Best Torrentz2 Alternatives Proxy & Mirror Sites

Torrenting remains one of the foremost popular methods of file sharing. However, it’s often frowned upon by everyone, from authorities to our internet providers. But, the practice of torrenting and P2P file sharing persisted throughout the years, even decades now.

While some websites may get pack up, others emerge to require their place, and therefore the cycle continues. one of the first popular torrenting websites was Torrentz2, and lots of were sad to ascertain it go. However, there are still numerous alternatives that you simply can use.

What is Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 was a well-liked torrent meta-search engine that emerged after its predecessor,, got packed up. Reasons behind the shutdown are still unknown, and torrent users were surprised by such an abrupt development.

But, Torrentz2 emerged as a replacement, and it too became popular among torrent users rather quickly.

What is the difference between Torrentz2 from other Torrent Sites?

Torrentz2 isn’t exactly unique, but there’s a difference between it and other torrenting websites. While a daily torrenting site offers a serious database of torrent files that may be downloaded via links, Torrentz2 doesn’t. Instead, it acts as a meta-search engine. Simply put, it’s an inquiry engine for torrents.

All that you simply needed to try to do was enter what you were trying to find, and therefore the would draw files from a spread of various torrenting websites, making them instantly available, rather than you having to go to and check each site individually.

Why has Torrentz2 Been Blocked?

Unfortunately, Torrentz2 also got blocked after a while, and therefore the website not searches any queries posted by torrent users. These sorts of websites are always targeted by authorities thanks to their potential to share unlawful content. Usually, that has copyrighted material.

Sharing such content is taken into account online piracy, and doing so is punishable by law in just about every country around the world. Of course, Torrentz2 didn’t feature a database crammed with copyrighted content — it simply located the files posted on other websites, which is why many were quite irritated by the very fact that it had been blocked.

Is Torrentz2 safe for download torrents?

Those trying to download torrents via Torrentz2 got to take care of it because the service doesn’t guarantee the standard of the torrents. it’s not uncommon for online criminals to infect files with malware and post them online. After the user downloads and unpacks the file, their device gets infected.
Since Torrentz2 retrieves files consistent with the keywords typed into the search, it’s possible that it’d retrieve an infected one. Another danger comes if you download copyrighted content. Doing so can have legal consequences if you’re not protected. We don’t support doing so, of course, and that we leave it to you to form the proper decision.

How to Unbloсked Torrentz2 – VPN & Proxy

Warning!!! Your ISP is Tracking your device

Your IP address is extremely easy to trace without a VPN! Hide your IP address before you visit pirate content websites and downloading any torrents!

Luckily for Torrentz2 fans, there are ways and methods of unblocking the location. Not only that, but you’ll roll in the hay in an anonymous, safe, and secure way. There are two methods to unblock Torrentz2 — via VPN, or via a proxy.

VPN is far and away from a far better option than employing a proxy?. It stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s an app that will secure your online traffic, make it unreadable to anyone, and conceal your online identity, at that. It can even assist you to hide your location by swapping your IP address with a special one.

VPNs are easy to use, and that they accompany numerous security measures which will cause you to not only anonymous, but protected against hackers, malware, and even the govt and your internet provider.

Your alternative is to use a proxy, which is essentially how to obscure your IP address and thus prevent online firewalls from imposing restrictions. With a proxy, you’ll simply bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, and reach Torrentz2 with ease. However, we don’t recommend using it, as a proxy won’t protect you in any way. Everyone is going to be ready to see what you’re downloading or doing, and it’s not a secure way of downloading files. we’ve selected the foremost secure proxy and mirror sites for you. you’ll use them at your own risk!?

Torrentz2 Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed fast fast fast fast

Best Torrentz2 Alternatives in 2019

Kickass Torrents

Next, we’ve Kickass Torrents — one of the first popular sites within the torrenting world. The so-called KAT may be a good way of finding just about any sort of content you’ll ever want or need. it’s very easy to use, with a diverse offering, capable of seeing to everyone’s needs.


