Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

Make excitement with the best flower delivery online this Mother’s Day and find beautiful bouquets that can be delivered right to their door.

Among the best online flower delivery, you can show how much you care this Mother’s Day and cheer up the special occasion with some lovely blooms. From classic arrangements to more fresh bouquets, using an online delivery service means you have a world of different flowers to pick from, which are fit for a range of budgets too. 

We’ve tried and tested many standard arrangements from the best online flower companies to check which ones come out on top, thinking where the flowers are sourced and how speedy delivery tends to be; therefore, if you’ve left your Mother’s Day arrangements a little late this year when you can choose one that will get your thoughtful gesture to wherever it wants to be just on time. 

Either if you fancy splashing out, then several of the best online flower delivery companies now also allow subscription services so that you can extend your gratitude all year long and make your recipient feel extra special. They’ll be ready to receive seasonal blooms and local flowers, too, for a personalized experience.

If you need to extend your Mother’s Day gesture beyond just flowers, many of these online florists also include the option for additional gifts or a card so that they can be your one-stop service. 

Best Online Flower Delivery

1. The Bouqs: Most original arrangements

Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

The Bouqs has the most original arrangements, with bouquets that include plantable succulents.

Same-day or next-day delivery: Limited | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: No | Gifts available: No | Customer support: Message

Go to The Bouqs

  • Original bouquet designs
  • Simple sorting and ordering
  • A large variety of plants and flowers used in the bouquets
  • Limited same-day or next-day delivery
  • Mixed results with what you get

We love the idea The Bouqs arrangements look online: with such a wide variety of flowers, plants, and stems used throughout the collection, it was a delight to browse the site. As a newer player in the store, it markets itself to a younger demographic with a more bohemian aesthetic and soft pastel hues. If you’re watching for same-day or next-day delivery, The Bouqs probably isn’t for you – but if your recipient would appreciate a plantable succulent that can last for far longer than the fresh-cut flowers it came with, order first. The presence of the flowers that showed up for testing in our offices didn’t even the beauty of the ones on-site, which was disappointing, though there’s always an element of this with flowers.

2. 1-800-Flowers: Best online flower delivery overall

Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

The overall best online flower delivery service, with reasonable pricing and loads of flowers to collect from.

Same-day or next-day delivery: For choosing arrangements | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Select | Gifts available: Yes | Customer support: Chat, email, phone | Price range: $24.99 – $200+


  • The varied range of flowers and plants
  • Fair prices
  • International delivery available
  • Arrangements are more classic and less modern
  • No care instructions

1-800 Flowers ensures a spot at the top for the best online flower delivery overall. It’s a great option if you’ve nevermore ordered flowers back, as there’s a beautiful collection of flowers and plants. 1-800 Flowers wants its customers to be done; therefore, if there’s a problem with your order, the company will help make it right. If you’re on a budget, there are any attractive options here, too, including some more costly options if you’re ready to shell out more money – take into account the shifting service fees and taxes. 

The delivery we should arrive on time, and in excellent condition, broadly if compared to others, we examined. 1-800 Flowers is a very safe set of hands, although one of our several complaints is that there are no care instructions included with each delivery, which we believe should be standard for all bouquets.

3. ProFlowers: Most affordable flowers

Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

ProFlowers is the various affordable choice, meaning you can but get a quality bouquet for a relatively low price. Best Online Flower Delivery.

Same-day or next-day delivery: : For some good arrangements | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Choose | Gifts available: Yes | Customer support: Chat, email, phone | Price range: $30 – $195

Go to ProFlowers

  • Very affordable options
  • Lots to choose from on-site
  • Does International delivery
  • No, the most original arrangements
  • Bouquet may not arrive as advertised

ProFlowers may not be everyone’s first option, but it makes up for affordability where it leaves in bouquet design. ProFlowers has the most attractive options for under $40, a less-than-average cost for fresh-cut flowers. If you’re on a tighter budget, we believe ProFlowers is the intelligent pick – your bouquet will likely still be fresh and beautiful and relatively fuller than arrangements from other services that are so valued. There’s a nice variety of flowers on the website, which means there are plenty to choose from, and the gifting options are more than sufficient for most occasions.

4. FTD: Best flower quality

Best Online Flower Delivery in 2021

This bouquet from FTD was the most beautifully done out of all the flowers we received.

