In this article, we’ll offer you the easiest Free YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Converters cause Saving audio, and video files from YouTube are hard. It’s a bit like that using YouTube video downloaders but selecting different options before downloading anything. YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter is superb for the work. Don’t worry about that because we’ll explain all of it to you. It’s going to seem a touch bit difficult for us to download only YouTube audio and video files, but it isn’t.

All of you are to wish to seek out a superb YouTube to MP3 & MP4 Converter, and therefore the task is going to be finish in minutes. The critical problem is finding proper tools for YouTube video and Audio downloading, there are thousands of devices, but few of them have issued ads, adware, or limit the length of downloading.

To save you from all the hurdles, we show you the list of the easiest YouTube to MP3 And MP4 Converters right here now. You’ll enjoy the audio and video files that you most liked. You only got to select the download mp3 or mp4 option right there while using these online tools, and therefore the downloading will start. Let’s start. You can save youtube videos to your Mac.

Best YouTube To MP3 And Mp4 Converters List

1. Airy

Website: Airy

The most reliable YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac on this list is Airy. It has a full range of benefits, and it’s easy to use. You can now download a single video and multiple videos at once (batch downloads), or if you select, you can even download full playlists. So, you can also download complete channels so you can take all your favorite songs in one go. Airy is a YouTube to MP3 converter best known for its service. It supports MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats as well. Of course, you can also download it as an MP3 if you need the audio.


  • Airy provides you to download complete YouTube playlists, channels, or categories at once.
  • The output format can be taken, including MP3.
  • Well-optimized interface for maximum convenience.
  • A built-in download manager.
  • Most useful Best Youtube to MP3 converter app for Mac.


  • Free version limited to two downloads.

2. YTMP3

Website: YTMP3
YTMP3 abbreviated as YouTube to MP3 is an old and accessible website around the world. This YouTube to MP3 converters offers multiple format options. It allows you to download YouTube videos in many formats, and it includes MP4 also as MP3. As a result, you’ll use YTMP3 for downloading videos as MP3 songs with no difficulties. You’ll also utilize this website to convert videos stored on your computer’s storage memory to any format. YTMP3 is one of the most straightforward YouTube to MP3 converters that don’t offer any extra obsolete features. Rather than that, it focuses only on the crucial things which end in a superb experience for the user. So it’s entirely liberal to use.

3. Y2Mate

Website: Y2Mate
Y2Mate is one of the foremost famous YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters available. A website that’s very simple and simple to be used. If you’re new here and look for sites that allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and Mp4 downloading them, then the Y2Mate is often a superb option for you. The interface of this website is simple and straightforward for usage. You’ll find all of the possible options and toggles right the house screen of this application. All of those options can use to download the most straightforward quality MP3 converter from YouTube. And therefore, the same as many other YouTube to MP3 converters out there, this one is additionally entirely free for usage.

4. Concerto

Website: Converto
Converto is one of the newest YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters and tools. Thus, you’ll imagine all of the latest features and options on this website available. It comes with a minimum and straightforward interface which looks thoroughly modern. One of the most uncomplicated opportunities offered by this website is the ability to download videos also. It’s possible thanks to the toggle between video or audio format, which may be quite handy in many cases. and in contrast to some YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters, this one doesn’t require you to download any tools or apps on your computer easily. You’ll utilize this website from any browser.

5. Online Video Converter

Website: Online Video Converter
Online Video Converter is another video conversion tool from one video format to a different one. But since we’ve mentioned it above, YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters, it is often wont to download MP3 and MP4 files from YouTube also. You’ll upload video files from your computer or enter a URL on this website for usage. And for this app, you’ll also use YouTube links on this website to download MP3, MP4 files. Though this website is free, you are doing not get any ads in it while using it for media conversion files. It’s one of the straightforward ways to use YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters available. The interface is simple and straightforward out there.

6. YTD Video Downloader

Website: YTD Video Downloader
The YTD Video Downloader is the best site for downloading videos from YouTube for free of charge now. But it’s considered together of the most straightforward YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters also cause it offers format options. This feature allows you to download YouTube videos in various formats, which include both videos, even as audio. And it can do that while offering high-quality MP3 and Mp4 files. It allows you to enjoy all of your favorite music songs in top quality. And a bit like Clip Grab, this one is additionally a Windows application that you simply can download on your PC. It’s one among the YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters, which is out there for Windows while being free. You are doing not get any ads while using this application on your PC.

