Animated video production is a special industry. Video animation is a type of animation, which can also be called 2D animation. By video animation is meant two-dimensional animation, which is drawn by the artist and animated by the animator. If you look globally, then from the video of such animation differs in such fundamental points:

  • Animation is not filmed as opposed to video clips. The only exceptions are stop-motion and similar types of animation.
  • In animation there are no actors, any character is created such as required, not wasting time on castings.

The script in the video animation

In this genre it is much easier to generate ideas, because there are no restrictions. For example, if you have a plot of the main character is flying in outer space, for animation is as simple as if the hero walked on the road, if not easier. And for a video shoot, it’s a very expensive production cost.

Like any script, in animation, too, it all starts with an idea. Then you have to come up with the beginning of the story, the middle and the end. It is good when the animated video clip has a character, the viewer will be easier to “connect” to the hero. If you have a clear message to tell in the course of the commercial, they can and should be woven into the plot of the story. These methods are important to use in such complex areas as healthcare explainer videos or reviews of computer programs.

Layouts for video animation

Bringing the story to life right away – after the script – is for wimps. In fact, it’s always better to present the story in picture form. Storyboard gives insight into the whole story, draws attention to gaps, removes doubt. Video animation will be of much higher quality, if in the process of creating will be such a stage as the creation of layouts.

Moreover, layouts save you from the lion’s share of useless labor. Practice has shown that after the production of spontaneous material, up to 90% of the video is ruthlessly cut out. The phased production makes it possible to minimize unnecessary actions.

Video animation in action

At this stage the layouts are approved and you can already proceed to animate the pictures on the screen. But animation is not only that. More important and important role is played by sound.

Announcer. The announcer tells what should be spoken for the storyline, so the viewer is guaranteed to understand everything.

Sound Design. Animation immediately becomes “more expensive” if it is voiced sounds, creaking door, car sound, street sound and so on. The more sounds, the better the immersion in your world.

Music. Music can be borrowed from stocks or recorded to order from a composer.

Types of video animation

  • Doodle animation is a video where your hand draws objects in the frame.
  • Minimalist animation. Such videos do not pay much attention to the plasticity of the characters or dynamics. It’s just a set of vivid scenes.
  • 3D video clips. Create a three-dimensional space similar to the real world of man.
  • Storytelling animation. This often creates more moving characters, there is a story, the analysis of cases, etc:
  • 2D instructional video. There is a breakdown of the product or service without the story and introduction.
  • Stop Motion videos.
  • Motion design. There is often no characters, beautiful dynamic appearance of objects, prints, photos, and so on.

As you can see the video animation – can be totally different, it all depends on your objectives. The most important thing in the video animation – is the originality, freshness and brevity. After all, few people like to watch ads, so you should always try to make the animation interesting.


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