Same-day or next-day delivery: For most good arrangements | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Choose | Gifts available: Yes | Customer support: Email, phone

Go to FTD

  • Lots of gifts available
  • We enjoyed the bouquet we ordered, and it arrived in excellent condition
  • International delivery, as well as national
  • Average-looking bouquets on the website
  • Not the most original arrangements
  • Best Online Flower Delivery

Although these bouquets on the FTD aren’t as original as ones we’ve seen from other services, we thought that the end product was the best we’ve seen – and finally, it’s the result that matters the most. Our arrangement arrived in excellent condition and was very familiar with what was advertised, unlike many other bouquets we received. The website is straightforward to use, and the variety of flowers is good too. While not as much value as some others, nor as varied or original, FTD is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants good quality flowers delivered.

5. UrbanStems: Most eco-friendly flowers

UrbanStems sources its flowers of Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Same-day or next-day delivery: For any arrangements | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: No | Gifts available: No | Customer support: Email, phone, direct message

Go to Urbanstems

  • Eco-friendly company
  • Affordable alternatives
  • New and trendy aesthetic
  • Lean-looking bouquets if you opt for lower-cost arrangements
  • No gifts available
  • No international delivery

UrbanStems is one of the unique services in the flower delivery space, and although it still has some distance to go, it still makes our list of the best flower delivery services. Its bouquets have a more modernistic and bohemian aesthetic. Therefore it’s perhaps fully suited for a younger recipient than an earlier one. UrbanStems is also your go-to if eco-friendly methods involve you or your recipient: this company values ecological responsibility and helps its farmers and local industries. While the bouquet we received of UrbanStems wasn’t the most suitable we tested (nor the worst), it was still lovely and clean, and the fact it’s eco-friendly goes a long way. The site is also simple to navigate and has a great variety of options for all budgets.

6. Teleflora: Easiest ordering options

As traditional arrangements with a twist and secure order, see no further than Teleflora.

Same-day or next-day delivery: For most good arrangements | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Select | Gifts available: Yes | Customer support: Message

Go to Teleflora

  • Average prices
  • Beautiful arrangements as advertised
  • Easy ordering
  • A not very varied collection 
  • Many customer complaints
  • Best Online Flower Delivery

Despite many negative customer reviews, we were happy with our Teleflora arrangement. With reasonable prices, gifts you can add to your order, and the ease of ordering, Teleflora is an excellent option if you’re ordering flowers for the first time or aren’t well-versed in purchasing flowers online. Teleflora also has very informative product surfaces that can assist you in making the best option for your recipient and wallet. When you are new to ordering flowers or only do it very infrequently, we’ve got our guide to flower meanings to help you make a more knowledgeable best.

7. Venus et Fleur: Best for roses

Venus et Fleur is known for its long-lasting roses, which are chemically treated to last up to a year.

Same-day or next-day delivery: Limited | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Limited | Gifts available: Limited | Customer support: Email, phone

Go to Venus Et Fleur

  • Roses last a long time
  • Great delivery options
  • Flowers are chemically treated
  • Quite expensive

Venus et Fleur isn’t your common flower delivery company. If you’re ready to pay a pretty steep cost, you can order the service’s signature Eternity Roses, which can last a year with proper (yet minimal) care. Used with chemicals to protect them and dyed to give them a striking color – that can be anything from red to rainbow – you won’t have to follow them for about 12 months. Offered in a lovely box and with a distinct smell that lasts for many weeks, these roses are a gift your recipient won’t forget – but they’re not for everyone. 

8. Amazon flowers: A great variety of bouquets

Best Online Flower Delivery

It may not be your first option, but Amazon makes a good selection of fresh-cut flowers.

Same-day or next-day delivery: Dependent on vendor | National delivery: Yes | International delivery: Dependent on vendor | Gifts available: Dependent on vendor | Customer support: Limited chat and call schedule

Visit Site

  • A good range of choices
  • Often one of the cheaper options
  • Amazon is a well-known site
  • Quality of service depends on the vendor
  • Limited customer service
  • Best Online Flower Delivery

Surprisingly, to fresh-cut flowers, Amazon is a very reliable option. Best Online Flower Delivery. The delivery bulk may not have the most beautiful arrangements and may not be the most reliable, though you can still get a quality product for a low price if you pick wisely. Learn that the quality of your bouquet is only as good as the quality of the vendor you choose, so you need to be familiar with how Amazon works and be confident in selecting third-party sellers. For the best results, see the arrangement reviews carefully and ensure that there are enough to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. The bouquet we received was in excellent condition and was one of the better value choices from this testing round.



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