of today’s most popularly used by people. This platform allows you to share
short posts called the tweet. The primary aim of this site is to allow people to share their
thoughts with a bigger audience. Exchanging private messages can also be done here.
For the past few years, a 140 character limit has been standard for Twitter users. But the
network increased its limit up to 280 characters in 2017. Their DMs have a 10,000 character
count limit, and a profile name is also limited to 20 characters.


Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is more of a video and photo sharing. As
most people are aware of, this is owned by Facebook. Therefore, some of your user’s posts
on Instagram can also be shared on Facebook. But this one focuses more on the visual
side of networking.

In case you are not aware, Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, a bio is up
to 150 characters, a username of 30 characters, and the hashtags can only be up to 30. It
would be best if you also take note that captions would be cut after the 125th character,
so type in the most important information first.


Pinterest is a networking site that focuses more on image sharing, videos, and even GIFs
through their pinboards. It usually serves as a visual search engine to look for style
inspirations, home, and even recipe ideas. With billions of pins available for almost
everything, finding your searched pin would be accessible.
Since Pinterest focuses more on boards and pins, some people do not expect that there
are limits on its text portions. A Pin and description are limited to only 500 characters, bio
of 150, the username would be 15, board name is up to 100 characters. For maximum
numbers of Pins, users can have up to 200,000 while Pinterest boards can be up to 500.


LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented platform that helps professionals
connect wherever they are around the world. People need to sign up and create their
profile if they want to use this. A person’s LinkedIn profile should summarize their
professional experiences, past and present employers, and even their connections.
LinkedIn lets its users showcase their expertise to attract any opportunities connected to
their skills. Not only that, but it also highlights your achievements and credibility in your
field. Using this platform provides more exposure and promotes you in the best way
LinkedIn is not exempted from character limits, and it is a lot different than any other social
media platforms. There are various areas where you can input text, and each has its
particular character limit such as a recommendation that is limited to up to 3,000
characters, the Summary/About Us is about 2,000, module body of 500 characters, module
title of 150 characters—first name of 20 characters, and the last name of 40.


A character count plays a vital role in making your follower respond to your post. They are
very helpful in making your followers more interested in your post because some people
lose interest the moment they see very long captions, while others get even more interested. It is equally important to know the platform’s character or word count limits so
you could choose better and more exact words to use without compromising the general
the idea of your text.


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