Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

If you have been using Viscipics to delete duplicate images from your computer, you must know that different tools excel in the same rules. Although Viscipics is freeware, it does not include the advanced features that have been taught in Viscipics Alternatives. This results in Visipics not being very efficient compared to others, and many people are looking for Alternatives to Visipics. Here is the best list of the best duplicate photo finder apps that can be considered the best Visipics Alternative. If you still need a Visipics download in Windows 10.

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Let us examine each application in detail and know what features it has to happen.

1. Glarysoft Duplicate Cleaner

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Moving forward on the list of Alternatives to Visipics is Glarysoft Duplicate Cleaner that is a great app. This software can scan your hard drive for duplicate files with the sole purpose of deleting all the multiple copies of the same file. The duplicate files are sent to the Recycle Bin, which means that the user will have to empty the trash bin to get rid of them. Other features include:

  • Lightweight app and consumes fewer
  • Uses rapid scan technology.
  • Ignore the list option available.

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2. Wise Duplicate Finder

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Speaking of Visipics Alternatives, the next in line is Wise Duplicate Finder, a file management tool with a particular module to remove duplicates. This app uses different criteria to compare files, such as file name, file size, and content. Unlike Visipics, Wise Duplicate Finder helps to identify duplicate images and documents, songs, and movies as well. Other features include:

  • Identifies Empty or Zero files.
  • Can restore files deleted by error.
  • Features automatic delete of multiple copies with one click.

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3. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

One of the Top best and most recommended Alternatives to Visipics is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. This application makes an extended scan of your computer’s storage devices (both internal and external) and detects all duplicates, similar and near-identical images. It is one of the swiftest software available today and allows various modes of duplicate scanning.


  • Recovers Storage Space with a few clicks.
  • Available on multiple platforms, including iOS.
  • Sort and organize photo galleries.
  • Group-wise results of duplicate photos.


4. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

One of the best ways to regain storage space is to delete the duplicate photos responsible for unnecessary occupancy of hard disk space. This app VisiPics Alternatives is available for around $20 and can scan internal and external drives. It also declutters your photo album. Some exciting features are:

  • Easy to Use GUI.
  • Review images before deleting them.
  • Users can apply various filters like size and date.
  • Available on all major platforms like Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • Supports multiple image formats.

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5. AntiDupl

If you have a vast collection of images in various formats like GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, TGA, WMF, etc., the best alternative to Visipics is AntiDupl. This app uses content to compare the images, which means that it can detect similar images and duplicate images as well. Some features include:

  • Free app and Open Source.
  • Supports English and Russian
  • Accuracy and Speed are two main features.

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6. Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Now that we are halfway through the list of Visipics alternatives, we have a great application that can detect similar photos from our photo library. The Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner is state-of-the-art software that is currently priced at $20. This app has a ton of features, and some of them are:

  • Drag and Drop Photos or Folders.
  • Auto Mark option reduces time and effort.
  • Organizes Photos gallery.
  • Supports RAW & PSD.
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7. Anti-Twin

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

Talking about free duplicate photo cleaner software, we have Anti-Twin that offers a comparison of files on a byte-by-byte basis. It provides various options like including subfolders or comparing identical file sizes etc. These unique options help users identify and delete all the duplicates, near-identical and similar images.


  • Can detect duplicate music files as well.
  • Searches for unnecessary file copies.
  • Easy to use and bug-free.

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8. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Best 10 VisiPics Alternatives In 2021

If you are looking for pro software in the market for a decade, your search ends here. Best VisiPics Alternatives Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is 1 of the top popular duplicate file finders with over 20 million downloads and countless awards. This app costs $0 and is regularly updated with intelligent algorithms that compare the files’ content. Other features include:

  • The user is in complete control.
  • IT experts recommend all Auslogics products.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10

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9. Picture Echo

The final Visipics alternative on this list today is Picture Echo that uses artful intelligence to eliminate duplicate and similar images. This app VisiPics Alternative organizes your photo collection by deleting related pictures and removing 100% duplicates. The duplicates detected are auto-selected based on an algorithm that considers the creation date, size, format, etc., of the duplicate images.


  • Scans for duplicates among Adobe Lightroom images.
  • Can move copies to a new drive or folder permanently
  • Visual Similarity detection

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10. AllDUP

Continuing with Freeware, there is another VisiPics Alternatives, which helps delete duplicate files on your Windows PC. This app is available in almost 20 languages and is a lightweight app with an installation file of just over 15 MB. It also features a portable version that can work on a PC without installation.


  • Supports all Windows versions from XP, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Multiple languages
  • Portable edition is available for free.

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Best Visipics Alternatives In 2021

That concludes the list of the best 10 VisiPics Alternatives available in the software market. We strongly recommend using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to eliminate all the duplicate, near-identical and related images in your computer. This application has been around for many years now and is very popular with many. The only limitation known is that you need to purchase a license to use it, but good things are never free in life.

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