RARBG is of the oldest torrent websites that are still alive and well today. It had its battles to fight, but it still survives to the present day, hosting countless torrents, all kinds of torrents, from all genres. Each of its files is rich with user comments, so it’s pretty easy to work out whether or not the file is safe, and content functional.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best-known torrenting websites within the world. Unfortunately, it’s often hunted by the authorities for just about an equivalent reason as the other torrenting site. But, TPB is resourceful, and it always manages to recover. you’ll use it for downloading anything, from movies, music, games, software, anime, or other materials.


LimeTorrents is another excellent choice, with many thousands of files able to be downloaded. Its database is nothing in need of impressive, and you’ll start downloading anything within minutes, just by clicking on the magnet link. Similarly to Torrentz2, LimeTorrents may be a program, instead of a torrenting site, which could make it perfect for those that wish for an identical experience.


Then, there’s NYAA.SI — a site that has all torrent-related stuff you’ll ever want. Its search features are extremely precise, and you’ll find whatever it’s you’re trying to find within seconds, regardless of what sort of content you would like.


EZTV may be a perfect site if you’re trying to find great quality TV shows. it’s among the simplest providers of shows, documentaries, and more. Its interface may be a bit complicated though, so it’d take some getting won’t to.


TorrentFunk isn’t as old as some others on this list, but being still around after its launch in 2011 is often considered an achievement. It offers various sorts of torrent files that you simply can download, from e-books to software, movies, anime, music, and everything in between.


Demonoid holds the title of 1 of the oldest and largest torrent websites. it’s been among the highest 1000 hottest sites for years, and it had one-quarter of 1,000,000 torrents over a decade ago. Today, it’s undoubtedly one of the most important and most capable torrenting sites.


Then, there’s TorLock, which may be a perfect choice for movies, although it features other sorts of content also. you’ll download just about any of the files it offers with no issues. Further, the site’s interface is extremely user-friendly, and it even shows torrents’ health score.


TorrentDownloads is additionally quite an honest alternative to Torrentz2, featuring every sort of content you would possibly need. It features good-quality torrents, it’s fast, and it’s a powerful database.


Like others before it, Torrentday may be a capable torrenting website that gives many various sorts of content. It also has quite an interesting and modern UI design. Unfortunately, you’ll need to make a free account to use it, which may be a rarity, but some sites enforce only servicing their active users.


Finally, we’ve Zooqle, which is just about the Zooqle of torrenting websites. it’ll always present you with the best files, all of which are verified. it’s an ideal choice for those after great quality torrents and quick and straightforward downloads.

You can also try an excellent torrent site that’s to not our list – 1337x. With this torrent site, you’ll download movies, music, games, and more! ?


YTS/YIFY may be a great choice for downloading excellent quality shows and films. you’ll find everything, from the classics to the most recent titles, often at HD quality, and nearly always with available subtitles. YTS/YIFY may be a favorite of the many movie lovers, and if you are trying it, you’ll see why.

How to Download Torrents from Torrentz2 – Detailed MANUAL

To download torrents from Torrentz2, you are doing not need tons of skill or technical knowledge. you are doing need a VPN and a torrent client. the best VPN will cost you around $2.99 per month (like NordVPN), but you’ll get almost any torrent client freed from charge. After choosing one and setting it up, launch your VPN and attend torrentz2 via your preferred program, or just try typing

STEP 1: Type within the name of the file that you simply wish to download, and once the engine fetches them. I chose the primary season of the sport of Thrones since I haven’t watched it yet. Just don’t tease me!?

STEP 2: Choose one among the choices from any of the websites that torrentz2 has found the file on.

STEP 3: On the page of the torrent that you simply want to download, copy “info_hash”

STEP 4: once you have copied the data hash, attend the web BitTorrent Magnet Link Generator and paste the copied value into the sector.

STEP 5: Click on the “Generate” button. the worth should appear within the “Magnet Link” field.
Magnet Links Generator

STEP 6: Click on the “magnet link“, then a notification will open within the browser, open Magnet Url. If you’ve got already installed uTorrent, click on the Open uTorrent Application.


Torrentz2 could also be gone, but it can still be reached and used if you recognize how. With a VPN, you’ll roll in the hay with ease, and remain completely secure while doing it. Alternatively, you’ll try using any of the opposite torrenting websites mentioned above.

However, be warned that you simply should protect your identity on anybody of them, as you never know who could be looking.


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