As an employee, you should feel safe at your place of work and you should also be provided with the peace of mind that in the unlikely event that a workplace accident occurs, that you will be covered for all eventualities. Workers compensation is mandated insurance program that is there to protect you when you need it the most. No matter how hard you try to do your job well and no matter how hard you try to follow the health and safety protocols, there may come a time when you slip and fall and hurt yourself badly. It is your employer’s job to make sure that the necessary protections are in place so that no matter whose fault that it is, should it be the employer, your co-worker or even a customer, that you receive the benefits that you are entitled to.

If you’re still a little bit in the dark about what exactly you should expect under the workers compensation program then you should find out more here from a reputable insurance provider that provides you with the most up-to-date information for your protection. It is likely that you have many questions and so hopefully the following can address some of them.

* Does workers comp only cover my medical bills – The workers compensation will cover any medical expenses that have been deemed necessary in order to be able to diagnose and treat your work injury. It is also in place to provide you with short-term disability payments while you are still trying to recover from your injuries and you are unable to return to work at that time. In the unfortunate event that you experience permanent issues as a result of your work-related injury, then compensation can be paid for that as well as the necessary rehabilitation and retraining as well. It may also make sense to try to have some group health insurance as well as a backup.

* How much money can I get – This depends upon the state that you live in and also the nature of your overall injuries that happened as a result of trying to do your job. Your salary will be replaced and it’s usually about two thirds of your average salary before the injury occurred. When it comes up that you have permanent disability, then many things need to be looked into with regard to how your life is affected and how bad your disability is.

* What to do if my claim is denied – If you have made a claim to your employers insurance company and your claim is rejected then you should receive some kind of letter explaining the reasons why you were denied and the process that you need to go true if you want to appeal the decision. It is important that you read everything carefully and that you make sure that you file your appeal before the deadline stated on the ladder. It is very important that you act quickly to make sure that you receive what is due to you.

As you can see, workers compensation can be quite complex and so it always makes sense to talk to an insurance provider that knows exactly what it’s talking about and can explain everything in detail.


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