7. Clip Grab

Website: Clip Grab
Clip Grab maybe a website that will apply to grab or download video files out there. But you’ll use this website for converting YouTube videos to MP3 and Mp4 files with no difficulties. Hence, we’ve mentioned above, like all downloaders, the great YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters. Though, Clip Grab is sort of different from all of the opposite YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters during this article. It’s not an internet site for downloading YouTube MP3 and Mp4 files. Rather than all, you’ve got to download the Windows application of Clip Grab for using it to download your favorite songs and albums from YouTube. But unlike many other tools available out there that installed on Windows, this one is liberal to use.

8. aTube Catcher

Website: aTube Catcher
aTube Catcher is one of the foremost famous feature-rich YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters available out there. These characteristics are often quite convenient while downloading MP3 and Mp4 songs from YouTube. It permits you to download YouTube videos in MP4 format for watching later. You’ll also download YouTube videos in several other forms provided by this tool. And it offers this many features because it is among the some dedicated YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters, which install an application on Windows. You only enter the URL of any YouTube video of your choice and download it in any pattern of your choice. It even provides elementary video and audio editing characteristics and options, which are quite useful.

9. GenYouTube

Website: GenYouTube
GenYouTube is one of the sole YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters accessible for Android devices. As a result, you’ll use it to download YouTube videos directly from your smartphone on the go. It permits you to browse YouTube videos straight from the video, and you are doing not need to type the URL of the video of your choice. You’ll also use this website to download both MP3 and MP4 YouTube video files of the highest quality. And therefore, the whole interface of this website is sort of effortless and straightforward to use. Albeit you’re new such YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters, you’ll not have any matters. You’ll search all of the critical options and characteristics directly on the house screen of this application easily to be used.

10. 4K Downloader

Website: 4k Downloader
Just like the name of this software, it invented for downloading 4K videos from YouTube. It provides you a free and paid version, and therefore the free version is additionally among a couple of of the excellent YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters out there. And it comes with different advanced characteristics and options, which may be quite handy for downloading either videos or audio from this website. And you’ll queue multiple downloads directly during this application also, which makes it quite simple to use. The interface is sort of modern, smooth, and far better than the other option out there. Hence, considered as a number of the most straightforward free YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters out there.

11. Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

Website: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
It is one of the sole free YouTube to MP3 converters obtainable out there. But since this converter is freed from cost to use, it does serve ads to the user. And these ads can create a touch disturbance while downloading YouTube MP3 files. Luckily, you’ll simply remove these ads from this converter by only installing a billboard blocker on your devices. This tool permits you to convert video files stored on your computer. But it provides a URL option that you simply can use to download videos from any given URL and reserve it to MP3. And it’s quite easy to use. It’s one of the most straightforward YouTube to MP3 converters out there, which provides the simplest overall experience.

12. YouTube Offline Downloader

Website: YouTube Offline Downloader
YTOffline has been around for a short time and is another notable YouTube downloader. This site is primarily wont to save files in video format, although a couple of audio formats are available. A singular feature that YTOffline has is that the choice to look for YouTube videos directly from the website’s homepage. This way, you don’t get to return continuously and forth to YouTube, copying, and pasting links whenever. to urge started, just A search term into the box on the homepage and hit enter. The page will display some videos with a download button beside them. Click on the download buttons for the video you’d wish to save, which redirects you to the most download page with all the download options for that video.

13. Online YouTube Converter

Website: Online YouTube Converter

YouTubeconver.cc may be simple and straightforward to use online video downloader and converter. Unlike many other options listed here, this web tool allows you to download and convert videos into different audio and video formats, including MP4, MP3, WebM, WAV, OGG, WMA, et al. This converter also allows you save some of a YouTube clip as an animated gif. Since this tool works directly in your browser, so you don’t get to install any third-party software to form it works. Just open your favorite browser, head over to the web site, and paste the YouTube link within the field on the homepage.

Conclusion :

In this article, we offer you the best YouTube to MP3 and Mp4 converters that you simply can use for downloading YouTube mp3 and mp4 files quite easily. It’s still an inconvenience, though, and against YouTube’s TOS. We also Posted “How To Download YouTube Videos Legally” So employing a music streaming service would be far better than this, but it’s your choice.



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