5KPlayer: Best Media Player for Your HD and 4K

Windows 10, having learned from the many errors committed in the previous edition, added several. Windows 10 is one of the most reliable operating systems you can find. However, it still lacks a good media player. You cannot rely on the default video player to play 4K or HD material.

Here, we’re talking about not just performance, but also features availability. This is why practically everyone needs to seek for third-party media players on the market. The second trouble starts there. Finding a 4K end video player with the ideal balance of power and features has become quite tough. So we were quite eager to hear about 5KPlayer and get our hands on it.

In this brief review, we’ll go over the many characteristics of 5KPlayer and why it can be your best option if you’re seeking for the best video player for Windows or Mac.

About 5KPlayer

From the outside, 5KPlayer seems like any other media player you’ve encountered on Windows or macOS. It has, however, been adjusted to handle HD and 4K films with ease. This does not need you to have a high-end computer. Even if you have a powerful machine, 5KPlayer will do an excellent job of employing hardware acceleration and other algorithmic adjustments to deliver the best performance.

However, what distinguishes 5KPlayer as the best media player in town is its adaptability. There are several things you can do with this ability. We hope you’ve finished the fundamentals, and now we’ll move on to other things.

About the UI

The easy-to-use interface of 5KPlayer is one of the best things about it. You do not need any guides to get started with the player. Most people can easily access advanced features like DLNA or AirPlay streaming. At the end of the day, the UI offers significant value to 5KPlayer as a whole.

Play everything!

We said that this free 4K video player can handle both HD and 4K material with ease. But it’s not only video files that are in jeopardy. Let’s see what 5KPlayer can handle.

High-quality, hardware-accelerated audio and video playback

In addition to handling HD and 4K material in general, 5KPlayer supports a wide range of codecs. MP4, H.265/264, VP8/VP9, MTS, MKV, and VR 360 Degree are some of the video formats that 5KPlayer can handle. When it comes to audio, it can recognize choices like Dolby Atmos and improve playback quality. In the case of both audio and video, 5KPlayer would be hardware-accelerated using NVIDA CUDA, Intel QSV, and so on.

AirPlay and DLNA Stream

5KPlayer has native support for both DLNA and AirPlay streaming. This means you can use DLNA or AirPlay to broadcast video to 5KPlayer. And whatever is streamed will be played in full screen on your PC. This is ideal for streaming Amazon Prime videos or other content from your iPhone to a larger screen. When connected, you may also record AirPlay/DLNA videos 5kplayer download.

Free Download Videos

When you’re finished with the current movie collection, 5KPlayer also allows you to download movies from famous sites like YouTube and Vimeo. All you need to do is input the video’s URL. 5KPlayer can also assist you convert the video to an MP3 file or, better yet, a ringtone for your smartphone in case you wish. It also functions like a charm.

In case we forgot to mention it, 5KPlayer has these features in addition to everything else you’d expect from a standard macOS or Windows media player.

Media Library Management

When you are hooked to media consumption, having a great media collection is essential. With this HD video player, you can do that. You may not only upload information based on categories, but also arrange it for simple access. At the end of the day, you will have to expend less work to manage what you have in store. It should also be mentioned that 5KPlayer provides complete support for radio stations. By clicking the “Live” button on the main UI, you may listen to a choice of radio stations from across the globe.


5KPlayer is without a doubt the best free video player you can get your hands on, given all it has to offer in each sector. It’s undoubtedly an alternative to macOS’s default players, but it also has some sophisticated features like AirPlay streaming.



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